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Roxy's rotom went back into the rotom dex "It's fine, That Meowth Reminds me so much of flare when he was a litten" Roxy said with a Chuckle, Dasher and Denki went over to Roxy, helping themselves to a potion and berry, Roxy allowed them to do this since she trained them to only take what they need when they needed to
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Blakely sighed, then perked up. “I caught him cause he can use Pay Day. It takes a lot out of him, but if I’m ever short on money, then I’ll just charge him up and...bam! Pay Day!“ He laughed. “Or at least if he misbehaves again...” he said, staring down at Avery’s Pokéball.
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"...Wait So you only caught him because of a move that could help you?" Roxy asked, Returning Dasher and Put Her Meowth on her head again
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Geminial's Avatar
”Yep. He has potential. And I was being attacked by three at once, so I sort of had to catch one and get out of there.” He said with a shrug.
"Oh, I thought you only caught the Meowth since it could use pay day, Welp I'm going to battle the gym now" Roxy said softly, walking over to the NightMare Gym
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He nodded. “Have fun with that. I think I’m gonna explore a little more first.” He said, getting up from the chair he was sitting in. He stretched his arms above his head, then put his hands on his hips. “Welp, bye.” He said, turning to leave.
Roxy Went into the Gym "Hello? I came here from Welis town, I would like to challenge the gym leader!" Roxy called out, A Man Walked out as lights turned on "You wanna challenge Me?" He asked, Roxy nodded as She made her way to the Battlefield
The Referee for the battle went over the rules "You may only use two pokemon, Once One side's pokemon faints the Battle is over, Are You ready?" He asked, Roxy and the Gym leader both nodding, Sending out their first pokemon, Roxy Sent out Rukario, And The Gym Leader Sent out a Pangoro
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Rosemary was wandering around with a Flabébé following her, new to the place. She looked around, wondering if there was a Pokecenter nearby

Pages: 123··· 1011121314

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