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Welcome to Humanimon! Where players like you answer one simple question: What happens if you wake up and your a Pokémon?
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A charizard marches slowly through the forest, looking for any new 'Mons here. Ever since the incident, he decided to be a guide for any new Humanimons he comes across.
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Lily was confused to her location, so hid out of fear. It's the only rational thing she could try. Her tail stuck out from her bush. She wasn't too BOTHERED about becoming a Pokemon, since she kept most of her personality and items she liked. @DrakoTheDragon(To find me. Plus, you misspelt guide.)
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The Charizard sniffs the air, picking up the scent of a Pokémon. “Bug or grass type, I can’t really tell with the wind” he says to himself as he follows the smell. “Hello? Is anyone there?” He calls. “I’m not going to hurt you, you can trust me”. (@SnivyQueen15 Whoops! I wrote it on my phone. Thanks for pointing it out!)
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"If you say so.." Lily clambers out, and doesn't help to act a little nervous. It IS a Charizard. @Drako
"Hey there. You're proably really confused about why you're here." The Charizard said. "There's been an incident with the human and pokemon world, and now we're going to them and they're coming to us. I'm here to guide these new human-pokemon hybrids known as Humanimon with their new lives and abilities, so you can trust me" He flashes Lily a calm smile and takes a small step towards her.
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Ninten is slumped in a bush, snoring. He's really out of place, and very, very loud. He groggily opens one of his eyes, and after a few seconds of processing, he realizes something is wrong. "Mom..?! Mimmie..!? Minnie..?!?" Ninten says frantically, trying to stand on two legs and promptly falling over.

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"I'm actually not that bothered. I mean, I somehow have access to hot chocolate and my quilt here, so I'm fine. I just need to find a warm, secluded area to make my home, ngl*....." She pulls her quilt over her a bit, it was getting kinda chilly. (*NGL= Not Gonna Lie)
Avaron was falling from the sky and when she hit the ground, coughed up blood, she got up and spit out more blood.. Before she was teleported here.. She was fighting in an assasain battle but where is she.. She started to walk, trying to walk on her hinds legs, not knowing she was a pokemon non the less her partner Avaron, and fell on her face.. She looked around then at herself, and then fainted..
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"Oh! Another one!" the Charizard exclaimed as he went towards the new pokemon (Ninten) "hello there! you're proably disoriented. Welcome to the Pokémon world!" He grins and takes a step forward towards this new Humanimon. "Now, we need to deal with this one." He says as he picks up the unconscious pokemon.

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