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What legends AREN'T being hunted rn?

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Angelheart's AvatarAngelheart
Angelheart's Avatar
I'm hunting Pheromosa, but if you wanna hunt it go ahead lol
I know that quiint was hunting nihilego at one point. In not sure if they plan on going back to it or not. And I'm saving up for it as well...but it's gonna be a while since I'm still collecting credits (only have 10 mil) and gathering egg supplier passes. [80] i just like rock melans so I don't care about the discovery tbh
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SpoodleBug's AvatarSpoodleBug
SpoodleBug's Avatar
Please don't forbidden!! I'm still proud of you!!!!! Don't worry, I wasn't too fussed about manaphy anyway. Good luck! I hope pheremosa goes well angel!! I'll put it down as a maybe, hysteria Thanks for the info guys
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ohush's Avatarohush
ohush's Avatar
According to their profile, Quiint will be doing registeel, manaphy and nihilego. Honestly? You're going to have a hard time not 'stepping on someones toes', so to speak. A lot of people want to be the first to discover a melan. However, nobody is entitled to the first found melan of whatever they are hunting just because they started first. And a lot of these users have already discovered one or more melan sprites anyway. Do whatever you want. I looked for more melan legends that haven't been found and aren't on your list: Tapu Fini Zekrom Meloetta [I've seen a lot of people collecting music boxes] Genesect [Captain is buying these] Volcanion Latias Latios [has been found but not the mega forme] Kyogre [saw someone hunting once but not sure anymore] Xerneas [I know D33RG0D5 used to hunt these] Melmetal [isn't out yet but I think Niet said it would be someday... and you'd get first dibs presumably] Also, several melan flabebes/evos, unown and maravol patterns haven't been found so if all else fails, you could do one of those. Way less competition, too. ^^
annador's Avatarannador
annador's Avatar
Heyo, just wanna drop in my two cents for some friends. Quiint is extremely inactive right now, but I sent him a dm asking his thoughts on you hunting becuase I'm not sure if he's gonna come back to hunt, I can pm you the answer if you'd like? And same boat for Scorpyia with Poipole. Thank you so much though for being so courteous ;w; If you want to hunt Blacephalon, definitely no hard feelings as I'm barely getting started, and will be continuing for melan even if I dont discover <3 As for Meloetta, I have a 224 chain saved but is on hold for Blaceph, however Schleifi is hunting for cissza if I recall, and has a very long chain going so that might be setting up for disappointment.
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