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UFT free Geodude

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Megaman1551's AvatarMegaman1551
Megaman1551's Avatar
have almost 4 fields of Geodude free UFT I am willing to trade 10 per person or at least 1 order of 10 is limit if you want specifics link them if not I'll do them from the first field randomly until it's depleted then same for next field(s) by the time this expires if there's any Geodude remaining I will release them
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Angel Hope's AvatarAngel Hope
Angel Hope's Avatar
Can I grab a random 5? :)
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Megaman1551's AvatarMegaman1551
Megaman1551's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Angel Hope

Can I grab a random 5? :)
sent 5 randoms
Unknownie's AvatarUnknownie
Unknownie's Avatar
May I grab 5 please? Thanks! :D
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Megaman1551's AvatarMegaman1551
Megaman1551's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Unknownie

May I grab 5 please? Thanks! :D
sent thanks for taking em
amzdragon's Avataramzdragon
amzdragon's Avatar
Could I get 5 please?
Megaman1551's AvatarMegaman1551
Megaman1551's Avatar
should be sent now
Elsa's AvatarElsa
Elsa's Avatar
This one please and thank you <3
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Midnightsp's AvatarMidnightsp
Midnightsp's Avatar
Hi! may I get any one? ^^ thanks!
Ethenin's AvatarEthenin
Ethenin's Avatar
Could I grab 5?
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Aspear Berry (SOUR)
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