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What Are Your New Shiny Odds?

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Biscotti's AvatarBiscotti
Biscotti's Avatar
I'm at 8 shinies at around 370 hatches!! For whatever reason, this is one of my best hunts so far XD I've been occasionally using Shiny Charms and I've had my Ubercharm on the whole time. I have only had 1 albino tho, usually I get a ton of albinos and very few shinies.
i hatch a shiny slowpoke at 14 eggs and a shiny deerling at 42 eggs and another shiny deerling at 11 eggs with ubercharm
Toxel's AvatarToxel
Toxel's Avatar
My most recent shiny is 3/122 with shiny charm, ubercharm and hypermode, and I haven't hatched any albinos yet Edit: now my most recent shiny is 4/147!
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gandrshot's Avatargandrshot
gandrshot's Avatar
my most recent chain is at 179 hatched and no shinies. 4 albino, though. that's with max boosts except shiny charms. when did the update set in, exactly? i was under the impression they implemented it when they announced it (August 28th) but all of my hunts have been after that and only in the last few days have i been seeing crazy bad rates. it's good to see other people are still getting decent rates though, i hope it's just a case of bad luck for me rather than something permanent
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Kirbyfan's AvatarKirbyfan
Kirbyfan's Avatar
Shiny hatched 1/157 in chain +Sei +Über 3 Albinos hatched before it. This... isn't fun anymore, I hate to admit.
Peachi's AvatarPeachi
Peachi's Avatar
I think this hunt is just giving me some rather bad luck, but it's my first one after the update. I hunt with full boosts and this is my most recent shiny. Up to 606 hatched now. Shiny hatched 3/529 in chain +Sei +Charm +Über
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RayRay598's AvatarRayRay598
RayRay598's Avatar
Shiny hatched 2/202 in chain +Charm +Über TwT
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AshiMagari's AvatarAshiMagari
AshiMagari's Avatar
I used to average ~40 per 1000 eggs with full boosts. Now I get ~10 per 1000 eggs with full boosts. The chances were supposedly halved but I have yet to see that.
MinniHowl's AvatarMinniHowl
MinniHowl's Avatar
Just dropping my last hunt in here for people who are interested. It started (and ended) after the update. Full boosts and arceus rank (the occasional sei day too ofc). Oshawott: 2870h = 62s/38a/2m
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sojussimblr's Avatarsojussimblr
sojussimblr's Avatar
Shinies have tended to come in the ~100 egg range for me since the update, with my best since then being Venipede (1/66) and my worst being Abra (1/185). On the upside, this gives me plenty of RTE stock, so I'm not gonna run out of it any time soon! (I only tend to use Ubers and not Shiny Charms, if that makes any difference.)
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