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🌿Fern's Free Signatures {4/6 OPEN}🌿

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føxxshadow's Avatarføxxshadow
føxxshadow's Avatar
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You walk into a store.
I sure wonder what this place sells, you say.
Hiya there! Startled, you look to the right where you see a Fern Leafvee.
Welcome to my shop of free signatures! It's not a shop if there isn't anything to pay for though... but come look at my stuff anyway! First, you must read the rules.


  • All PFQ
    Oh look it's a rat!
    rules apply.
  • All rules here also apply during events.
  • Wonder where the password is for the shop? You still need one even for an event.
  • Don't post unless you have a question or you want to tell me you are using a signature of mine. Absolutely NO CHATTING.
  • LMK
    no u
    if you're using a sig of mine, highly recommended, but you don't have to. I'd prefer you do it, 'cause I'm lazy and can't keep up with bumping ;u;
  • NEVER remove the credits, but you are free to customise anything you want to use/get.
  • I will take suggestions, but not something that is like an order.
  • Don't bug me with questions via PMs
    hahahahahaha lol @ u
  • NO QUOTING. It hurts my eyes.
  • I'm working very hard to turn these sigs mobile friendly. If I label something mobile friendly, but it isn't, post or PM
    The password is: Jake
  • More rules can be added, and rules can be subject to change at anytime.
Thank you for having a look!

*All signatures are sorted by date*


Mountain Sunset Swimming Pikachu Shiny Sylveon Succulents

Type Race/Fav Type

Type Race: Water

Advertise Us?


By 88penguintreats






PM me to get onto this list!
Hi! I'm Foxxshadow but I like to be called S. I like Warrior Cats, Percy Jackson, and Minecraft. Fern's Free Signatures Frens Garden of Art Dandelion Templates
empty space
føxxshadow's Avatarføxxshadow
føxxshadow's Avatar
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The only purpose for the Shop Area is so you can order a custom signature!


My signature for my use only

My conversion rates:



17 per signature 1 for 3 signatures 1 summon for 3 sigantures 1 for 5 signatures


1 wishlist item
We all have hopes & dreams
from Goatlings for 1 signature
75k Sugar Stars from Goatlings for 1 signature 1 adoption ticket for 4 signatures *TEA PARTY AD FOR 12 SIGNATURES* 1 wishlist item from Chicken Smoothie for 1 signature 10 C$ for 1 signature

I'll borrow your computer!



put your description of what you want here!
Password:(0_0 Where is it?) I'll give you (What you are paying with and how much!) Only one! Only one! Fern says.


[h2]I'll borrow your computer![/h2] [b]Username:[/b] [hide=Description]put your description of what you want here![/hide][b]Password:[/b](0_0 Where is it?) [b]I'll give you (What you are paying with and how much!)[/b] [b][i]Only one! [u]Only one![/u][/i][/b] Fern says.
:P still a wip
Username Paymemt Type Progress Post
--------------- --------------------- ------------ ------
føxxshadow's Avatarføxxshadow
føxxshadow's Avatar
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Past Events

Design here

So, the idea behind this event is that you give me a Pokémon related picture, it doesn't matter if it is a design or picture, I'll do it. All prices are half off a regular signature!


For Lilypadlife's use only!

Design here

I'll take that Pokémon painting!

Username: BG Picture: (Put the link to the picture link here.) Password: (Where is it you ask?) I'll give you (What you are paying with and how much)! Hey! Don't take all of my paintings! You hear Fern say.


[center][h2]I'll take that Pokémon painting![/h2] [b]Username:[/b] [b]BG Picture:[/b] (Put the link to the picture link here.) [b]Password:[/b] (Where is it you ask?) [b]I'll give you (What you are paying with and how much)![/b] [i][b]Hey! Don't take all of my paintings![/b][/i] You hear Fern say. [/center]


I'll take that Pokémon painting!

Username: Pokefan600 BG Picture: Here Password: [password] I'll give you 15 ZC! Hey! Don't take all of my paintings! You hear Fern say.
Username Payment Type Progress Post
føxxshadow's Avatarføxxshadow
føxxshadow's Avatar
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føxxshadow's Avatarføxxshadow
føxxshadow's Avatar
Making my way downtown ^Keep those lines!^ TEXT; keep all these lines! Unknown link link CreditsPikachu ⚡Gif from the anime ⚡Lyrics


[css=background-image:url("https://media.giphy.com/media/VV1gynuGfYi7S/giphy.gif");padding:1%;height:225px;background-size:100% 130%;color:white;][styleclass=s][center][img]https://bit.ly/2MJOSre[/img]Making my way downtown[img]https://bit.ly/2MJOSre[/img] TEXT HERE [url=https://pfq.link/@H_q]Credits[/url] ⚡[url=https://bit.ly/2mI57KE]Pikachu[/url] ⚡Gif from the anime ⚡[url=https://bit.ly/2nDWssD]Lyrics[/url] [/center][/styleclass][/css][style] .s{background-color:rgba(0,0,0,0);} a:link{color:#FFF933;transition:all 1s;}a:visited{color:#FF3333;}a:hover{color:#FFF933;}a:active{color:black;} [/style]
I thought this would be pretty funny tbh. Shop is open!
føxxshadow's Avatarføxxshadow
føxxshadow's Avatar
Brightness is pretty. Feeling for others is the way to living. Also, maybe add a bow. BGCreditsQuote
Put some ads here.


[css=background-image:url("https://bit.ly/2IqTOhJ");color:black;border-radius:10px;padding:1%;min-height:225px;max-height:225px;font-size:18px;][center][sc=l] TEXT [url=https://bit.ly/2AO1Uwt]BG[/url]♡[url=https://pfq.link/@H_q]Credits[/url]♡[url=https://bit.ly/2LSQ22G]Quote[/url] [/sc][sc=tr] Name♡Age♡Other[/sc][sc=lr] Put some ads here.[/sc][/center][/css][style] @bg{background-color:rgba(147,212,255,.5);border-radius:10px;position:relative;} .l{@bg;width:390px;height:225px;} .tr{@bg;width:192px;height:60px;left:396px;top:-225px;} .lr{@bg;width:192px;height:157.5px;left:396px;top:-218px;} a:link{color:#FF93C2;transition:all 1s;}a:visited{color:white;}a:hover{color:#71CBFF;}a:active{color:#71CBFF;}[/style]
føxxshadow's Avatarføxxshadow
føxxshadow's Avatar


New event until the end of Feburary! First one to order gets their's free!
LilypadLife's AvatarLilypadLife
LilypadLife's Avatar
So wait. Is. The. Signatures. For the event. Free? I so love your style, as I can't code :/
Hi! I’m Lily! It’s nice to see you all! Please visit my shops if you have the chance to! Thank you so much! Trade Shop!My Joint Art Shop! My Journal!My Joint Trade Shop! My Roleplay!Friend’s Art Shop! Joint Art Shop!Joint Art Shop! I'm just so glad and happy that people in this wonderful community support me for being who I am! Otherwise, I wouldn't be here! Shoutout to them and my friendos who have been with me this entire time! c:
føxxshadow's Avatarføxxshadow
føxxshadow's Avatar
If you order you can get yours free since you are my first customer. Thank you too!
LilypadLife's AvatarLilypadLife
LilypadLife's Avatar
Are you making free customs with Pokemon related or just anything? I'm just confused, please excuse me.

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