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What legends AREN'T being hunted rn?

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SpoodleBug's AvatarSpoodleBug
SpoodleBug's Avatar
So the ditto hunt was a bust c': Congrats again Forbidden! Now I need something new to aim for in lieu of the blob. I don't want to step on any toes; if someone's a thousand deep into a chain, I'm certainly not gunna try and beat them to the melan. Also they're more likely to find it than I am with a longer chain and that'll just lead to crushing disappointment on my end haha ; w ; So. I'm looking for legends/ubs/mythicals where the melan hasn't been found, that isn't actively being hunted by.. like, anyone. I'd prefer the BIG fellas like ditto, arceus, type null etc, but I know several people are hunting those rn. I.. just want to discover something ;__; Please.. My one claim is melan mega scolipede, and I'd have broken kneecaps if it wasnt haha. But after all my saving I'd love to have a clear shot at.. something! So make suggestions, and if you know of anyone/if you yourself are hunting something, let me know! Legends/stuff: Arceus - Hunted Type Null/Silvally - Found Ditto - Found Mew - Found Mewtwo - Found??? Regirock - ?? Registeel - Hunted Manaphy - ?? UBs: Buzzwole - Found Stakataka - Hunted Kartana - Hunted Necrozma - Hunted Xurkitree - Hunted Guzzlord - Hunted Blacephalon - Hunted
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Fennekava's AvatarFennekava
Fennekava's Avatar
I haven't seen any Kartana hunters, ever. That would be an expensive hunt, but definitely a unique one.
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Nightmøn's AvatarNightmøn
Nightmøn's Avatar
I'll pay you for a delta dark kartana, I *love* kartana. It was my first shiny UC in USUL. Good luck if you do this one!
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Peachi's AvatarPeachi
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QUOTE originally posted by Fennekava

I haven't seen any Kartana hunters, ever. That would be an expensive hunt, but definitely a unique one.
Niwatori seems to have started Kartana recently.
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Doduo's AvatarDoduo
Doduo's Avatar
I’ve not seen these legends hunted for a LONG TIME Stakataka Poipole Regirock Registeel Manaphy
Canine's AvatarCanine
Canine's Avatar
I second Stakataka, I love that funky tower and would hunt it myself if I didn't like Blacephalon just a bit more. Poipole is a good choice too since it's got an evo, two discoveries in one. c:
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SpoodleBug's AvatarSpoodleBug
SpoodleBug's Avatar
thanks so far guys! ill make a lil list. I think triibu might be going for stakataka so ill respect that poipole sounds fun. i know scorpyia hunted it, but that was long ago edit: oh and doduo i clicked someones party recently who was doing registeel
Doduo's AvatarDoduo
Doduo's Avatar
I'm doing Xurkitree right now, and I know Quiint had a Manaphy chain so it's been hunted at some point but both are undiscovered. If you wanted to go for Xurkitree though, I'd like you to know that it's totally fine to hunt it, I don't want you to feel like you can't hunt it c: Edit: I also know one of the melan mega Mewtwos are undiscovered but I think Belial is gonna hunt Edit #2: ALSO I know Absol is hunting Guzzlord and Annador is gonna hunt Blacephalon I think??
SpoodleBug's AvatarSpoodleBug
SpoodleBug's Avatar
as long as its actively being hunted id rather not try it ;a; id feel like a jerk. i was under the impression 2 had been hatched and so both.. existed? i guess not. but if its planned then ill not
Førbidden's AvatarFørbidden
Førbidden's Avatar
Thank you! ;~; I still feel bad... I hate to burst another one but I have a Chain for Manaphy and 94 Crowns as of right now. ^^; Just wanted to mention. EDIT;; I don't mind if that's what you want to aim for as I tend to switch around hunts a lot whenever I get the chance/enough resources.
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