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Tales of Jade Academy (WoF Roleplay)

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LeviTeh's AvatarLeviTeh
LeviTeh's Avatar
Hoi I’m temmie Levi! Making another Roleplay! This is directed for WoF fans with WoF OCs.

QUOTE originally posted by Rules

Any oc is good You can play the dragonets Be nice keep it rated E All dragon species allowed, not just Pyrrhian This story takes place after the events of Arc 3


OnyxWinglet 🌘Deathseer-Levi 🌈Leaf-Levi ☀️Sage-CatLover 🐝Centipede-Levi 🍃Aspen-CatLover Pearl Winglet 🌘(🔥)Duskbringer-Bluwu 💧Trench-Bluwu 🔥Osprey=CatLover Sapphire Winglet 🔥Kasai-JStar ❄️(🌈)Kori-JStar 🐝Supaku-JStar more winglets will be added

QUOTE originally posted by Form

Sunny! I wanna go to Jade Academy! User: Name: Species: Held Items: Winglet: Appearance: Anything Else:

Here are my characters Sunny! I wanna go to Jade Academy! User:Levi Name:Deathseer/Deathy Species:NightWing Held Items:An Animus Enchanted Pouch From his dad, a teardrop jade bracelet Winglet:Onyx Appearance: Anything Else:His dad enchanted His scales to be fire/venom proof Sunny! I wanna go to Jade Academy! User:Levi Name:Leaf Species:RainWing Held Items:N/A Winglet:Onyx Appearance:Added soon Anything Else: Sunny! I wanna go to Jade Academy! User:Levi Name:Centipede Species:HiveWing Held Items:Silver Bracelet Winglet:Onyx Appearance:AddingSoon Anything Else:Youngest of the winglet
Oooh~ Sunny! I wanna go to Jade Academy! User: CatLoverFoxLover Name: Osprey Species: SkyWing Held Items: A red knitted bag, a pair of mismatched clip-on earings made to look like a few shards of clear glass Winglet: One of the new winglets, I can't have every one of my characters in Onyx! Appearance: Crimson-Colored Scales, one light brown eye and one amber eye, honey-colored underscales. Her wings are smaller than an average SkyWing and there's a small line of melon-colored speckles under her eyes. She has a burn scar across her chest. Anything Else: She hatched with wings too small to fly as fast or far as other SkyWings Sunny! I wanna go to Jade Academy! User: CatLoverFoxLover Name: Aspen Species: LeafWing Held Items: A pair of glasses, a pouch with a sketchbook and drawing materials under his wing Winglet: Onyx Appearance: A small, emerald dragon with dashes of gold all over his scales. Grey eyes, a slightly ripped left ear and small scar over his right eye Anything Else: Childhood friends with Sage, Wears contacts Sunny! I wanna go to Jade Academy! User: CatLoverFoxLover Name: Sage Species: SandWing Held Items: A light gray scarf Winglet: Onyx Appearance: Latte-colored scales, dark grey eyes, brown speckles along his back Anything Else: Childhood friends with Aspen
LeviTeh's AvatarLeviTeh
LeviTeh's Avatar
Can you save a spot for me? I don't wanna get involved until I draw my character, okay?
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Sunny! I wanna go to Jade Academy! User: BlueAssassin247 Name: Duskbringer Species: Nightwing/Skywing Held Items: She has 3 earrings Winglet: Same as Catloverfoxlover Appearance:


with background Anything Else: She just has big wings and an amber eye to point towards her Skywing father. She gets a piercing for everyone she sees as family. She has none of the Nightwing powers, but is very good at flying.


Sunny! I wanna go to Jade Academy! User: BlueAssassin247 Name: Flashlight Fish of the Nearby Trench (Trench, Flash, Fish) Species: Deepwing (Seawing varient) Held Items: A pendant with fish bones and an aquamarine dangling from it Winglet: Same as CatLoverFoxLover Appearance:


With background Anything Else: He gets a new tattoo for everyone he considers family. His name is kinda based off the tribe from warriors. He's kinda squishy and slimy too.
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LeviTeh's AvatarLeviTeh
LeviTeh's Avatar
I’d like to say that CatLoverFox has Dragons in two different winglets p,ease specify ^v^
Sorry! The new one, last I checked there can only be one dragonet of each breed(?) in each winglet according to the books.
LeviTeh's AvatarLeviTeh
LeviTeh's Avatar
Thank you!
Sunny! I wanna go to Jade Academy! User: JirachiStar5525 Name: Kasai Species: SkyWing Held Items: None Winglet: Sapphire Winglet (seeing as we have a Pearl Winglet...) Appearance: Drawing it up now Anything Else: Not that I can think of... Sunny! I wanna go to Jade Academy! User: Jirachi Name: Kori Species: IceWing Held Items: Wears a quartz pendant Winglet: Sapphire Winglet Appearance: Gonna draw that after I finish Kasai Anything Else: She has a RainWing ancestor somewhere far back in the family tree Sunny! I wanna go to Jade Academy! User: J-Star Name: Supaku Species: HiveWing Held Items: None Winglet: Sapphire Winglet Appearance: Yet to draw it Anything Else: Nopity ...figured I'd throw mah hats in while I could, still drawing
LeviTeh's AvatarLeviTeh
LeviTeh's Avatar

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