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Gates To Paradise RP

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Try to reach the Paradise Realm! Just be kind to all, and it'll be fine. Humans included.....

So, where do I start?

Gollus Village. It's a simple place with a market stall, couple of houses and gardens, a great place to start deeds!
Now your journey can commence!
Silky is my character. Don't try stealing her! I'm SnivyQueen15, a RP junkie! I can give great tips on making them! And I got a favorite RP too... And a journal! Can't forget that.
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Three Pokemon walk slowly down the trail to the village, keeping only slightly apart. It was perhaps a tad unusual to see two birds and a bug walking side by side like this, but to the three of them it was normal. The Noctowl took the lead, black wingtips pressed tightly onto its body as he walked, staring ahead with knitted brows. The Staraptor came next, looking around in interest, showing off the dull grey within the vibrant red tuft of her crest with every turn of her head. The Scyther brought up the rear, his blade-arms gleaming with a hint of red in the rising sun. "This is it," the Noctowl spoke suddenly, causing all three to halt at the edge of the place, peering at it with concealed interest. "Gollus Village."
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Aradia and Candy A Ampharos enters the village with a bag with supplies for the trip, she notices a Altaria with pink wings land on the roof of a house looking at a map. The Ampharos walks over to the Altaria and says, "Candy, this is it, right?". "Yup, this is it, Aradia! So, do you want me to find a place for us to stay?" Candy asked Aradia. "Go ahead, I'll take a look around this village." Aradia said, she notices three Pokemon in the distance, are they here for the village too?
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missingo was next to the garden looking at it and seeing all the plants. oran berry plants. sitrus berry plants, chesto berry plants. so many to see.
sparks frind chart in the everstone daycare: cosmics fraind chart in the everstone daycare klilits (fusion no pic) friend chart in the everstone daycare: missings (sun looking unkown no pic) friend chart in the everstone daycare: plz join my rp pokeplanters i need people to join


you have to save the world! join a group of four and make your team to defeat team evil! in the last left
RileyFaulley's AvatarRileyFaulley
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Barnes and Bigby "What exactly are we looking for?" Two spiders chuffed their way down the dirt trail, their limbs shivering with anticipation as they scuttled into view of a small marketplace. One, a dinky-looking Ariados that hadn't hit its growth spurt, lead the way with a confident strut in his step. The other, a Galvantula with bits and pieces of dropped fluff, feathers, and fur clinging to his fuzzy body, followed closely behind. "Well, Bigs," the Ariados said, "we obviously need a big enough place to create a decently-sized web. Y'know, somewhere spacious. A place with a view. Somewhere close to a place we can get what we need and not have to worry about inconvenience. You know... a home." "But Barnes..." Bigby shook his massive thorax, obviously getting a little emotional. "We HAD a home. Mama was.." "Yeah, I know," Barnes replied, shaking his head. "But it's just you and me now. And now, we need a place to make a new home. You know I'd never let you get away with sleeping in the dirt like a ruffian." Barnes climbed atop his brother, wiping the sadness from Bigby's six eyes before taking a gander around Gollus Village. There was a decent spot, a heavy tree with branches holding a couple of houses already. "How about there," he asked as he pointed out the space. Bigby nodded and began the laborous climb up.
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Pokakat's AvatarPokakat
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missingo whent into the garden to see all the other plants in there
A black furred creature dashed around, searching his way through the village. He hopped over a few small fences and his eyes darted around as he searched for something to get himself into. He hopped up as he spotted a... a thing? It looked like a Charmander- no, a... He couldn't put a claw on it.He shook the thought away and dashed off again, spotting interesting pokemon left and right. He saw many different sizes, shapes, scars, and some of the Pokémon just seemed funky all together! Like that Ariados! The creature bumped into someone and he barked, jumping back almost instantly. "Hey! Watch it!" He snapped, looking up at the creature in annoyance. It was an Ampharos. Oh, of course! An Ampharos! What about Ampharos? The Umbreon didn't know! WHy should he care? There was an Ampharos in his way, so they must be troublesome! How dare this Ampharos try to defy the path of Jack the- Oooo, they have horns! Jack's face went from a pout to intensely curious. "Hey, Hey- is it normal for you to have horns like that bucko? I've never seen anything like that," Jack blinked curiously, completely forgetting the fact he had somewhere to be- although that 'somewhere' was actually 'no where'.
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Aradia ~ Gollus Village Aradia was surprised by the Umbreon's energy, it looks like this Umbreon must be in a hurry or something. "Well, it's very rare for Pokemon from the Ampharos line to get horns, so maybe?" The Ampharos replied. "Are you alright? You look like you're in a bit of a hurry." Aradia asked the energetic Umbreon.
RileyFaulley's AvatarRileyFaulley
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Barnes and Bigby The boys climbed as high as they could go on the trees without hitting too much foliage before setting to work. Silk threads spun in a circular pattern, setting the base for their new home. Bigby noticed the ecstatic Umbreon below with the strangest of marking dappling their pelt. He squeaked, both in excitement and worry. His fur would be a great addition to his collection! But how to ask? He thought it weird just to walk up to someone and ask for a bit of fur. Maybe he'd wait for it to fall off on its own? It always caught eventually. He stared down at the Umbreon, noticing it grow hostile as it bumped into an Ampharos with... horns? Odd. The Umbreon mirrored his curiosity as his spinning slowed to a halt. Barnes, in the meanwhile, felt some of the thread grown slackand he peeped to hi brother, noticing the sparkle in his eyes and giving a huge heae of breath. "Boy," he muttered to himself, taking responsibility of making their home as he spoke towards Bigby. "Y'know, we could use a few buddies around this place. Makes it easier to get the lay of the land. I got this, why don't you get down and socialize?" Bigby tittered joyfully before rushing to Barnes's side and gripping him in a massive Galvantula hug. He squeezed tight, making Barnes pretend to gag and choke for air, then skittered at an even pace with a shaking glow to his fuzzy butt.
Jack huffed, puffing out his chest and lifting his head with random occurring pride. "I've never seen an Ampharos with horns- you must be a new evolution!" He seemed sure that Aradia was a new Pokémon, but it was absolutely just him being stupid. Jack looked around, curious to see if he could get someone else's approval of his newfound Pokémon. "Aha! You there!" Jack chirruped, lifting his tail above his head and hopping a few steps towards the tree in which he saw the funny Ariados and a Galvantula. Jack paused, looking back to make sure the Ampharos was following. "Come on Whatever-Your-Name-Is! We've gotta get you looked at by someone! A few extra eyes couldn't hurt a Butterfree!" The eccentric Umbreon smirked, taking a step back towards Aradia and then motioning his head in the direction of the two spider-esque Pokemon up in their tree. He didn't notice that one of the Pokémon from the tree seemed go be making their way down, but if he had seen, he would've been shocked by all the different furs and feathers and what-nots that were close to the spiders body.

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