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The Simple Art of Battling

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This fanfiction is about the adventures of a new trainer who has moved to the Kalos region, who goes by Sorrel. She will experience many interesting things and adventure every part of Kalos. Chapters: Chapter 1 Feedback will be encouraged.
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Blue Orb

Blue Orb

Forme-Change Item

(: 0)

A shiny blue orb that is said to have a legend tied to it. It's known to have a deep connection to the Hoenn Region.


Lv. 65 — 2,821 / 16,089
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Bitter food
Happiness 27%
Careful nature
M7890's AvatarM7890
M7890's Avatar
Chapter 1 The sun filtered in through an open kitchen window. Nearby, a woman, a famous Rhyhorn racer, Grace, mutters to herself, "What is taking her so long?" Upstairs, Sorrel was snoring away, much to her mother's displeasure. "Wake her up, will you, Fletchling?" Sorrel's mother requested. A little robinlike creature, or Fletchling, gave an enthusiastic chirp, and flew up the stairs. At breakneck speed, Fletchling charged into Sorrel's bed. "OUCH!" Sorrel yelled, "What was that for, Fletchling?!" Grace's voice could be heard from downstairs. "Get ready and be dressed! You're going to be late for that meeting of yours!" With a jolt, Sorrel lept out of bed. That meeting! The meeting where she would obtain her very first Pokemon! Sorrel flew down the stairs, perhaps faster that Fletchling when it had woken her up. She threw open the front door to find two neighborhood kids standing there. A girl with a pink shirt and a boy with a blue jacket. "You were late", the boy said rather disdainfully. "Don't mind that", the girl repied rather frantically, "He's rather impatient. Nevermind that! I'm Shauna! What's your name?" "The name's Sorrel," Sorrel replied. "And I'm Calem", the boy said smugly, "a great name for a great guy." After all the introductions, the children hurried off to the nearby Aquaqorde Town. Two boys sat at a small table and called, "Over here, you three!" Calem, Shauna, and Sorrel plopped down on the remaining seats. "Well, you're here to pick a Pokemon, right? By the way, I'm Trevor," the orange haired boy said. "Yeah, yeah, get on with it", Calem said. Quickly looking over the Pokemon Trevor was holding out, he said, "I want the green one." "You mean Chespin?" the other boy asked. "That's right." "In that case, I'll take the cute yellow one!" Shauna squealed, "it's so cute!" "And that leaves me with...." Sorrel said, ".... the bubble frog???" "That's Froakie and the one Shauna chose was Fennekin", Trevor answered Sorrel's unsaid question. "I bet mine is wayyy stronger than yours", Calem gloated. "It is not", Sorrel said defensively. "Whateves", Calem said, "Bye." "W-ait! You haven't gotten your Pokedex yet!" Trevor yelled, running after Calem. Shauna looked rather disgusted. "Calem is so.... immature! He just runs off during a speech, right Teirno?" The other boy, or Tierno, said, "Yes.... well, here are your Pokedexes. They can name any Pokemon you've seen!" "That's really cool!" Sorrel exclaimed. "That's right", Tierno said, grinning, "Here you go, Sorrel, you'll have to give this letter to your mom if you want to adventure Kalos." "Alright", Sorrel said, putting the letter in her bag, "See you then!" With that, she started walking towards the exit. "Wait up!" Sorrel turned to see Shauna racing towards her. "Yes", she asks. "I would want to test battle you against my Lil' Fennekin!" Shauna exclaims. "Sure," Sorrel replies. Both trainers throw their Pokeballs into the air and two Pokemon pop out. "Fennekin!" the foxlike Pokemon cried. "Kie!" Froakie called. "Let's do this, Froakie!" Sorrel yelled, "Use Bubble!" Froakie, looking happy, puffs out its chest, opens its mouth, and bubble fly out, striking the Fennekin head-on. "Kinn..." Fennekin whimpers. "It's alright, Fennekin! Use Tail Whip!" Shauna commands. Fennekin whipped its tail front and back, lowering the opposing Froakie's defense. "Use Tackle!" Sorrel calls. Froakie bashed its body against Fennekin's. "Oh no!" Shauna cries, noticing her Pokemon was at low health, "Use Ember!" Fennekin opened its mouth to fire an Ember, before it coughed. "Wait, what?" both girls exclaimed. It was only when they took an actual good look at Fennekin until they figured out what was wrong. There was a sticky bubble substance on Fennekin's muzzle, causing it to cough. "Who did this to my dear Fennekin?!" Shauna wailed. Sorrel looked carefully at the substance and then looked at Froakie. There was white bubblelike fluff on it and wasn't bothered one bit. "That's amazing!" Sorrel cried. "What?" Shauna asked. "The substance came from Froakie! It must have threwn it when Fennekin was about to fire its Ember!" Sorrel explained. "Oh then", Shauna said, relieved, "Let's complete the battle!. Use Scratch!" Fennekin lunged forwards. "Stop it in its tracks with your bubbles!" Froakie chucked a bit of its bubbles onto Fennekin's feet, causing to tumble over. "Now use Bubble, once more!" Froakie spewed out a stream of bubbles. Fennekin doubled over and collapsed. "Fennekin! Are you okay?!" Shauna cried, running to her fallen partner.

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