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Charizard wants to Spar - A PG PFQ Creepypasta

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Before I begin, there’s a few things I need to say: 1. This is not a one shot, please don’t comment your feedback/other until you see ‘The End’. 2. If the title rings a bell, it’s because I also wrote Charmander wants to Evolve and Charmeleon wants to Trade, this is the third instalment in the Beware YourCharmander Series. 3. All usernames/names have been simulated. (So, If there’s any similarities with usernames/names, or real world/Pokéfarm events, then it’s completely coincidental.) 4. (According to 3.) All events are merely fiction. ŒR ÄRĒ THĖŸ¿
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November 5th, 2019

QUOTE originally posted by KingSquirtle and Shawn

Me: I don’t know if I’m going to make it!! Shawn: Don’t worry! Charlotte and Jacob are on their way. Me: I don’t think they’ll make it in time!!!! Shawn: Don’t think that way! You’re going to survive! Me: I hope so. Me: SHAWN Me: HELP ME Me: HE HEARD ME. Shawn: HOLD ON. THEY’RE RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR. Shawn: Mike? Shawn: MIKE????
I bet you’re wondering how I got in that situation. To avoid confusion, I’m going to tell you all the events that happened before Nov. 5th. October 25th, 2019 Hi. My name is Mike, aka KingSquirtle, and I just started playing Pokéfarm a little while ago. On my 1st day, I got a PM from my brother, Shawn.

PM with Shawn

Shawn: Hey there, Your Highness. Me: Ha ha, very funny. Me: At least my username isn’t my real name. SOOO unoriginal. Shawn: KingSquirtle is unoriginal too! Me: What do you want my name to be? 100110101? XD Shawn: Binary is interesting! It can be used for secret messages and stuff! Me: “and stuff!” Yeah, I think your smart-guy act is slipping. Shawn: Whatever. Welcome to Pokéfarm. Me: Whatever :P
Why does he need to be so negative? After ONE incident with a hacked Charmander and now he’s scared of them. His old username was CharmanderLord, but I guess that a little bit of code is too scary for him. What a wimp.
Then, I hear a crackling sound. It sounds like embers. I stand up from my bed and look around my small room. I’m sharing my place with my friend, whose apartment burnt down mysteriously about a week ago, so I’m used to odd noises. I leave the room and check on my friend, who is fast asleep in his room. Odd. I swear I heard something. Then I turn back towards my laptop. It was making the sounds. Then I saw it: A notification in Pokéfarm. It said: Ćhærīžård wants to Spar Then it vanished, and the sounds stopped. I thought “huh. I never saw that user before” and decided to look it up. It brought me to a page. But it was glitched. My laptop wheezed as this error message slowly loaded. But as I re-loaded Pokéfarm, a message flashed on screen for a split second, then it was gone.
Huh. That never happened before. I decide to send a PM to this odd user.


Me: Hello? ???: HËŁŁŒ. Me: ? ???: ŁĒT MÊ ŠPÆR. Me: Idk, you’re a bit weird, no offence. ???: ŸØŪ WĮŁŁ PÅŸ ÍF ŸÕÙ DŒ ÑÓT ÅÇČËPT MŸ ŚPÆR RĒQÜÊŚT.
I decided that this guy is a weirdo, and closed the PM. But something felt off about him. I don’t know why. MORE COMING SOON! SORRY FOR THE BIG WAIT!

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