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Tyrogue is very confusing!

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Catkyn's AvatarCatkyn
Catkyn's Avatar
So I know that Tyrogue evolves based on stats, but how? Is it a random stat-gain per level that influences which of the 3 evolutions you get? Is it the stat-modifier you can get from the Training Hall? I'm trying to evolve a Hitmonchan. So far, my Tyrogue tells me it can evolve into a Hitmonlee, or a Hitmontop, every other level now that it is level 20+. How do I get a Hitmonchan?? Do I just wait for it to hit a certain level? Do I start farming Tyrogues in hopes that one of them has a better stat distribution and will actually have more Defense than Attack? Do I train in the Training Hall (I'm fairly sure that doesn't work, but I could be wrong)? I did try to search the help forums for this, but didn't find anything.
ÜbiCørrin's AvatarÜbiCørrin
ÜbiCørrin's Avatar
In order to evolve Tyrogue into Hitmonchan, its defense stats must be higher than attack stats. You don't have to necessary start farming Tyrogues just to get a better stat. You can just go to the Dojo and train the Tyrogue's Defense stat enough to be higher than the Attack stat.
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Tyrogue Evolution is dependent on two Battle Stats: Attack and Defense. If Attack is greater than Defense, a Tyrogue can Evolve into Hitmonlee. If it's the Defense that's higher, then it'll be able to Evolve into Hitmonchan. Finally, if the two stats are equal, that's when you're able to get Hitmontop. My guess is that your Tyrogue has a Attack-friendly Nature, likely Lonely
Raises Attack at the cost of Defense
considering your situation. I'd suggest getting a Bold-Natured
Raises Defense at the cost of Attack, the polar opposite of Lonely
Tyrogue if you don't want to go through the hassle of popping it into the Dojo and Train it with Large Defense Bags, which is an alternative option if you don't want to go through the hassle of trying to find a Bold Tyrogue Sniped by UbiCorrin, but still posting for elaboration

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Catkyn's AvatarCatkyn
Catkyn's Avatar
I'm asking because of this guy: https://pokefarm.com/summary/6SD6b He's a level 26 Lonely-type Tyrogue, he's spent a lot of time at the gym training defense. His Defense on the chart looks like he should be able to become a Hitmonchan. All he wants to be is a -Lee or a -Top, though. Is there anything else I can do on this guy? *other than more gym time, cause I don't think it's helping?
As I thought. The following image shows what you should pay attention to on the battle stats chart: Unfortunately, it looks like you need to start over with a new Tyrogue, preferably Bold Nature, since Attack is still higher than Defense, and I can see how there can be times where Attack and Defense are equal. Lonely is the best Tyrogue Nature if you want Hitmonlee, though any Attack-friendly Nature does the job, and any Nature that's neutral to both Attack and Defense are good for Tyrogue that're destined to become any three with Training. Bold is the best Nature on a Tyrogue if you want a Hitmonchan, though any Defense-friendly Nature works
Catkyn's AvatarCatkyn
Catkyn's Avatar
Thanks! I thought those were the stats I was supposed to be looking at, nice to have that confirmed. Also, since I've not had to deal with stat-boosts by nature types before, I'm very glad you pointed out which Natures I should be looking for in the next Tyrogue I try to raise.

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