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Kaji's Template School!

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Hello and greetings to my template school! I'm Kaji, and i'm OP and a teacher! I teach two different classes of post templates. More will come as there come more teachers! i do have some rules, though
  1. If you do not want to learn from me anymore, please send me a PM <3
  2. Do not sign up if you do not accept PMs
  3. if your teacher is breaking site rules, report it. If you have a question/concern/conplaint, PM me
  4. i remove people after 2 months of not responding to me

Post Templates


confident in your coding, but not design? This aesthetic-based course focuses on the looks of the template, and requires you to be able to code the basic bbcodes (hides, headers, tips and progressbars) alongside borders. I will give you a theme, and the rest is up to you!

Coding based

A step-by-step walkthrough on how to code, with your own twist. You know the links and stuff, but maybe not uls and progressbars? this is very tailored to the person. note: if you drop out because you do not feel it is for you, i will not mind!! not everybody has coding as their niche.

Shop Training

Good at coding, but need help with a shop? this is for you.


I will give you specific art and themes to use, and you have to try to make it using everything! I will sometimes ask for modifications, as a customer would.

Coding-based form

[center][b]Kaji, i wanna code![/b] Name: What would you like to learn? Anything else:[/center]

art-based form

[center][b]Kaji, i wanna make thinsg look pretty!![/b] Name: where do you struggle in particular? Anything else:[/center]

Time-based form

[center][b]Kaji, i wanna be faster!![/b] Name: how fast are you? Anything else:[/center]

Shop-based form

[center][b]Kaji, i wanna code![/b] Name: what are your strenghts? Anything else:[/center]


[b]Name[/b]: [b]Expierence level[/b]: [u]Anything you want to learn in particular?[/u]

in regards to doing *all* classes

i've had a few students who want to do all of the classes. My way of doing this is kinda in order. first, i take you through the coding course, then the aesthetic course. from there you pick which shop training, and you'll do the one you didn't pick last.

Coding-based post templates (fevine)

  1. SunWaterIce
  2. (pending)
  3. (pending)
  4. (pending)



This is a list of teachers, please provide examples when you sign up. Don't be upset if i decline, even if you've already been through the school.
pasword is coolio !
Post Templates +Shop Training
CatEnergetic, Foxxshadow.


[sc=tabbed_interface horizontal] [ul] [li]Form[/li] [li]Examples[/li] [sc=tab][b]I'd like to be a teacher![/b] Username: What would you like to teach (kind of coding, then the theme): password: Other? [/sc][sc=tab] put your examples here.[/sc][/sc]
This is a list of students who have passed a class, none yet!
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on hiatus. we check back every once in a while though.
one day...
avatar drawn by me of Dirk Strider~ Buttons
background | coidng by me
DamianKai's AvatarDamianKai
DamianKai's Avatar
Kaji, i wanna code! Name:DamianKai What would you like to learn?Everything Anything else:If that's to vauge (not enough detail for you, you can pm me about it)
Avatar image is from PFQ 2019 Advent calender. My shop banner/sprite was made by icymoon193 for my use only,unless otherwise specified to advertise with my permission etc.
tøxtricity's Avatartøxtricity
tøxtricity's Avatar
Kaji, i wanna code! Name: toffeebean What would you like to learn?: Just about anything I can, if that's okay. Anything else: Kinda similar to what DamianKai said, if that's a little bit too widespread I'm happy to specify.
Avatar by DeathBird. Signature by CatEnergetic. Background
pm'd the both of you~
lil pumpkin's Avatarlil pumpkin
lil pumpkin's Avatar
Kaji, i wanna code! Name: lil pumpkin What would you like to learn? everything ^^;; Anything else:i never coded templates before so learning would be fun!
hiya! call me pumpkin, lil, rinny! tired...i play to many video games (PC+switch+3ds) so message me ^w^ profile pic made by little lee!
Signature by CatEnergetic, with help from Wardove. gif from the anime sailor moon~
ah, okay. i'm going to start you out with colorig in the background, and links (as required) and tooltips, see below for tip code! .tooltip_content {color:#hexhex; background:#hexhex; border: solid #hexhex 4px}
Sen's AvatarSen
Sen's Avatar
Kaji, i wanna make thinsg look pretty!! Name: Sen where do you struggle in particular? : Maybe Color palletes and making the templates both computer and mobile friendly? I do want to improve on making containers as well lmao. Anything else: I've been studying CSS basics on school and since the coding class is full, might as well try the design course!
Avatar made by me and Piks is my oc. J O U R N A L
okay, you're accepted! i know how to make things mobile friendly- instead of px divide by 6 and use %, i don't use it but you can. and color palletes i'll try to help you with. what i do is kinda take whatever i'm basing and take the colors i think of, or colors like it, then a few accents that make things pop. i'll explain more, just PM me! your first assignment is to make a Red (character) template!
shxdøw's Avatarshxdøw
shxdøw's Avatar
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I'd like to be a teacher! Username: What would you like to teach: Signatures-design based; Signatures-mobile friendlyness; Signatures-coding based (basically a small class to teach how to keep your sigs under 1500 characters) password:
Other? I can teach up to 4 people! Also I suck at post templates
Well, you could count this as an example. Take a look at this
technoblade credits
morder's Avatarmorder
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