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Rp Is Open Here!

About Pulverea

Pulverea Is a Fanmade Region that is kinda based around austraila, It Has a League, 8 Gyms/Grand Trials, 8 towns, 8 Pokemon Centers, and Battle Clubs in every Town! If Your Just Starting out, Dr Myers Lab Has every starter from each region (Besides Galar) Each Gym has two types of pokemon that the gym leader uses (I will be playing all the nurse joys and gym leaders) between every town is a forest. EVERY GYM YOU GET THE z-CRYSTALS FOR THE TYPE OF THE GYM AND A BADGE FOR THAT GYM. ALSO YOU CAN CARRY AS MANY POKEMON IN YOUR TEAM AS YOU WANT IN PULVEREA Welis Town: Welis Town Is the first town in the Pulverea Region, Dr Myers Lab is in Welis town and The Ride Pokemon Rental is there too, It is Also Home of the GrassWave Gym, A Electric and Grass Type Gym, Welis town also has a Furfrou Salon! Muske Town: Muske Town is the second town in pulverea, It is Home of the Nightmare Gym, a Dark and Ghost type gym Satle Town: The third town in Pulverea and home of the Waterbug Gym, A Water and Bug Type gym. Blase Town: The Fourth Town In Pulverea and home to the IcyFlight Gym, A Ice and Flying type gym, The battle there is a Double Battle Elise Town: The Fifth Town In pulverea and Home to the RedDragon Gym, A Fire and Dragon Type Gym Sali Town: The Sixth Town In Pulverea and Home To the Underground gym, a Rock and Ground Type Gym Nashe Town: The Seventh Town In Pulverea and Home to the HardMind Gym, A Steel and Psychic Type Gym Malish Town: The Seventh Town In Pulverea and Home to the Alolan Gym, A Gym With all the alolan starters, the reward for this Gym is a badge and z-crystals for the alolan starters And Home To the Pulverea League


1. Be Nice and Respectful 2. DO NOT POWERPLAY 3. Limit of one Legendary and one mythical per trainer oc 4. You only may have 4 trainers 5. Have fun in the rp 6. Use the two dodge rule: two dodges in a row and the next must be a hit 7. If Someone Does not want to rp a Battle with you then don't force it 8. I Will Make the Actual rp when two more people join the rp!

My Form

Username: EdgyWolfPokemon Trainer Name: Roxy AOT (Age Of Trainer): 16 Starter: Litten (Has Evolved) Appearance (Can Be a Image or Description): Has a Baby zorua on her head and wears a hat,a jacket with a purple shirt under it, and jeans with sneakers Team (Can add to It In Rp): Two Zoroark, Midnight Lycanroc,Two Lucario, Sandslash (Normal Form), Haxorus, TalonFlame, Frogadier, Serperior, Dewott, Emboar, Noivern, Alolan Raichu, Entei, Zeraora, Pancham, Flareon, Glaceon, Umbreon and I think thats it Starting town: Welis Town Badges (From this Region): 1

Trainer Form

Username: Trainer Name: AOT (Age Of Trainer): Starter: Appearance (Can Be a Image or Description): Team (Can add to It In Rp): Starting Town: Badges (From this Region:
Pøckychu's AvatarPøckychu
Pøckychu's Avatar
Username:Pockychu Trainer Name:Ashley AOT (Age Of Trainer):17 Starter: Fennekin(Evolved into Braixen) Appearance (Can Be a Image or Description): (My friend drew it for me, ignore the Pokemon next to her) Team (Can add to It In Rp):Shiny Volcarona,Eevee,Purrloin Starting Town: Welis Town Badges (From this Region):0 Note: Would it be possible for my trainer not to go on the gym challenge?
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Accepted, And you don't have to battle the gyms if you do not want to!
SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
SnivyQueen15's Avatar
Username: SnivyQueen15 Trainer Name: Aloe AOT (Age Of Trainer): 13 Starter: Snivy (has Everstone) Appearance (Can Be a Image or Description): A girl with a white blouse and blonde hair. Wears a loose white skirt and red sneakers. Team (Can add to It In Rp): Just here! Starting Town: Welis Town Badges (From this Region: 0 Note: If you could look into adding Contests, then I'd be happy! Its fine if you don't.
Accepted, and I can Indeed Add Contests, If you'd like to suggest when i should do contests then i would be glad to add that in! Also I Am going to open up the Actual RolePlay Thread now!!
Noki-Doki's AvatarNoki-Doki
Noki-Doki's Avatar
Username: Noki-Doki Trainer Name: Caspian AOT (Age Of Trainer): 20 Starter: Bulbasaur (Ivysaur now) Appearance (Can Be a Image or Description): A skinny young man with curly blonde hair and witty blue eyes. He wears a long, white coat with a blue button down and dress pants beneath. His shoes are basic tennis shoes and he has a crossbody black satchel. Team (Can add to It In Rp): Hopp | Ivysaur --An ivysaur with large, distinct spotting. The flower on his back is wilting and unhealthy due to his tendency to steal Caspian's chocolate. Spores | Shiinotic --A Shiinotic wearing a red/yellow spotted scarf. They tend to have a creepy appearance to them, often unnerving to those who do not know them. Scruffy | Furfrou (Shiny) --A muscular black furred Furfrou. His fur is short and messily cut shorter to his body, clearly groomed by an amateur. Buzzy | Jolteon --A typical Jolteon, though her quills often look ruffled. ZipZap | Rotom (Base) --Just a mischievious sparky ghost. They refuse to stay in a Pokeball - it is questionable on if Caspian ever caught this jokester. Static | Pikachu --A chubby female pikachu with extra fuzz on her head. She wears a purple scarf. Starting Town: Muske Town Badges (From this Region): 2 (GrassWave, Nightmare)
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Geminial's AvatarGeminial
Geminial's Avatar
Username: Geminial Trainer name: Blakely AOT: 14 Starter: Totodile Appearance: Chin-length black hair, pale skin, orange sleeveless hoodie with a pumpkaboo design on it, normal blue jeans, white Vans, strap bag designed to look like a Chandelure, bridge of nose dusted with freckles Team: Male Totodile-Tanker Male Litwick-Laxon Male Mimikyu-Milo Female Ducklett-Dina Starting Town: Welis Town Badges from this region: 0
Profile pic made by me <3
Accepted! Join In whenever you feel like!

Pages: 1234

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