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Anime-Style Battle Crossover Tournament! (SET-UP)

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ASB Guide So. PokeFarm does not have an Anime-Style Battling League. That's kind of annoying. You see, I'm kinda into this ASB stuff. So...because ASB is technically role-playing, I thought we could have an ASB Tournament under Pokemon RP. And then I decided, "Why not have the matches in Super Mario Odyssey kingdoms while we're at it?" So, now we have this.




All PFQ rules apply We will start when we have 16 battlers. Jeez, people, you can't have your whole team in Master Balls! You can have one Pokemon in a Master Ball. That's it. Not ALL effects are listed. Some are universal across multiple arenas (such as damage from falls), so take them with a grain of salt. You can have whatever Trainer you want. Including ones from other fandoms. All teams are RANDOMIZED. They will consist of 5 normal, fully-evolved Pokemon and 1 Legendary. You're allowed to request an aesthetic change to your Pokemon, just not a change to how it fights. So no wings on Eeveelutions, or limbs on snake Pokemon, or anything like THAT, but stuff like markings or being Shiny or stuff like that is fine. Make sure you read the guide, okay? All battles will be 6-on-6 in a random arena. Once an arena is used, it will not be reused in another battle. Don't show off the prize sprites
Password is Power Moon
if you didn't win them!

Arena Details

I am REALLY bad at describing these so maybe look up a map of whatever Kingdom you'll be battling in?

Cap Arena

Bonneton-Fighting in the Fog Ah, the Cap Kingdom. So peacefu-whoa! A Pokemon battle! In this fog? EFFECTS: All Pokemon have accuracy reduced by 20% thanks to the fog If a Pokemon winds up in the fog without a platform, that Pokemon is considered fainted. Paragoombas may randomly attack Pokemon who get too close. Their attack is 40 base power and typeless. Flying off into the fog is NOT a recommended plan of escape-these guys fly!

Cascade Arena

Fossil Falls-Waterfall Rumble A battle in the Cascade Kingdom? Aren't there dinosaurs? EFFECTS: Any non-Water Pokemon caught in the river must spend 10% energy to get out of the current; Water Pokemon instead spend 3% energy Any attack with a base power of 90 or higher used near the T-Rex will wake it up. The T-Rex will attack the closest Pokemon with a 140 base power Dragon-type attack, then go back to sleep. Any Pokemon within a Chain Chomp's radius may be attacked. If the Pokemon has a base speed of 80 or higher, it can escape, spending 3% energy to do so. If its speed is 79 or lower, it will be struck with a 120 base power Steel-type attack and be able to flee next action.

Sand Arena

Tostarena-Sandy Skirmish The sand between Pokemon toes won't stop a battle! EFFECTS: Constant bright sunlight; weather moves will temporarily replace the sunshine The aridity of Tostarena means that Water Pokemon are affected by the sunlight as though they have Dry Skin; they do not actually gain the Ability Any Pokemon that falls into the lower ruins takes 10% damage, unless they are able to prevent the harsh landing Any Pokemon in the ruins not built for cold (to clarify, anything NOT found in a cold area in the main games) will recieve 3% damage every action; desert or volcano Pokemon instead recieve 5%

Lake Arena

Lake Lamode-Striking from the Deep Let's hope nobody accidentally hits a Lochlady. EFFECTS: Cheep Cheeps damage Pokemon in the water for 3% if they get too close

Wooded Arena

Steam Gardens-Frantic Frolic Maybe someone's Electric-type could charge the Steam Gardeners. EFFECTS: Pokemon who get too close to Piranha Plants get attacked with a 40 base power Poison-type attack, and suffer mild poisoning Pokemon in the Spewart battle arena may be attacked by a hat-shaped UFO via dropping Goombas. These Goombas attack with a 30 base power typeless attack, and will be dropped continously as long as the UFO is still present. Pokemon who get too close to the Sherms will be attacked by a 130 base power typeless attack.

Cloud Arena

Nimbus Arena-Battle in the Stratosphere Best. Arena. EVER! Although it's not very challenging. EFFECTS: Pokemon who fall off the arena are considered fainted.

Lost Arena

Forgotten Isle-Toxic Topple Now THIS is a tough arena to work with. EFFECTS: Any non-Poison Pokemon who falls into the poison sea is afflicted with very severe poisoning. Any projectile attack that strikes any of the large-handed, mole-like enemies present here is reflected back at the Pokemon who used it; however, these creatures CANNOT TURN. Any Pokemon that comes in contact with a Wiggler is dealt 5% damage.

Metro Arena

New Donk City-Skyscraper Scuffle Bouncing from building to building-a true test of a Pokemon's agility! EFFECTS: Any Pokemon who touches the top of New Donk City Hall recieves a mild electric shock, equivalent to a 20 base power Electric attack

Snow Arena

Shiveria-Snowball Battle Yikes! This place is so cold! EFFECTS: All Pokemon not built for cold in this area takes 5% damage Any non-Ice Pokemon in the freezing water will be automatically inflicted with the moderately frozen status, and take 10% damage for every action spent in the water

Seaside Arena

Bubblaine-Coral Kerfuffle A pristine beach...not exactly the perfect location for battling. EFFECTS: Any Pokemon too close to a Gushen will be attacked with a 60 base power, Water-type attack Any Pokemon too close to a fountain will be sucked in; this will transport the Pokemon to the top of Glass Tower, but the impact deals 5% typeless damage

Luncheon Arena

Mount Volbono-Chef Clash This place is...really warm. EFFECTS: All Pokemon expend 3% energy every three actions to withstand the heat; Fire Pokemon or Pokemon found in volcanoes are exempt from this.

Ruined Arena

Crumbleden-Storm Slash ...wow. Just wow. EFFECTS: 25% chance for a Pokemon to be struck by lightning; functions similarly to Thunderbolt 15% chance that a section of arena containing a Pokemon will crumble, dropping the Pokemon and rendering it fainted

Bowser Arena

Bowser's Castle-Battle Amongst Pokios! ...I DIDN'T HAVE A GOOD NAME ALRIGHT EFFECTS: Any Pokemon too close to a Pokio will suffer a 20 base power Flying-type attack. Any Pokemon in the inner sanctum will be thrown back to the outermost wall by Bowser's fire breath, roughly equivalent to a 140 base power Fire-type attack. Fire immunities will NOT prevent being thrown out, instead prompting Bowser to manually throw the Pokemon in question as a 100 base power Dragon-type attack. The landing will do approximately 25% damage, unless the Pokemon somehow prevents the harsh impact.

Mushroom Arena

Peach's Castle-Royal Rumble ...those Toads aren't gonna be happy. No additional effects for this one! Consider yourselves lucky if you get this arena-the main threat is your opponent's Pokemon! (and maybe Yoshi)
This may be for fun, but I suppose it's TECHNICALLY a tournament...so you'll recieve coolio sprite edits depending on how you did! And our grand prize... Lunala and Meowstic sprites are F2U from Conyjams


[b]I wanna be in the tournament![/b] Username: Trainer Name: Image/Description: Preferred Pokeball Type: Password: Anything else?

Example Form

Username: JirachiStar5525 Trainer Name: Marie Image/Description: image from wiki Preferred Pokeball Type: Dusk Ball Anything else? Keeps an Albino Espeon outside his Pokeball

Accepted Battlers


Username: RenCringe Trainer Name: Ren Image/Description: Profile pic Preferred Pokeball Type: Dive ball! Anything else?: Hee hoo she/I love weird and unconventional moves Team: Dedenne Kantonian Exeggutor Cradily Lapras Klefki Guzzlord


Username: SnivyQueen15 Trainer Name: Missy Image/Description: A girl with a pink down jacket, dirty grey jeans and pitch black boots. Has blonde hair with blue streaks in. Eyes are also blue. Preferred Pokeball Type: Love Ball Anything else?: If our pm sorted this then I don't deserve you as a pal~ Team: Nidoking (Shiny) Glaceon (Gets navy blue stripes over body.) Zebstrika (Red skin, bolts stay the same.) Parasect (Mushroom looks like a genuine mushroom [red with white spots]). Ampharos (with Mega Stone) [Ampharosite comes on a tiara.] Magearna


Username: Icee Trainer Name: Sans Image/Description: Wiki page cause I am on mobile + lazy Preferred Pokeball Type: Dusk Ball Anything else?: For the sake of me myself wanting to make things clean and clear...HE IS JUST A TRAINER. I rp too much UT lately and since this is technically crossover decided to do this. I will NOT allow him to use outside powers in this RP and I'll just make up a reason he ended up here with everyone else! I will do my best to keep it clean! Team: Sharpedo (with Mega Stone) Kabutops Porygon-Z East Gastrodon Claydol Uxie


Username: Absolutiones Trainer Name: Akadia Image/Description: just pretend she's human, yeah? XD Preferred Pokeball Type: Moon Ball Anything else? Team: Komala Venusaur (with Mega Stone) Mimikyu Beedrill Gigalith Azelf


Username: Noki-Doki Trainer Name: Zeeta Image/Description: A larger woman who wears tshirts and shorts paired with boots. She has red hair, blue eyes, and freckles. Preferred Pokeball Type: Quick Ball Team: Scizor Kabutops Cradily Mudsdale Aurorus Deoxys-Attack


Username: Gracidea Trainer Name: Gau Image/Description: Enjoy the technically humanoid Bird lad Preferred Pokeball Type: Friend Ball Team: Chesnaught Alomomola Alolan Sandslash Bibarel Shiftry Origin Giratina


Username: toffeebean Trainer Name: Loki Jones Image/Description: Loki is a very short and skinny girl. She has pale skin, and freckles covering her entire face. She has bright-green eyes as well. Her hair is a chocolate brown that goes from the top of her head all the way down to past her waist. It is almost never brushed out, and seems to be a mess all of the time. She is always found in a grey hoodie, blue jeans, and grey boots. For some reason, it is always clean at the start of each day, however, which leads one to believe that she washes it out. She wears contacts, and without them she would be completely unable to see. However, from time to time she wears large circular black glasses. Preferred Pokeball Type: Quick Ball Team: Alakazam (with Mega Stone) Swanna Florges Durant Flareon Keldeo


Username: Icedragonboi Trainer Name: Lance Image/Description: Uhh "Basically a guy. With black hair. And “emo” bangs swept to the right for viewer? And the bangs have blue dyed tips? Then purple irises? Tan-ish(asian) skin, no freckles, silver studs, baggy/solid color clothing." He wears a belt for pokeballs and uhh- yeah that's all, as I am lame-- Preferred Pokeball Type: uh, the original Pokeball type--?(I have no clue what I'm doing) Team: Talonflame Magmortar Gliscor Haxorus Houndoom (with Mega Stone) Latios


Username: Caramel123 Trainer Name: Caramel I guess???? Image/Description: Profile Pic Preferred Pokeball Type: Great Ball? Team: Metagross Blastoise (with Mega Stone) Ditto Magcargo Reuniclus Therian Landorus


Username: Nosifer Trainer Name: Nox Image/Description: A short, androgynous teen with tan skin, short curly black hair, and bright purple eyes. He wears long, dark magenta pants, and a black t-shirt that cycles between different graphics on the front. The designs are always in white, and pretty much all of them are really nerdy. Preferred Pokeball Type: Premier Ball Team: Lucario Vaporeon Pyukumuku Gyarados Ludicolo Tapu Bulu


Username: Moonshine-shadow Trainer Name: Mae Image/Description: She is a 13 year old girl with long brown hair and amber eyes and wears a black yoga pants and a grey shrit with a mimikyu on it and she wears black flips flops with purple poka dots on them Preferred Pokeball Type: Standard Poke Ball Team: Unfezant Alolan Sandslash Steelix (with Mega Stone) Golurk Blastoise Kyogre


Username: octoren! Trainer Name: Callie Image/Description: as seen here!! (image from the splatoon wiki) Preferred Pokeball Type: Love Ball!! Team: Glaceon Minior Haxorus Carracosta Clefable Raikou


Username:LeviTeh Trainer Name:Lucifer Maxwell Image/Description:He’s the one that isn’t your sleep paralysis demon Preferred Pokeball Type:Ultra Team: Dewgong Vaporeon Shuckle Miltank Machamp Yveltal


I wanna be in the tournament! Username: LunaTheFox Trainer Name: Luna Image/Description: Black hair, Green eyes, Purple shirt with a smol yellow star on the sleeve, blue jeans, lime green shoes, Likes to wear a Fox ear headband and a Fox tail cause i love foxes :D Preferred Pokeball Type: Dusk Balls and/or Moon balls Team: Zoroark Jolteon Poliwrath Glaceon Shedinja Stakataka


Username: RileytheHedgehog Trainer Name: Riley Image/Description: Blue hair with pink tips, Grey shirt that says on the front "Speed Is LIFE" in yellow and a yellow star on the sleeve, black leggings, white gloves, yellow shoes, green eyes Prefered Pokeball Type: Quick Ball Team: Butterfree (kept outside its ball) Tauros Leavanny Comfey Castform Primal Kyogre


Username: BlackRosetheEdgy Trainer Name: Black Rose Image/Description: Black hair with dark grey streaks (hairstyle similar to Shadow the Hedgehog), very light grey chest fur, black gloves, left eye is red and the right is white (the white part in the right eye is black), shoes similar to shadow's but the red is gold and the rings on the shoes is lilac) Preferred Pokeball Type: Dusk Ball Team: Bisharp Umbreon Honchkrow Pangoro Mightyena Guzzlord
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FennekOoba's AvatarFennekOoba
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I wanna be in the tournament! Username: Fennekava Trainer Name: Spirit Image/Description: 4"11, 85 lbs. Short, fluffy light blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears dark blue joggers, a teal striped shirt, and a yellow jacket. She also has a messenger bag for Pokeballs, and a visor to protect her (rather sensitive) eyes from the sun. Preferred Pokeball Type: GS Ball. If that isn't an option, Park Ball. Password: Uhhh...I didn't see one? Anything else?: This is my first time doing an ASB so bear with me if I do it wrong the first time around.
hi! i'm fennek. i love dunsparce!! if you have any spare i'd love to take them off your hands.
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AH GEEZ I FORGOT TO PUT THE PASSWORD IN whatever accepted Your team will be: Fearow Basculin Girafarig Xatu the dreaded Drifblim Reshiram
RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
RenCringe's Avatar
I wanna be in the tournament! Username: RenCringe Trainer Name: Ren Image/Description: Profile pic Preferred Pokeball Type: Dive ball! Password: Power Moon! Anything else?: Hee hoo she/I love weird and unconventional moves

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hOLD UP! I wanna be in the tournament! Username: SnivyQueen15 Trainer Name: Missy Image/Description: A girl with a pink down jacket, dirty grey jeans and pitch black boots. Has blonde hair with blue streaks in. Eyes are also blue. Preferred Pokeball Type: Love Ball Password: Power Moon Anything else?: If our pm sorted this then I don't deserve you as a pal~
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Both in! Your teams: Ren: Dedenne Kantonian Exeggutor Cradily Lapras Klefki Guzzlord Snivy: Nidoking Glaceon Zebstrika Parasect Ampharos (with Mega Stone) Magearna
LeviTeh's AvatarLeviTeh
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I wanna be in the tournament! Username:LeviTeh Trainer Name:Logan Image/Description:Refsheet Preferred Pokeball Type:Net Ball Password:Power moon Anything else?
YOU ARE IN LEVI THANK YOU Your team: Whimsicott Jynx Pidgeot (with Mega Stone!) Parasect Delphox Rayquaza
Icee's AvatarIcee
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This sounds intresting! So...before I enter how are movesets working? Yoy randomizing those too?
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No. The guide to ASB covers that... "A Pokémon can use any move that it can legally learn in the Pokémon video games."

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