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Echo's face turned to a concerned frown as she read the note. She examined it closely, looking for any clue as to who could've written it. "Well, this is certainly a predicament," She said to Amber.
my pfp is official art by araki, i do not own it <3
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soon some flaredna workers came in "well well well. who do we have here? some weak fusions i see. swinub is super lame expecally when its a fusion" flaredna worker1 said as he challaged echo to a battle! flaredna worker2 challnged amber to a battle! "swinub is strong and can survive in the cold and its evolotions are strong!"amber said in a angry tome to flaredna worker1 flaredna worker1 sont out klilit! a klefki/litten fusion!

ambers battle

flaredna worker2 sent out popkip! a poplio/mudkip fusion! toxin steped into the battle feild and used tackle! 6/11 popkip used mud slap! it was super efective! 8/15 toxin used tackle! its a crit! popkip faints! toxin grew to level 6! "you where lucky this time"
sparks frind chart in the everstone daycare: cosmics fraind chart in the everstone daycare klilits (fusion no pic) friend chart in the everstone daycare: missings (sun looking unkown no pic) friend chart in the everstone daycare: plz join my rp pokeplanters i need people to join


you have to save the world! join a group of four and make your team to defeat team evil! in the last left
Echo exchanged a look with Purple Haze, who let out a hiss as he flew in front of his trainer. He glared menacingly at the opposing Pokemon as Echo crossed her arms. "Return our samples. I don't want to battle." The Flaredna worker scoffed in response. "Yeah? That's because you're afraid of losing!"

Echo's Battle

Flaredna Worker 1 sent out Klilit! a Klefki/Litten fusion! Klilit used Hyper Voice! Purple Haze was hit for 14 HP (70%) Purple Haze used Hurricane! Klilit was hit for 8 HP (40%) Klilit is confused! It hurn itself 2 HP (10%) in its confusion! Purple Haze used Hurricane! Purple Haze's attack missed! Klilit is confused! It hurn itself 2 HP (10%) in its confusion! Purple Haze used Hurricane! Klilit was hit for 7 HP (35%) Klilit fainted! You defeated the foe! Purple Haze leveled up! (Lvl. 6) "Are you kidding me?!"
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((ooc:you dont have that much hp! and the foes dont eaither of them are level 5. toxin just keveled up thought so plz fix the very high numbers and keep hp to 10-20 and attack damage 1-20. you can go to 39 if the move you or the foe uses is super effective. once you fix that i will rp more of the event. the rping the flaedna worker was okay since it was just a little bit and not big. just a bit of talking)
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"allright! we did it!"amber said "well we still wont give back your dna samples."the flaredna workers said as they somehow teleported without a trace "now we need to get more dna samples. asleast we have a few dna catches left."amber said as she got out her five dna catches (everyone has five dna catches. dna catches are 200 dna coins each )
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Pages: 123

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