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complain about delta luck!

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i feel like this is nessacary. i delta'd a popplio hoping for an ice type.. and i get a fighting type with a nature nobody likes? lukcily my friend collects fighting type deltas...
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The other day my friend mentioned wanting a flying delta Diglett. So I decided to try to get him one, but I got anything *but* a flying type delta with what I could delta. Luckily he got one the following day, but gosh darn it I wanted to be nice. D:
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I tried hatching a special-delta Charmander. I was so close. ~3 Times. It hurt everytime I saw the sparkes next to the little aura'd orange children. The first one was the worst because it was my first self-hatched char delta. And he hatched right next to an albino. ...So yeah.
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Delta 9 charmander, none of them was the type I wanted. Worst, one of the delta hatch next to an albino :(
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well.. it happened again. wanted a dragon Litwick? What'd i get? Frikin normal!
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may i bls get that normal scented candle i've been having really good delta luck, i've been hoping for a normal delta mew, hatched one, I got it! I was delta hunting for a double psychic kitsunari, first party, i got it. then, i plan on hatching a delta kitwurm for my friend- then I run out of delta points
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hoo boy. my first real delta was a zorua. i collect fighting type deltas. on the first and only egg i delta'd, i got a fighting zorua. my second was a fighting eevee. i think i used up all of my luck (and dp) then because i sure don't have any now.
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i delta'd two nidorans, hoping for any purple aura. this was on a poison v-wave. got 2 bug types :>
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rip. they sound pretty. my last two deltas were actually really pretty- a fire-type turtwig and a ghost-type Cresselai.
icedragonboi's Avataricedragonboi
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One time I hatched a delta Glameow in hopes of a dark-type for someone-- I got a flying-type random-chance shiny xD edit: also, I once spent enough currency to buy over 400 DP and only got two special-deltas on full Sei + Niet day w/ Hypermode, Z-Crystal, Shiny Charm, and Über xD
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