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My Crazy Shop - 16 Adopts (OPEN) and PWYW art (CLOSED)

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My Crazy Shop

Welcome to my shop, hope you'll enjoy my drawings !

  • Rules
  • Examples
  • Adopts
  • Under Construction
- Please be nice, english isn't my first language so be patient if we have some communication issues X3 (Je suis française, si jamais) - This is a Pay What You Want Shop, i'll accept any currency (excluding delta points), items or special pokemons, just pay what you feel my art is worth. Be realistic about the prices, i may refuse your request if you don't. (For example i'll refuse any price under 100/500gp/equiv for a shaded fullbody. Icons are obviously cheaper) - I also may refuse your request if your pokemon include complex mecanical parts or other details really hard to draw. - I'll ask you to send half the payment before starting your request and the other half after completing it. If you're really unhappy with the result you can keep the other half. -I can do Pokesona/Oc, bait, icon, custom pokemons, some sprite edit and a lot of other things, just ask ! -It's not an obligation but you can use this template for your request:


A little Hello Username: What: (Icon, halfbody, fullbody, custom fusion, bait, or wathever you want, you can specify one of the label in my examples (ex: Fullbody 2; Icon 3...) Pokemon: (Provide at least one reference for each pokemon, up to 2 or 3 pokemons, depending on the complexity and paying in consideration.) Other: (Any expression or pose you want your pokemon to take, things that maybe are not in my examples or anything else.) (If it's a bait, precise if you want it as a gif (switching colors) or not. Can i make it Free to Use ?: (Only for bait or normal-canon pokemon draw. If not just delete this part.) Your price:

If you don't know what to offer, here are some items i'm looking for

- Hyperspace rings (A lot) - Wishing stones - Kane Idol - Apprentice Epee - Boxes - Lucky seals

You can check my Deviantart to see my most recent drawings !

I am NOT doing flat shading !

Quick draw

Quick and cheap !


150 gp/equiv


200 gp/equiv
The others are PWYW


Icon 1 Flat

Icon 2 Shaded

Icon 3 Colored line Flat

Icon 4 Colored line Shaded


Fullbody 1 Flat

Fullbody 2 Shaded

Fullbody 3 Colored line Shaded

Fullbody 4 Chibi pastel quick draw

Fullbody 5 Lineless

Hard for me to do but i need some practice X3





Adopts are PWYW but i have a minimum price/equiv for each. They're my babies and i want good homes for them ♥

You can still offer Items ! Large gems and summons are average market price. I accept paypal payment too (100=1$) -Once you've paid i'll pm you the version without the watermark -Don't resell my drawings ! -You can ask for small changes on the pokemon (body parts, colors) -You can also ask me to add some accessories on your adopt. -If you make a toyhouse page for them don't hesitate to share me the link, i'll be very happy to see it !


Natu X Togetic


Cinccino X Gothorita


Litten X Lucario


Mega Ampharos x Ponyta Galar


Riolu x Chatot


Riolu x Wooloo


Wooloo x Nickit



Ekans batch

100 gp/equiv each 1. Open 2. Adopted by Jalakins 3. Adopted 4. Open

Chikorita Batch

400 gp/equiv 1. Open 2. Open 3. Adopted by Jalakins 4. Open

400 gp/equiv 5. Adopted by SpiritKitty666 6. Open 7. Adopted by East Khan Skyla 8. Open

template coded by WaterWølf600 | free to use

Collecting Summons (PM me ♥)

× 165 / 1000
× 190 / 1000
× 247 / 1000

Shop + Credits

Look at my Art Shop Banner by EeveeBailey
Aust's AvatarAust
Aust's Avatar
Hello crazyMissdream :) I'm looking for a Halloween themed Skitty Icon for the season :) What: Icon Pokemon: Skitty Other: Flat Colors, Halloween themed Your price: 2 Hyperspace Rings?
Avatar Credit to LilypadLife
I accept your request ! ^0^ Can you just detail what you mean by halloween themed please ? A skitty with halloween accessories only or can i change colors like a melan skitty for example ?
Aust's AvatarAust
Aust's Avatar
I'm not too picky at all^^ Either way works as long as the Skitty is recognizably a skitty^^ Please feel free to use your imagination :)



I had a doubt on what you meant by flat colors so i did 2 versions. Tell me if there's any edit you want me to do !
Aust's AvatarAust
Aust's Avatar
That is perfect! I love the colors and the tiny pumpkboo bow on the hat <3 Thank you^_^ Sending the rest of the payment asap :)
Bump ! ^0^/
Another bump maybe ? :0
Wanna do an art trade? My icon is an example of my art.
Avatar by me! PM if you want art!
I never did any art trade before but why not, i'm currently looking for things to draw and it will kind of bump my shop X3 What do you request me to draw ? I'll ask you a melanistic hoopa ^0^

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