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Dusk and Dust

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Chapter One

Reese Canobel had one dream. To become the gym leader of Baritone City. Now Reese was in the region of Melodia. In Melodia, the Pokémon were refugees from other regions. Something or other had happened to them, so they moved to Melodia. The people there were easygoing and carefree. And so the Pokémon there became easygoing and carefree. Both people and Pokémon sang and danced with the rise and setting of the sun and moon. There was no schedule. They did what they pleased and when they pleased, as long as it didn’t disturb the harmony. But Reese was different. He only left his house at night, to train with the two Pokémon he kept in secret. Mazda, his Misdreavus, and Pelias, his Duskull. They were his. They were the Pokémon who had been shunned, even in Melodia. And so Reese stayed with them and played with them, doing whatever they liked, as long as it was discreet. Reese had made sure to catch them in Luxury Balls, so they would know comfort when in their Pokéballs, which they both disliked being confined in. Reese only put them in their Pokéballs during the day. But in the forest at night...it was their time. There was only one problem. Baritone City did not have a Ghost type gym. The leader of the gym was required to train Flying types, of which neither Mazda or Pelias were. The only prominent Ghost type trainer was in the Elite Four. Amygdala, the Ghost type trainer, made his way up through the ranks, using Ghost types. But Reese knew he could not make it to the Elite Four. So instead of training on what seemed to be a hopeless dream, he played at night with his Ghost types. Until one night, which was different. Reese was playing in the forest as usual when there was a rustle in the bushes. Not unusual. Probably just a wandering Pokémon. But then a tall, gaunt figure stepped out of the bushes, and Reese found himself frozen. In the darkness, he could not make out the face of the new arrival. The new person slowly bent down until he was face-to-face witn Reese. And then Reese could see who it was. And he gasped. It was Amygdala himself, staring into Reese’s eyes, in the Midnight Forests on the edge of Baritone City. Amygdala’s eyes were a deep brown, both mezmerizing and intriguing. Reese could not look away. He could not find the courage to speak. Mazda and Pelias, though he could not see them, were not moving, either. Maybe they had crept away. Finally, Amygdala spoke. “Those are some fine Ghost typed you have there,” he said, still staring into Reese’s eyes. “I have some myself. Would you like to see?” Reese numbly nodded, unsure of exactly what he was thinking. “Wonderful.” Amygdala said, grabbing Reese’s wrist. And then Reese saw a shadow behind the Elite Four member, and then there was darkness. His vision faded to black.
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Newni's AvatarNewni
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I'm curious about what happen to Reese ! That's exciting ! Do you plan to write more and do you let the suspense of the end ? :3 I'm stupid, if it's here, you aren't done... I love the beginning ! I'm impatient to read the next part :3
Geminial's AvatarGeminial
Geminial's Avatar
Yep, Ima write more! That was only chapter one, after all! And if I’m reading your question right, yeah I leave the suspense at the end! Ima do a lot of cliffhangers!

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