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Please request before becoming part of the game! Note: as the rules state keep it PG! cartoon violence like in the anime is ok though, such as explaining a wound or cut but just keep it PG 99% of the time! You and tour poksona/oc will become part of a perilious world in which they are tasked in collecting herbs and supplies for a merchant but on the way find danger, treasure and more! ( its based loosly on pokemon dungeons! ) When requesting to join please state, your oc’s name, species, and any other important features such as disabilaties,important personalitly traits etc and how they fit into the story! are they hired, do we find them etc and what they add to the adventure! My charecter: Jikoo ( J for short ) a noibat, Male He’s known Tak, the leafeon merhcnat who sends us on quests since they were an Eevee, He‘s got a X-shaped scar on his forhead that He’s always seemed to have and is pretty gullible, perceptive and brave at times and a little bossy. He’s the leader of the ( hopefully! ) soon to be group of searchers a word for those who spends days to months out in the unexplored woods and terrain collecting anything from rare berries and herbs to gold! Often times finding new species of pokemon and tribes while at it! Searching is a difficult job though, and many have been known to get lost in winding caves and dense woods...
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(may i rp? lemme make a forum. charater:thrash age:9 spicies:poochyanna team: leader of team (if not leader of team):jikoo other:im leaving the team blank since theres no team yet. and will this be a pokemon explorers of sky theme? is so. them thrash will be washed up on a shore like all pokemon in the game that you start as in the game)
sparks frind chart in the everstone daycare: cosmics fraind chart in the everstone daycare klilits (fusion no pic) friend chart in the everstone daycare: missings (sun looking unkown no pic) friend chart in the everstone daycare: plz join my rp pokeplanters i need people to join


you have to save the world! join a group of four and make your team to defeat team evil! in the last left
J was talking with the mysterious poochyana, having washed up just a few days ago the thing still seemed disoriented and persistent that they had few memeories ( in this canon instead of thinking ur a human your memories are just lost ) " You've been staying in my hut awhile.. I usually go get some grocries in town on these sunny days wanna come with? I've got a friend with many connections and maybe seeing all those pokemon will jog your memory!" It only a half a days fly- oh right wings hehe, well it shouldnt take over a day, even on foot and the oaths pretty well worn!"
( oh also do you mean 9 in dogs years as in mature or 9 in human years?"
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(nine in human years)"i guess i can go" thrash said to jikoo as thrash got ready to go to the mall (i guess its a mall. just thinking )

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