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Scarlyarno's AvatarScarlyarno
Scarlyarno's Avatar
So i just recieved a message asking for money. I don't apreciate these messages and i'd like to block users who beg but i cant find a way of doing this? Am i being blind or is this not a function on this game?
There is no block section. Since begging is against the rules you would report the incident. The mods will take care of it.
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Mareep's AvatarMareep
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If you're just looking for an option to mark users, so you remember you don't want to interact with them, you can add them to your friendslist and sort them into the categorie with the ugliest symbol. It's not nearly as good as blocking them, but it's something
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cosmyn's Avatarcosmyn
cosmyn's Avatar
why is there not a blocking feature on a site as big and popular as this? like that’s bound to cause trouble, right?? i hope one is implemented i the rebuild coming up :^:
Because as Staff has said many times, it doesn't really fix the problem, whereas reporting does

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cosmyn's Avatarcosmyn
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in my experience, reporting doesn’t always help. staff aren’t always online and might not be quick with a report. harassment can go on within the minutes to an hour it takes for a staff member to get to the report. as there’s no way to delete pms here and no way to block someone, you can still see that harassment, that means a user could repeatedly harass you until a staff member sees and stops them, and even then it might not stop them until their banned. even then, a ban might stop them either. people have access to VPNS and can easily bypass IP bans to harass a user. it’s not like having a ban system will stop reports from coming in. as someone who has been a mod on many forums before, blocking is just an extra safety that can be taken client side while staff deals with the problem.
Rebecca Gold's AvatarRebecca Gold
Rebecca Gold's Avatar
Here you will find the answer to why blocking is not an option and why reporting is better solution. https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/227123/User-Block-Option/post/4790323
Scarlyarno's AvatarScarlyarno
Scarlyarno's Avatar
Thank you for your replies (im mildly relieved its not just me being completely blind x.x) It is a shame that blocking isn't a thing.. I'd rather not report on the first occurance, Maybe im just too nice? But I understand why mods have chosen this route.
cosmyn's Avatarcosmyn
cosmyn's Avatar
like i said, blocking doesn’t stop reporting. if someone is harassing someone, they’ll still get reported. every a simple solution like “you can not pm this user” would even work. blocking. does not. stop. reporting. it really doesn’t. you can look at any other big pet game, and they all have some sort of blocking system. they still get tons of reports about rulebreakers.
Tarashia's AvatarTarashia
Tarashia's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Scarlyarno

I'd rather not report on the first occurance
The mods here are generally reasonable and won't perma-ban for small problems. If it's the user's first offence, the mods will just remind them of the rules and warn them not to do it again. But if the user has been warned several times, perhaps a mute or a temp ban will make them take the rules seriously - and the only way the mods can know it's an ongoing thing is if you report.

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