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scintilla - spoopy oc story

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TW: mention of neglect please read with caution! The wiry, lifeless grass brushed against my ankles as I trudged through the foliage. A handful of Nincadas chirped melodically from their hiding places deep in the trees, their messages indeciferable even to other Pokemon. The worn trail was almost completely gone, I noticed. Only faint traces remained. As I continued on through the thick underbrush, I began noticing more and more of its previous life. A molding spray bottle, the bottom long since disappeared. A loosely woven washcloth. A rotten stake to a picket fence. It almost could have been peaceful, just being alone in this overgrown, moonlit path. Almost. I traced the path of garbage farther and farther. To my horror, I began finding myself recognizing some of the items. I tried to deter my gaze, to focus on moving forward. But it was like a magnetized force - the more I hated seeing what was in front of me, the more I couldn't look away. The dead silence screamed in my head. Although the place could barely be recognized from its past form, my paws seemed to soak up the familiar ground and remind my brain I was there again. Memories flooded back faster than I could keep up, and I could feel myself losing it more and more as I approached my old house. If you could even call it a house. Nature had overtaken the place. Creeping ivy blanketed the entire left side, forming a thick, thorny bypass. The thick boards that had functioned as support beams were fully exposed, with many of them splintered and unstable. Very few of the glass windowpanes still remained intact. It was as if all 3,500 square feet were withering away. I had to force myself to go on, to ignore the hammering, intense regret. I should be glad to see this place dead. It never was a home. I walked on. My steps left depressions on each creaking, mushy step. I was surprised they were even still there, even more so intact. This place hadn't recieved maintenance in half a decade, and it showed. I put one paw through the doorway. Then the others. The darkness was an inky soup, swallowing everything in its path. After four steps inside, I couldn't even see what was right in front of me. Sunny Day. ... Crap. Although I'd been practicing using moves on my own for five years, it still never seemed to work the first time. Considering my past, I should've been proud of myself for learning ONE move. But that wasn't good enough for me. I wanted to prove to myself that my past didn't define me, that I could overcome the challenges that my "trainer" set all those years ago. I wanted to be able to back myself up in a fight. I was just as good as the other Suicunes. Flick. TO BE CONTINUED
hi! i'm fennek. i love dunsparce!! if you have any spare i'd love to take them off your hands.
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