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QUOTE originally posted by cosmyn

like i said, blocking doesn’t stop reporting. if someone is harassing someone, they’ll still get reported. every a simple solution like “you can not pm this user” would even work. blocking. does not. stop. reporting. it really doesn’t. you can look at any other big pet game, and they all have some sort of blocking system. they still get tons of reports about rulebreakers.
>says 'blocking does not stop reporting' LITERALLY in the same thread as someone who wanted to block instead of report someone for breaking the rules lol my spiel from that linked thread is still my feelings on why blocking isnt necessary on PFQ: because it's actually moderated

QUOTE originally posted by Kiryu

a huge reason why PFQ doesn't have a block function is because, unlike most websites, PFQ is MODERATED. People are NOT ALLOWED to say messed up stuff here. People can and will be held accountable if they say something harmful, or hurt other users, especially if it goes as far as abuse. And instead of things being reported and maybe in 2 months you'll get an automatic email saying it'll be looked into; the moderation is extremely responsive, usually getting back to you well less within a day (sometimes even just an hour or two!), especially if it's a serious matter. You don't need to block here because people don't have free reign to say or do whatever they like with little to no consequence, unlike other sites.
I'm sorry if this came off as aggressive, I've just been through this song and dance a lot. This is just my experience, of course, maybe the sites I were on were not good sites, but my conclusion of blocking being used as a crutch for lackluster moderation is still something I firmly believe in. PFQ is a small site. It has very active moderation. If people do something bad, they will get reprimanded. If all else fails, if you REALLY need to not have someone interact with you, you're allowed to PM a user and tell them to not contact you. If they do after that point in time, you can report them and mods will handle the situation for you.
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QUOTE originally posted by Scarlyarno

I'd rather not report on the first occurance
Keep in mind that if they're messaging you begging for stuff out of nowhere, chances are good it's not a "first occurrence" and they have in fact done this to many people. But if each of those people just go "Oh it's no big deal I'll just block them," then the problem user will just keep on annoying more and more people. Bring it up, so that we can look at the bigger picture and act accordingly.
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