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Charmeleon wants to Trade (A PG PFQ Creepypasta)

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Aaand that was Charmeleon wants to Trade! Feel free to comment your opinions/feedback. My only rule is to please be respectful, thanks in advance. And hey, before I go, I have something to tell you fans: Tell me the (not so) secret meaning behind this pair of Pokémon’s names correctly and you’ll get a special secret PMed to you! Good luck >:D
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Meet Drakor the Mega Noodle. He likes food and wishes you good luck today. (Made by Sheepoid :D)
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tøxtricity's Avatartøxtricity
tøxtricity's Avatar
Wow, what a cool story! Drake strikes once again with a really entertaining Creepypasta. Keep up the good work, man!
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QUOTE originally posted by tøffeebean

Wow, what a cool story! Drake strikes once again with a really entertaining Creepypasta. Keep up the good work, man! Also (I'll delete this once I'm done) those mons' are the characters from Undertale, right? The goat dude and the girl who were good friends.
You’re correct! it wasn’t that hard but I just wanted to do something like this Congrats! As promised, I’ll PM you a secret :P
RowanTheGay's AvatarRowanTheGay
RowanTheGay's Avatar
Loving the Undertale reference dude it's one of the many fandoms I adore and I'm glad to meet another fan!
Mega Mew's AvatarMega Mew
Mega Mew's Avatar
i love undertale, that was a great story... or was it a story >:3 also i was offering for a shiny charmander while reading
avatar credit goes to RenCringe
RockmanX079's AvatarRockmanX079
RockmanX079's Avatar
This. Is. Awesome.
ShiroAshley's AvatarShiroAshley
ShiroAshley's Avatar
Whoa man its awesome! I bet the next sequel of this is called "Charizard wants to Battle" ;3c
I love it! Wait, I just realized I necroposted (I think), sorry. I'll remember not to do that in the future.
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10/400 for Diancie hunt (probably will never happen)

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