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ToxicCreed's AvatarToxicCreed
ToxicCreed's Avatar
Sorry but I will be withdrawing my order! Apologies for the inconvinience ;v;
Made by Fuchsfee
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SinkingWafers's AvatarSinkingWafers
SinkingWafers's Avatar
@WildSeaDrift Sure thing, I'll send a trade!
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FaeGaereth's AvatarFaeGaereth
FaeGaereth's Avatar
@Boo Could I get these from ya for 130ZC? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
SinkingWafers's AvatarSinkingWafers
SinkingWafers's Avatar
@FaeGaereth Sure thing, I'll send those trades ^^
Drellmere's AvatarDrellmere
Drellmere's Avatar
@Astro Hello! I'd like to purchase your Ekans bp for 10 gp, please and thanks!
Tenebris's AvatarTenebris
Tenebris's Avatar
@Astro, hello! Could I purchase the Pawniard pair for 10gp?
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KizuKisho's AvatarKizuKisho
KizuKisho's Avatar
Hi can I buy your Scorbunny and Burmy pair? with GP
If you have a small gem or Gold Poké (GP) shop, please PM me the information! I'm likely interested in making a purchase.
Astronite's AvatarAstronite
Astronite's Avatar
All trades up to here should have been sent out! If I've missed you please let me know.
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EvilLeo01's AvatarEvilLeo01
EvilLeo01's Avatar
Hi there I have list for both of you guys. @Astronite can I get theses guys listed below from you? 4ZC 1ZC 1ZC 10ZC 12ZC 10ZC 4CZ So a total of 42ZC,and I didn't see a price for this one but I did see it in an UFT field so I wanted to know how mch ZC you'd like for her. @SinkingWafers could I get these one listed below from you? 8ZC 16ZC So 24ZC for those two, but I also liked these ones listed below. I couldn't find a price on them but they are in a UFT field so let me know how much ZC you'd like for them. X x X x
Buríal's AvatarBuríal
Buríal's Avatar
@Astronite, can I grab these breeding pairs from you? Free: Alolan Sandshrew 10GP per: Pidgey 99% Ekans 99% Kanto Ponyta 99% Tentacool 99% Dratini 99% Sentret 99% Trapinch 99% Bagon 99% Buneary 99% Crabrawler 99% Skwovet 99% Should be 110 total, if that is too much I can definitely cut it down!
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Pages: 123··· 79808182

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