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Melan Pokedex Bug?

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So I just went to look at my Pokedex to confirm if a certain pokemon had a mega and I noticed I had entries for melan pokemon. The thing is, I'm fairly certain I have never had a melanistic. I've definitly never asked to borrow a melan to get it's entry and I couldn't find any after a quick look in my fields. The melans it says I have encountered are, Charmander, Gastly, and Frogadier. Is this some kind of bug? Or am I losing my mind and forgetting I had a melan at some point?
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More than likely you've dextraded for them in the past and have forgotten about it. Maybe people were offering their dex entries for free and you got it then, who knows. I dont think there's any bugs I've heard of before that'd cause this to happen. The only other things i could think of is you were helping someone evolve their gastly into a gengar, or if you wanted to put something in descriptions like some people do to congratulate the person on getting that melan.
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The thing is I would never do dextrading, even if it is offered for free, it's just not something I like as I'd prefer to not register a pokemon in my dex unless I was actually keeping it. That's why the entries have me so confused.
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The only way to get the entries is to have them in your possession at some point. So you've had them at some point. Whether it was a dex trade, ownership, whatever. It could've also happened if you helped someone find a lost melan in the shelter

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