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The Pig's Lion (PFQ Creepypasta)

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The Pig's Lion; Book II Hello! It's merinque again, back with a sequel to 'Fetch'! Doing a collaboration with a good pal of mine's, Scorkaji! Our story will differ from Fetch, this story will snap from different people's points of views! This is the second fic in my 'Gragon' series! Now, we begin!
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Heya, I'm scorkaji. And when I was new, I hatched a shiny Shinx with nothing but a 16% sei day chance, over time he became like a son, and his name is Raion. Until one day, I lost him. It was, a normal day, my friend Meri had been hunting Gragon, which was funny because she had made a creepypasta about one named Pig Nose, and not only was he my favorite nature. I. Adored. Him. I had been talking to Meri about Pig Nose when I gave the offer. "Aww! That story you wrote about Pig Nose was cute!" I typed as a pm, it was honest. I wanted Pig Nose merch, honestly. "Yeah, thanks" she replied, for some reason. "Wanna dex my child, Raion? All I ask is a little visit from pig nose." "Are you sure?" It was hesitant, but I'm sure she was joking. "Yeah!!!" I typed back, sending the trade. My usual dex trade rules were in place, give him back don't release blah blah, but I do allow messages, so I said that too. Quickly the trade was responded to, with no text. Sending him to my good child field for seconds, I visit him to send him back. Clicking on send in trade, an error pops up. "Pokemon is busy!" What.
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Hi, my memorys shot from a bad prescription, please keep this in mind before PMing me
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Though I knew that Pig Nose had caused mass destruction on my account, I still allowed Pig Nose to visit Scor's farm. That was a year ago, and he's come to peaceful means, bringing me good luck ever since I posted my story, I'm 98.8% sure that he won't to anything bad to her. At least I hope. I decided to shoot Scor a PM, just in case. "How's things going? Raion is in my Showcase fields, if you wanted to know. Has he done anything?"
Looking at Meri's pm, I grew concerned. "Uhm. Yeah. He's busy. I didn't do anything, but he's busy." Mere seconds later, I got a response. "Check your scours" Confused, I clicked over to the scours page, and... I only had 94 gp? Crap, I get that 175 GP hunt was long from being started but I still wanted to be sure. Where'd it all go? Then, I see a freakin' Gragon at the scours. It was Pig Nose. Lily the Florges and a random Vaporeon that happened to go scouring were already there. Quickly sending Meri a pm, I type. "He's, uh, scouring? and my gp is missing." "Oh, no. send him back when he's done, and tell me what he gives you." "Alright, okay.." I type, then something comes to my mind. "Are you sure that pasta is fake?" She doesn't reply back
As Raion scampered around the field, he sat down and tapped his tail impatiently, what was taking so long?
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I stared at my screen. "Are you sure that pasta is fake?" Was the pasta fake? Was it even a creepypasta? I decided it was best not to respond. I clicked on Scor's farm, and frantically looked for Pig Nose. I sent her a PM, "What field is it in?" I type, remembering when he started his first scour mission. He had locked the field that he was in, and it couldn't be unlocked, Pig Nose still hadn't fixed that. But that was only a minor annoyance.
Pig Nose needs to scour. Pig Nose always scours. Pig Nose sees that new owner has no more room. Pig Nose will make more room. New Scour Slot purchased Perfect. Now Pig Nose hunt.
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I was quite angry to see that people weren't taking stuff seriously. I couldn't post it in the Announcements section, could I? I could have posted it in my journal, but then again, what are the chances of people reading that post. I turned toward the 'Pokemon Fanfiction' forum, Pig Nose wasn't happy about that either. He said he wanted people to take him seriously, and my so called 'warning' had the opposite effect. Oh, I forgot to mention, he HATES being called cute. Hacking and nearly destroying my account was pretty adorable. I should stop throwing salt now, he's harassing other people, and if he blocked me once, he can definitely block me again.
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Heh, guess this died for a while, huh? I've been so busy in real life, trying to push up my grades, getting a small part time job, never had enough time to focus on a bunch of "pixel pets". Pig Nose has probably laid low now, Kaj hasn't been active for quite a while, probably for the same reasons as I.
Gah. What take new trainer so long? Been forever. Pig Nose hungry. Pig Nose been scouring FOREVER. Pig Nose has idea. Pig Nose knows what to do. Pig Nose smiles.
It had been after I went to sleep when Pig Nose came back. It had.... A boxbpx? Wow, buddy, good job.
just for you!
Well then, I'm not complaining at all. I go to open it and..20 freaking berries. And a reaper cloth. Alright. Nice one, buddy. A for effort.
Ha ha ha..
I decide to send Meri a pm. "Hey, Pig Nose came back with a boxbox which Sally cursed with berries and a reaper cloth."
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I was busy scrolling through the forums, clicking on a trade shop here and there, occasionally clicking through the "Suggestions" forum. I get a new notifcation, Scor had sent me a PM. "Hey, Pig Nose came back with a boxbox which Sally cursed with berries and a reaper cloth." That wasn't as bad as I thought. I replied... "Eh, it's just RNG. That's tough tho :C" If Pig Nose had done that, it was pretty tame compared to what he did to my account.

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