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What Are Your New Shiny Odds?

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söbble's Avatarsöbble
söbble's Avatar
I've been curious since the update and I haven't seen anyone make a post for this yet... What are everyone's new shiny odds like? I didn't really notice a difference until I reset a chain that began before the update - but now I'm hurting. 2 shinies in 425 eggs at full odds. I'm curious if everyone else is having so much trouble on new chains or if swinub has just decided I need to Suffer.
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Kiryu's AvatarKiryu
Kiryu's Avatar
for this hunt (full boosts ofc), i was 5 shinies outta 633 eggs (~1 per 126), and then the shinies started evening out for the second half of the hunt that I'm at 23 outta 1280 (~1 per 55) so i do still think albis + shinies are both at 1/50 IMO, but the shiny droughts are a LOT more painful than they previously were x__x;; so it could just be swinub has a grudge against you
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Opalide's AvatarOpalide
Opalide's Avatar
Shiny hatched 16/1000 in chain +Charm +Über Hunting... isnt really fun anymore. Most of those were in the first 250, then there was a massive gap. If shinies are to become rarer, I wish the DP yeild would increase, as right now, it's very hard to get enough to delta at all
Doduo's AvatarDoduo
Doduo's Avatar
Most recent shiny I had was 27/1291 I love that I now don’t feel like I completely wasted a Z-Crystal with my current albino luck, but it’s also a bit painful going on such long shiny droughts.
I'm at 34/950. I noticed it's starting to get harder, am I losing it or what? I heard about a change but I didn't know it was for hm users. All that smartical talk is confusing for me lol I paused my hunt atm cause I don't wanna get hm ATM. I'm trying to save up for my baes birthday
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ohush's Avatarohush
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my current odds at the time of writing are: 41 shinies and 27 albinos in 1780 hatched, which is 1/43 shiny chance and 1/66 albino chance. i have full boosts every day [unless i forget and hatch a few parties without shiny charm, woops] besides z crystal. i did use one though so maybe that skewers my odds. when the news first broke, i received like 8 albinos to 1 shiny but the odds went back to what they usually were before the change happened with time. i think timid has been borrowing your luck, sobble. :P
At the moment I am at Hunt Started on the 16th. Chain 1,151 Shinies --- 17 Albinos --- 18 I use full boosts. I used a Z-Crystal On the 20th and Today. I still have more adoptions though.
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InkedMyths's AvatarInkedMyths
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What exactly happened to Shiny rates? I just came off a huge hiatus and boy am I noticing the difference. 324 eggs, 1 Shiny and 7 Albinos? Like, I realize I've max charged my Albino radar a lot but that's still a huge difference from what I recall before? Am I just having weird luck or is this a general theme now?
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My most recent shiny was this: 1/107 in chain +Über Although I broke that chain because I got my shiny and didn't want to go for another because getting just one was difficult. (I got 2 albinos before the shiny showed up, incase you were wondering) I have a feeling when I lose hypermode my shiny luck is going to go down the drain, which im afraid of because I really just want a shiny right now. Edit: -yeeted-
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Kirbyfan's AvatarKirbyfan
Kirbyfan's Avatar
My most recent shiny is pretty similar to flutter's. Shiny hatched 1/105 in chain +Über I also hatched 2 Albinos before getting the shiny.

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