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Roxy giggled softly as she put the bowls away when the pokemon were done, Denki Laid down outside, Flare went on his bed and Roxy went in the tent and slept
Pøckychu's AvatarPøckychu
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Ashley was holding the Purrloin while muttering under her breath, "Dumb baka, always attacking everything." She suddenly had a idea. "So Purrloin..." Her Purrloin looked up at her, "How would you like a leash? :)" Purrloin shuddered in Ashley's arms as she said that. "Now, for the night you'll stay in your Pokeball. When I let you out again, you'll have a leash." After returning Purrloin, she let out her Braixen, Amber, to keep watch during the night. She climbed up the tree once more and went back to sleep.
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(Time Skip~) Roxy woke up the next morning and stretched, Brushing her hair out while letting her Pokemon Wake up fully, Brushing their fur out once they were and then Packed her Tent and Flare's Bed away, Grabbing her bag and Headed out, Having a Band-Aid Where the Purrloin scratched her "I Want to Make it to Muske Town today!!" Roxy said with a Grin, Walking slowly through the forest
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Pøckychu's Avatar
Ashley woke up hitting the cold, hard ground. Amber was on top of the tree where Ashley had been sleeping, trying not to laugh. Ashley simply returned Amber and dusted herself off. "Mom will be super mad I snuck out, so I have 2 options. Go home and face my punishment, or continue to explore the region and send mail when I get to the next town..." Ashley easily chose her answer and began traveling through the forest that had basically became a second home to her over the years, towards Musuke Town. ((Goin sleep now and I'll be at school so bye for now)) (Edit:Typo)
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Aloe had been woken up by Rush's() tails slapping her face. 'Rush, but it out.. I know you're eager, but nobody else has got up to cordially slap me awake.. I'll start getting ready. " As Aloe said that, Trix()had ran up to her room and (since Aloe can partially speak Pokemon) told her trainer she had her parents permission to leave. She begun getting ready. Misty() had just got up and she saw what Aloe was doing. Knowing she'd be woken when she had to leave, so she curled up again and went back to sleep.
Pøckychu's AvatarPøckychu
Pøckychu's Avatar
Ashley had gotten lost walking through the forest, and resorted to wandering around instead. While walking around, she saw a small, green Teddiursa. She couldn't help but squeal. "Would you like to join my team?" The Teddiursa just stared at her, so she decided not to pick it up and just walk away. When she started walking, the shiny Teddiursa followed her. "So you do want to come with me? Ok!" She picked up the Teddiursa and resumed on her aimless walk. After around 2 minutes of walking, she heard growling behind her. Turning around slowly, she was faced by a Ursaring. "I think I'll just...gooooooooo..." She started weaving through the trees until she was unable to continue running. (Teddiursa=)
"Alright, Echo Come On Out!" Roxy said, Sending Out a Noivern With shiny ears and a shiny back, Roxy got on it's Back without a saddle, Returning Denki and Flare as she flew up on Echo, Being visible from below in the forest
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Morning sunlight peeked through the trees above, sneaking through patches in the foliage. Sharing a bag of powdered doughnuts with a Pikachu and Rotom (the Rotom merely licking the powder they dropped.. strange ghost), a blonde scientist was celebrating a victory with his team. They'd won their second badge last night, in a hard battle with the Nightmare gym leader -- Spores had covered most of the battle, but the odd Shiinotic had opted to sleep instead. The other two battlers though, Static and Zipzap were more than excited to eat some treats by the forest's edge of Muske Town. "The next gym uses Water and Bug types..." Caspian was looking over the challenge manual given to him by Dr Myers. He found the object invaluable, a newbie to this region -- it was quite different from Kalos after all.
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Roxy landed suddenly in Muske Town on her Noivern "Easy there, Echo.." Roxy said, Getting off and Sent out Denki and Flare, Petting Echo and returned it, putting the master ball away "Muske town! New Gym! New Battle Club!" Roxy said, Denki looked around, The Zeraora made sure the new area was safe before being less on guard than it was, Flare stood next to Roxy who sent out her Talonflame "Can you find the Pokemon Center?" Roxy asked, The Talonflame Nodding and flew off, Coming back a few minutes later and told Roxy (Roxy only understands a few pokemon and that's it so yeah) Edit-I Am going to go to sleep, Night!

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