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Donphan does not appear to get Totem Stickers?

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Janyne's AvatarJanyne
Janyne's Avatar
Hi there! With the recent addition of new Totem Formes I've gotten my hands on a Whiscash, Sandslash & Donphan to sticker up through Scouring, but while my Whiscash and Sandslash are happily getting stuck up approx. half of the scours I send them on, my Donphan hasn't gotten any in ~10 scours. Am I missing some sort of prereq?
Kannameyria's AvatarKannameyria
Kannameyria's Avatar
It's not you, sometimes the pokemon just doesn't have much luck scouring . Your best bet is to change the Donphan you're using. (Trust me, I've seen it happen with Alolan Rattata and Wishcash as well - I like to think of it as the pokemon doesn't want to change!) if it hasn't brought home anything after several attempts it's probably better to start over with a new scouring pokemon, sometimes trading for another pokemon might also help as it may start scouring again with a new trainer.) Usual tricks help though, send them out with as much energy as possible (I like to rest them after they hit ~50%) and towards the end they will get more chance of misses than hits (it's something to do with the scouring percentage rates)

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Janyne's AvatarJanyne
Janyne's Avatar
Hmm okay, will try finding another when I get home & ping back if thay helped !
Berkanna's AvatarBerkanna
Berkanna's Avatar
I've run into the same problem. I tried trading it back and forth with Kannameyria, but it still isn't getting any.
KishanHaru's AvatarKishanHaru
KishanHaru's Avatar
EDIT: I thought it had been longer since Donphans release. My apologies. The below is applicable to other totems, not this one lol Trading the pokemon isnt going to do anything. Its RNG on if it will bring a sticker back from a scour mission or not. Sometimes, they just won't bring stickers back. Just keep trying~
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Niet's AvatarNiet
Niet's Avatar
Donphan isn't yet eligible to get Totem Stickers.
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Janyne's AvatarJanyne
Janyne's Avatar
Thanks for clarifying, Niet. By when will it be eligible?

QUOTE originally posted by Janyne

Thanks for clarifying, Niet. By when will it be eligible?
I'm pretty sure it'll be once the next MCW totem gets released; so very, very early December.
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