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Volcarona's Revenge

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Strawberry, the alolan persion was laying in a feld of snow. She was abandoned by her trainer that week. The cold pokemon was stunned. She could hear faint voices in the dinstence. "Strawberry? Strawberry! Where are you?" She heard them call. She wanted to call back, but her voice was too weak. "H-help" she wispered back. The sound of foot steps came near, then they stoped. "Finally, we found you!" said Shilo the luxray. Scales the jangmo-o, Lucky the lucario, and Snickers the meowstic were there too. "We need your help, Strawberry," exclaimed Scales. "I think I need your help more than you need mine." Strawberry told them truthfully. They helped Strawberry up, and took her to a safe place. She was told that Snickers' enemy was after them. "His name is Volcarona," Snickers told Strawberry. "He is a strong fire-bug type pokemon. We were rivals ever siece we were little. Volcarona became so self absorbed, and so mean.

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