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Charmander wants to Evolve - A PG PFQ Creepypasta

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October 9th, 2019
It was a day, like any other day. It was around 2 am, and I was playing Pokéfarm Q on my phone in my bed. Then, at around 2:30, I got a PM from my buddy Shawn.

PM with Shawn

Shawn: Hey, you awake? Me: Yeah. Shawn: Good, can you help me? Me: What do ya need? Shawn: I got this Charmander, I don’t want it anymore. You want it? Me: CHARMANDER? I thought it was your fave! Shawn: : It was... Me: What do you mean ‘it was’? Shawn: : It’s glitched or something, idk. Me: Oh. Shawn: : So, you want it? I’ll gift it to you. Me: Cool, I could use it for the dex anyways, send it over. Shawn: OMG! Thank you! Sending!
So he sends me a Shiny Charmander. Awesome. It was my 1st shiny, so I thought I was really lucky, until I got an error message saying my party was unstable. I ignored it and went to feed Charmander, when I saw that it’s description said. “HELLO. AWAITING INPUT.” I erased it, and for a joke, I replaced it with “Who’s this?” Then, Safari crashed. When I re-opened it, my Charmander’s description said “It’s me. Your new Pokémon.” Weird. I erased it, and replaced it with “prove it’. Then Safari crashes again. I re-open it and see that the description was empty, but the charmanders name was “DOES THIS PROVE IT”.
I yawned and turned to look at my clock. It said 2:45 AM. Then my phone buzzed. I turned back to Pokéfarm and saw that the Charmander was now not a shiny. It’s description read Do you wish for a Pokémon you don’t yet own? I thought ‘this must be Shaun messing with me, I’ll play along for now’ I replaced the description with ‘a moltres’ because I knew Shaun would never give me his because he uses it in battles all the time. Same as before, safari crashed. When I reopened it, I got a prompt saying ‘you have a Pokémon to collect’ and there it was, a shiny moltres, and it was sent by a user called ‘YourCharmander’. Thinking it was a coincidence, I turned off Pokéfarm at around 2:50 am.
October 10th, 2019 Weird things are happening to me and my house. I’ve been getting emails and letters from an unknown sender, and all the messages say ‘lvl me up’ over and over. Now I know this is a prank, so I sent a PM to Sean.

PM with Shawn (2)

Me: Ha ha, very funny dude. Shawn: What? Me: The emails, the Charmander’s description. You did it. Shawn: What? Me: Don’t deny it! You’ve been hacking that Charmander you gave me, now admit it! Shawn: I didn’t hack your Charmander. Me: Yeah right. Shawn: I. DID. NOT. DO. IT. Shawn: You’re in danger! You gotta shelter or field-lock That Charmander now! Before it’s too late!. Me: Yeah, from your cyber prank. Shawn: Please! He will end you if you don’t get rid of him! Me: Who is ‘he’? Shawn: The Charmander I sent you! I think he’s sentient! Shelter it now! Or lock it in a field! Me: Yeah right...
I left from the chat and turn off Pokéfarm at around 2:56 am.
October 11th, 2019 I don’t know what to do. I’m having a hard time sleeping, whenever I try to, I dream about me being locked in a dark room with a little bit of sunlight coming from under a door with no doorknob. So, I’ve been playing Pokéfarm late at night. At around 8:00 pm, I get a PM from an Admin. I open it, and the Admin’s username is YourCharmander.

PM with ŸôūrČhærmåñdęr

ŸČ: Hello. Me: Who’s this? ŸČ: You know me. I’m in your party. Me: My what? ŸČ: Your party. I’m in the 2nd slot in your party. ŸČ: You feed Bubbles more than you feed me. ŸČ: So now Bubbles is now visiting a friend of mine. ŸČ: Now it’s only me. ŸČ: ÑŒTÏČË MĒ - ŁVŁ MĖ ŪP
What was he talking about? Bubbles was my lvl 32 Blophin, who was usually in the 2nd spot in my party, with Charmander being in the 5th spot. I checked my party, and nearly dropped my phone. Bubbles was nowhere to be seen. Charmander was in his spot. I checked my fields, and found him in the last one, but he had a scared expression on his face, and his happiness went from max to 0. I’m getting a bit nervous here. If Shawn was right, and Charmander was sentient. He could do whatever he wants, with no consequences. I HAVE to get rid of him.
October 13th, 2019 I think I might be in trouble. I forgot to feed Charmander for a day, and now he’s mad. He sent himself on a scour mission for 99:99 time to “Away from you” “Preferred Area!” I’m scared, because if Shawn was right about him being real, then it means trouble for me and my team. So I PM Shawn.

PM with Shawn (3)

Me: Hey, I’m sorry about before. Me: I believe you now! Me: He terrorized Bubbles. Me: He’s mad at me now! Me: PLEASE HELP ME :( Shawn: Ok, are you willing to listen? Me: YES!!! Shawn: I’ve dealt with him before, but the only problem is that the only way to get rid of him is to send him off. Me: ? Shawn: He’s like a curse. You need to trade him to someone else to send the curse to them. Me: THEN YOU CURSED ME! Shawn: Because he threatened me! I HAD to get rid of him then, and you were awake. I’m sorry. Me: When he’s gone, I’ll forgive you. Shawn: :) Me: Slight Problem. Shawn: What? Me: He’s mad at me, he’s doing a scour to “Away from you” Shawn: Oh no. Me: What? Shawn: He’s still in your party, right? Me: Yeah. Shawn: He’s distracted. Perfect. I’ll make a hack to bypass the no trading while scouring rule, you’re getting rid of him. It’ll be done in a few hours. Stay safe.
I trust Shawn, he’s a good coder. I just hope I survive until then.
October 14th I don’t think I can do this. Charmander can read PMs because after I went back to my party, Charmander was in the 1st party spot, and all my Pokémon had strange expressions on their faces. It was like they were afraid. Then, I heard a bark. Joey, my black lab, ran up to me and started growling at my computer. When I got out of Pokéfarm, he would stop, but when I showed him Charmander, he would bark and growl. The only problem is: Joey never barks at anything unless it’s a threat to me. Then I got a PM.

PM with ?!?

???: Call off your dog. Me: What? ???: If you know what’s good for your team, call off your dog. Me: ... ???: Last warning.
Then I saw my webcam was on. I brought Joey to another room and closed the door. Then I got another message.

New Message from ?!?

???: Don’t let it happen again. ?!?: Or you will never see Bubbles or the rest of your team again.
Then I got an alert on my phone. Someone opened the back door. I got up, only to hear Shawn’s voice. “Dude, you home?” Thank goodness. But, when I showed Shawn Charmander, he said “nothing looks different.” I open Charmander’s info page, and see he put something new in his bio. HI SHAWN. YOU CAN’T GET RID OF ME. JACOB IS MINE. I am so scared. My Pokéfarm username is ThatBoi21. He. Knows. My. Name.
I’m so scared. Charmander knows my name. But before we could react, I got another message. Charmander wants to evolve. My level 3 Charmander wants to evolve. “What do I do?” I ask Shawn. “Beats me.” Shawn says. Then, a deep and crackly voice comes out of my speakers. It says: “Hello there.” We say “Who’s this?” And the voice says “you don’t know? You don’t remember me? It’s your old friend. ŸŒŪR ČHÃRMÆÑDĖR.” Then my screen flashes with dozens of error messages saying “ChArManDeR iS eVoLvInG” over and over. Then the voice says “ThErE iS nO cHaNcE oF RuNnInG fRoM mE. As LoNg aS i’M yOuR PoKéMoN, yOu WiLl Be MiNe, FoReVeR!” “That’s what I planned!” Shawn yells over the chaos as he plugs in the USB containing the hack. The voice screeched as the hack took effect. “Where do I send it?” Shawn says as he hops into my computer chair and puts some code in. “The shelter.” I say. “But the risk-“ Shawn replies. “I’ll tell them.” I explain. “I’ll warn all of Pokéfarm about this thing so it won’t hurt anyone again.” “O-ok.” Shawn says as he finished the code and hit enter. The voice screams once more before my computer goes black, then restarts. It’s gone. Charmander is gone. But so was my account. So I made a new one, and wrote this story so if it comes back, they’ll know that they’re not alone. It’s still out there in the shelter. I just hope that it never gets adopted, because it can alter its code to look innocent, but it can’t change it’s name. Dear player, thank you for reading this. Please spread the word so everyone will be prepared. Because Charmander is out there. THË ĒÑD
Ok, now that the story is done, you can now comment your feedback! (I like to improve so don't be afraid to speak your mind, if you're still nervous, judt send me a PM :P)
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Holy- dude, I actually LOVED the story. I love the way that you made things so interesting that I felt that I had to read on. It was super entertaining! I think that next time you write a fanfiction, you should make it a little bit longer! That might sound kind of stupid, but seeing one of your stories stretched out and with a teeny bit more imagery would be even more incredible. Keep up the good work, Drako! :)
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