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What Are Your New Shiny Odds?

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Nightmøn's AvatarNightmøn
Nightmøn's Avatar
"Current chain: 787 / 38" I think my worst shiny luck is when I hatched my first shiny around 300~ egg, scraggy decided to play to this game with me and it start getting ridiculous. So yea, for this hunt, my shiny odds seems unexistant. I'll come back later around 5k chain to make a better sumary of my shiny odds.
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Hitomebore's AvatarHitomebore
Hitomebore's Avatar
Shiny hatched 1/102 in chain +Über
söbble's Avatarsöbble
söbble's Avatar
An update since I'm on a new chain now... "Shiny hatched 9/746 in chain +Charm +Über" Which is even worse than I ended up doing on my Swinub hunt. These new shiny odds are just oof.
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3s/5a/0m - 0725h - 1tp Recent Shiny: 3/453 +Uber Oof. This is just pain. I wish I had enough for charm/hypermode stuff. I just want my first melan, Sally. Please.
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sojussimblr's Avatarsojussimblr
sojussimblr's Avatar
Shiny the first: Shiny hatched 1/167 in chain +Über Shiny the second: Shiny hatched 2/305 in chain +Charm +Über Even with my usual odds, I haven't had that long between First and Second shiny before. I feel like I trod on Sally's tail or walked through a fairy ring or something
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VoidZoroark's AvatarVoidZoroark
VoidZoroark's Avatar
wait so these horrible shiny odds arent just me? ive've hatched like 9 and i have a 1,200 chain....
cosmyn's Avatarcosmyn
cosmyn's Avatar
i’ve gotten around ten shinies in a 1k+ chair. don’t get many albinos either :^/
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Maleficent's AvatarMaleficent
Maleficent's Avatar
For this Roselia hunt, 1/308. 164 eggs on Monday thanks to Shazi, and then 138 eggs the next day. A few Albinos but no shines. They've been a little better just before I ran out of eggs but that first one... Just... yikes.

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Noctuoidea's AvatarNoctuoidea
Noctuoidea's Avatar
My current odds are around 1/31. It's not that horrible, but at some points in this hunt I went a few hundred eggs without any shinies even with hm ^^' My albino odds are 1/144 rip
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GG boss's AvatarGG boss
GG boss's Avatar
~2000 eggs with 12 shinies (~1/168 chance per egg) Haven’t hatch a shiny for like 300 eggs. Did the odds increase or decrease?
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