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☾ Dusk's Journal of Stuff and Things! ☽

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Galaxy 'Mons

Want to Use a Previously Made Sprite?

Please don't take any of these pre-existing Galaxy sprites without asking for permission to use them first! Whoever ordered them is their owner now - they asked and paid for the sprite to be made - so you should PM them asking for permission to use their sprite. They have every right to say no, however. This is a list to make it easier for people to PM the owners ^^ If an owner doesn't wish to have anyone use their sprites, please PM me so I can remove you from this list! If a sprite isn't on the list, you can't use it - e.g, my Dusk Sprite. Celebi = Lucie Shaymin = SoraX Phione = Addonia Ralts = tristun Shinx = ShinyShinx Vaporeon = Eggykitten Zekrom = Pikacraft17 Feraligatr = Apple Juice Gabite = Me (Permission granted - PM me for code~) Shaymin = Charlock (Permission granted - PM me for code~) Mudkip = Prince of Time Vaporeon = EsmaTheKey Chandelure = CrystalMoon Corsola = Hotaru Star Gastly = AngstPrince Dragonair = BayleafBeeen Meloetta = Revan Piplup = LugiaRevival Sylveon = LilyPrecious39 Serperior = DeadsomeJack Mawile = TNSTrittany Castform = cot hocolate Umbreon = iGiratinaLover Minun = Vanitail Mew = Caitlinxø273 Ninetails = BayleafBeeen Clefable = GangreneElbow Nidorino = angelic Flareon = CaptainBearBear Lucario = TheAnikitty Giratina = NightMareWolf Entei = NeymarJr Ninetails = Suki Kuchiki Skitty = QueenWaffleCat Meloetta = Pikacraft17 Absol = Mossfire85 Banette = AngstPrince Pikachu = Novan-Chan Garchomp = SoulDahDerp Kyogre = GangreneElbow Butterfree = Tristun Cleffa = Tristun Umbreon = Me (Permission granted - PM for code~) Girafarig = GangreneElbow Absol = Mossfire85 Sylveon = SoraX Cresselia = AllieNight Aurorus = Hotaru Star Plusle = Vanitail Clefable = tristun Umbreon = Fang The Wolf Espeon = Caitlinxø273 Entei = Addonia Haunter = angelic Giratina = iGiratinaLover Eevee = Mossfire85 Vulpix = ThëLightKing Zorua = QueenWaffleCat Cryogonal - PhasedCyentist Regirock = Charlock (Permission granted - PM me for code~) Reshiram = ElementalDragon Cyndaquil = Mossfire85 Smeargle = GangreneElbow Umbreon = Fang The Wolf Zoroark = Lucie Mew = Myamoo425 Articuno = Suki Kuchiki Moltres = NeymarJr Reshiram = Suki Kuchiki Sandshrew & Sandslash = Sand-Shrew Just to clarify: If I find out anyone has been using these sprites without permission, I will ban you from my shop and report you right away. I went out of my way to make this list, so there's no excuse to steal these sprites.
All Sprites I use are official Pokemon sprites from the games that I find through pldh.net. I just edit the colours/galaxy part~ Any Pokefarm Q Sprites were used with permission from Sei.
Edited by Chronos
Edited by Me
Edited by Me
Edited by Me
Credits; Icon (see below), Signature
TCG Artwork
Icon is from the official Love Live School Idol Festival Mobile App <3
Dusky Peculiar - The OC and the Artist Behind So, I figure for my first actual journal entry I should talk a little more about my pokemon character: Dusky Peculiar! ^This cute cinnamon roll right here! (Thanks again to Fujin Yumi for the adorable site image, eek~!) I've noticed fairly recently that a lot of people don't see the difference between "Dusky" and me, the person behind her. My name is Vicky, by the way - hello! When I first designed Dusk the Umbreon she was a far, far different character. I was about 10 years old at the time and created Dusky to be a role model in my life (since I didn't really have anyone real to be a paragon of goodness in my life). She ultimately represented the person I wanted to be when I 'grew up'. Dusk's first iteration was a mature, cool character who all of the boys fell head over heels for and who always had the confidence to say what she needed to. She was this strong, mature figure with lots of friends...aaaand I admit that she also had a weird edgy red-and-blue dark side that she had to learn to control. Because that's more relatable, am I right? Also I apparently have a thing for demons, so there's that too. Either way, that is definitely not the Dusky that graces my page and the site with her antics today; so what happened? As I grew older, the 'ideal' person morphed from one Victoria Justice into a happier, bouncier character. Nowadays I find myself drawn to the characters in shows and writing whom are also strong enough to be able to find the brightness and positivity in everything that life throws at them. As a result, I've found myself becoming that kind of person too, just as I strived! I work hard to try and be more outgoing, and I can look at myself in the mirror and be okay with the kind of person I turned out to be. Though, that's not to say there isn't more room for growth - far from it! (Credit: Love Live! Sunshine!) I like being happy and I like smiling - I like being a bit of a goof and seeing (or hearing about) the shiny brightness of everyone else's smile wherever I can. It feels good to be able to make someone's day and gives me a positive purpose and influence in my friend's lives - or, at least, I hope so! I feel really warm and emotional when people confess that they feel like they could tell me anything. That's a lot of trust to put in someone, and I hope I can live up to that trust and be worthy of it. Back to the original topic, though, I think the line is actually blurring a lot between me and Dusk because of this, so it may be my own fault! Which, admittedly, isn't necessarily a bad thing if she represents my 'ideal person to be'. My friend once asked me if I felt weird every time someone called me "Dusky", and I admitted that I was so used to it by now that it didn't even phase me. It's so strange to think that I even hesitated to add the y at the end of "Dusky" at first, because I thought it sounded childish and stupid - the complete opposite of the cool, mature Dusk I was used to. Now, however, I couldn't imagine her without! I couldn't imagine a me who doesn't spam chats with gifs and silly emoticons. I couldn't imagine a me who used to struggle to go outside and interact with other people. And I couldn't imagine a me who wasn't represented by the fuzzball I poured every scrap of my being into, and who ended up shaping me into a better, kinder person as a result. Hugs and snugs and lots of love, Dusky. You rock~! <3 Here's to many more years with you as my fuzzy companion!
Glaquine and Cavallost

Pokedex Entries

Glaquine: "It buries itself in the snow and waits for prey to approach. When it isn't hunting, this Pokémon is very playful and likes to slide down icy slopes." Cavallost: "The pattern on its fins glow like fire to attract naïve Pokémon and lost travellers. When they get too close, there is no chance to escape."
Glaquine = Glacier + Equine Cavallost = Cavallo/Cavalry + Frost Fun facts: > They bury themselves in the snow and wait for prey to approach. > Their fins glow like a bright fire to attract wandering people and other Pokemon. > Their tails are very powerful, allowing them to push themselves through the snow with relative ease. > They can, in fact, swim, despite not being water-typed.

Why no water/fire type?!

Why isn't it fire-typed? Well, that's because what you're actually seeing with the fins isn't fire, but rather a pattern designed to look like fire (which even fooled a lot of you ;3) similar to how some types of moth wing-patterns look like gigantic eyes, or how some non-venomous snakes and frogs have developed the same patterns as venomous ones so they don't get eaten. And, of course, angler fish! Another reason I didn't make it fire/ice, as cool of a combination as that would be, is because I don't believe a fire/ice type would be a particularly good idea unless Pokemon were really creative about it. If that, in fact, was fire coming out of Cavallost's icy back then not only would it be useless in its home territory (as it would melt all the ice and snow) but would it not just...melt itself and be in excruciating pain all the time? For the design I have, I believe it just simply doesn't work. Maybe the typing would better for something that has two heads, or something that is likewise split into two halves? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Why isn't it water-typed? Dratini is found in the water and, despite that, isn't a water type! LeafGreen's pokedex entry is for dratini is: "Long considered a mythical Pokémon until recently, when a small colony was found living underwater." And Ultra Sun's pokedex entry for dratini is: "It's still weak, so it lurks on the floor of bodies of water, eating whatever food sinks down and living a quiet life." Similarly, Dragonair: PKMN Stadium: "Lives in large bodies of water like the sea and lakes. It is said to have the power to change the weather and fly." Firered: "It is said to live in seas and lakes. Even though it has no wings, it has been seen flying occasionally." Ultra Sun: "Lakes where Dragonair live are filled with offerings from people, because they believe this Pokémon is able to control the weather." Because they spend more time above-ground in the snow to hunt their prey, it seemed a bit silly to have yet another water/ice type just for the sake of having it be water/ice. But just because a pokemon isn't water-typed doesn't mean it can't swim or hunt in the water! I like to twist expectations on their heads, and that's what this pokemon is all about~
Inspiration ...How many of you would be surprised if I told you the inspiration to make these guys initially came from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? xD; Hear me out! I've always been interested in sea creatures and dragons and fantasy - it's one of my absolute favourite things to draw because it twists the reality we know into something much more wonderful and beautiful, something much more fantastic. I love the exaggerated wings of a pegasus and the incredible magic a Unicorn is capable of, despite the fact that I dislike real horses with a fairly strong passion. ^^; I-I'm not scared of them! They're just...big and imposing and...I had a bit of a traumatic experience when a was younger with them. Then MLP came out with the sirens who, in their base form, were these gigantic amazing sea-horse-type-things, all vicious and cool-looking! Their idea has been stuck in my head since the movie came out in 2014. But, of course, they weren't even my favourite thing about the movie.. ~ ♥ ~ I wanted to do something with this~! Of course I didn't want to blatantly rip off MLP and what they did, but I had so many ideas and so much inspiration! I sketched them for months and months afterwards, but nothing ever really happened with them and the ideas in my head. I joined the Pokefarm Art staff in September of 2016, I believe? I finally had an opportunity to bring to life my ideas and turn them into something that everyone else could enjoy! >w< They went through a fair few design changes though - my style isn't quite a "pokemon" style and it's hard for me to mimic it. The first design looked a little more "mlp", probably because I'm so used to drawing them! Then I tried making it completely different in the hopes that it would pull away from the MLP feel: Lastly I tried again with different eye styles and other tweaks and ideas: But...nothing was really seeming to work out. ><; Then Novie helped out and re-worked the design into something that could work! (Look at Novie's beautiful art~! ✧‿‿✧ ) Thus, finally, my babs were a reality~! >w< They no longer look like MLP knock-offs and instead have their own look and feel, whilst still keeping different bits and pieces of the original designs - you can still see the nose-guard on Cavallost and the ice chests, and (of course) the colours from the original. I'm really just extremely thrilled that a lot of people like the design I worked so hard to make for my first Pokefarm Fakemon! Thank you all for your kind comments and praises~! ♥
Mega Liepard Okay, so, this is Dusky's behind-the-scene process for mega liepard~ A few things I'd like to address before I begin; > I did not want a bipedal cat. I don't think that's how the mega evolution would work at all - it's much more likely to be able to sneak around successfully if it had all 4 paws on the ground. Plus, the amount of people that complain when a 4-legged mon becomes bipedal? E.g. Incineroar? Not worth the trouble when I don't personally think it fits...at all. > I did more to the design than just "add fluff" (please see the details below). > The design is based off a Masquerade, with hints of "theif". It's after your heart <3 ...and then your wallet ;P So! With that out of the way, now onto the actual design itself! (All the credit to Novie for the image - it's *exactly* what was in my head with this mega <33) Masquerades are often depicted as rich folk of a higher class, especially in older times or movies, and they choose dresses that suit their body shape - I tried to do the same, keeping Liepard sleek but a tiny bit bulkier to show that added strength. That's also why I opted for a less dynamic pose - I wanted something sassy. I wanted this sleek design, this sly kitty to look like its predecessors with an upgrade in charisma and charm. The initial pose was actually this; Puffing her chest out, looking down her nose coyly at you. We still ended up with that, but now she's more "kiss my paw, peasant...~" The design itself actually went through many, many edits. I ended up with a total of...15+ different combinations we could've gone with. I think some people really don't appreciate or get how much work and time and care goes into some of these megas. And the recolours, and just about anything we do - there's so much background work, trial and error, tweaks and adjustments that you guys just don't really get to see. That's what I'm here to show! So here's the various different designs (collated for easier viewing); The first 4 were "Stage 1 and 2". I started with the initial sketch and then branched off into a few more because we weren't completely sold on the design. The coloured one is "Stage 3" - I was given a description to try and tried to work to it. The last set we ended with were these; Which, includes the design we finally settled on! ^^^^ She has boots and gloves, a sleek form and a dazzling mask, and yet still retains her feline features - whiskers, over all shape, and her long, feline tail. I could go on forever about all the little things that are based off specific masquerade images and features, but I don't want to type for forever. If need be, I'll add a little more to this later <3 As always, if you have any questions about any of this or sprite stuff in general, feel free to just bounce me a PM~
Why I Don't Accept Trade PM's So, this has come up a few times where users (particularly new ones) don't seem to understand why I insist on having offers posted inside my shop when they want to ask for my shinies, albinos, summons and etc. I figured it might be helpful for me to detail my reasons for the choice! And it will hopefully stop me from having to repeat myself! The decision itself was made ~4 months ago on the 21st September, following a pair of PM's I received regarding an albino scatterbug swap. A user PM'd me to offer their albino pattern (one I still needed and listed in my shop) for one of my Icy Snow, so of course I accepted and made the trade. Not even 5 minutes later (too short of a time for me to even edit my master post) another user PM'd me offering the same albino pattern I had previously needed. I checked the albino I just received from user #1 and, sure enough, it had been hatched and gifted by user #2. I sensed something fishy was going on. Either this was a scary-weird co-incidence (in that both checked my shop for what I needed at near-enough the same time, then both decided to swap, then both happened to PM me instead of posting in the shop itself), or the more likely case...that user #2, who originally hatched the albino, had just been duped by a 'friend' who sniped the deal quickly after telling them about it. I feel like there's a lot of this on Pokefarm Q, and just online in general. By that I mean; 'friends' that pretend to be your friend, but who actually aren't your friend (or who just aren't a very good friend). People who find it so easy to stab you in the back online because they never have to actually see you face-to-face. I've had a lot of struggles with this in the past, so the thought of being unknowingly involved in something like this...was the last straw on top of all the other issues I was having with PM trades. I still feel guilty about having to turn user #2 down, because I know how difficult it is to collect all the scatterbug albino patterns. It took me at least a solid year. I really hope they found their Icy Snow albino somewhere else. Anyways jeez I waffle a lot. And will continue to waffle! The other reasons why I stopped accepting PM trades include; ✨ People not offering the correct amount, and me being on mobile often (due to work) meaning I can't just easily copy-paste the prices from the shop. We have the icons - so, rather than spelling out "10 ZC" we have "10 " (is smaller in our shop formatted post). It just saves a little extra space on mobile view (every tiny bit helps - trust me) and looks slightly better in my opinion, but means I have to manually add "ZC, GP, Credits" and the summons themselves in when copy-pasting prices over. It's so frustrating to have to waste my time doing this just because people can't be bothered to check for themselves. ✨ Multiple people PM'ing me when I'm offline/asleep, offering on the same thing, sometimes minutes apart. Other than the issues mentioned in the story above, I have to decline the other offers no matter how much I prefer them because our shop is a first-come-first serve shop. And I can't prove I've had this other offer first because...it's in a PM. It's not public and no-one else but me can see it (unless I screenshot, which again, I'm largely a mobile user and can't), so people have wrongfully assumed in the past that it's just "Oh Dusky doesn't like me and doesn't want to sell to me :/ What a B***". Which...it's not! I'm not a nasty person just because someone else happened to PM me before you did, it's just bad luck! If I don't want to sell to someone, I'll tell them straight up in a PM with my clear reason why - usually for breaking our shop rules previously. Besides, it really ticks me off when shops aren't first come first serve and don't mention this. I mean the shops that have specific prices listed, and you offer those prices and somehow get snubbed by a later user! Seriously, picture this; You go into your local corner shop and pick up the last bar of your favourite chocolate. It's listed for £0.50 so you get your money ready as you get to the cashier- only for someone to suddenly snatch it out of your hand and offer £0.55 instead. The cashier accepts - you would be absolutely furious if this happened! So I don't condone this behaviour, and I think it says a lot about shops that do just to make a tiny bit of extra profit. Unless they're specifically listed as auctions, I don't want to be 'out-bid'. I don't think it's fair. :T ✨ As an ex member of staff who is still listed as a counter, I get a ridiculous amount of PM's - 97% of which are never labelled. If I ever need to go back and find a trade for whatever reason, finding it in my 50+ pages of Personal Messages is really, really tough. It has always really bothered me that Pokefarm Q would rather keep hold of my PM's from literally 5 years ago rather than giving me the option of deleting them and freeing up database space. I kind of get it because staff may need to look at previous PM's with a user if you get reported, but isn't there a better way? Please? 50 pages x 20 PM's a page is...1,000 PM's. I have over 1k of these. Send help. I'm an organised person at heart, and my PM inbox bothers me in every degree of the sense. In this same vein, often I do check PM's at work (in case it's anything that needs urgent attention) and then just kinda...forget by the time I get home. Because they get buried by other PM's! If it's in my shop, Rin can see and prod me if I haven't responded in a while - he can't see my PM's. ✨ Users who were banned from the forums used to PM me asking for trades. This is ban evasion! This is not allowed! Please, if you get banned from posting in the forums for breaking forum rules, do not do this!! Trying to get around your ban is not okay! I do not want to encourage or enable this! ✨ Users who PM me with low-ball offers. For one thing, my prices are on the low end of the scale as-is? For another, giving someone a shiny/albino just because they're a new user and begged for it just encourages them to do this to more people. Additionally, one of the main reasons I stopped doing raffle threads was sheerly because so many prizes went to new users who ended up logging off and never returning after a week or two of playing, which I think is such a waste. If a user is dedicated enough to work hard and earn the money to afford a shiny (which for the vast majority of my shop takes only 1 fabulous Friday - so a week tops), they're far more likely to stay and actually play the game. Because it feels more like an accomplishment than something they think they should just be entitled to. ✨ Users who PM me with consecutive spam PM's - who would never dream of doing so in the public forums. I don't know why people think they can get away with this; just because only I can see it doesn't mean I won't still report you for rule breaking because it's annoying! I'm talking about the PM's that are seconds apart. "hi", 20 seconds later, "i want your shiny pikachu". 20 seconds later "plz respond i need that picckahu", etc etc. Dude, I have a life! I'm doing other stuff! Give me a chance to respond! Or those that PM "I've posted in your shop" or "I've sent a trade". Yes, I get notified when you do. I can see you have done this already. There's no need to spam me! ✨ Finally, I have a trade shop for the sole purpose of conducting trades. It seems silly to have this resource, go through great pains to try and keep it pretty, well-managed (debatable for my side of the shop but shh) and up to date, only for people to not...use it.
Overall, as you can hopefully see, it used to be a huge hassle for me. And it still is a hassle for people who won't just accept that this is the way I choose to do things. And I'm 150% okay if you have a legitimate reason to need to PM me about trades! I PM people for trades when I'm buying secret presents for people's birthdays or Christmas to keep it a surprise. That's perfectly fine! Or if you want to ask a question but don't want to spam the thread. That's also A-OK! Just as long as you please post in the thread after you've got your answer. ^^ Or if you're offering on one of the 15GP Shaymin in my fields - I'm fine with just a trade for those, the price/value of those is so small anyways it doesn't cause issues It's a small ask, and I'll always link my thread so you don't have to go looking for it. I'm always really appreciative when people respect my wishes and don't cause problems 💖 Thanks for reading! Sorry if this came off as a bit of a rant - it's something I've really needed to get off my chest for a while. Maybe I should make a "little things that annoy me on PFQ" post next time...

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