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The doertz heard the gasps, and could practically feel the shock. She gripped the strap of her sachel tightly with her left hand, which also held her crystal. She tentatively stepped forward and touched the barrier with her right. She immediately fell, however she did not drop the crystal. She retracted her hand and felt her powers and hindquarters return. "What...? What happened?" Her confusion was visible in her posture as she used her telepathy to speak. (This is going to be an interesting RP on my end at the very least.)
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Lord Celery's AvatarLord Celery
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Pekoe was shocked as well “What th-“ She managed to pick up a rock with ease “Well... I guess this form isn’t SO bad, right?” She hid the crystal under her hat
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Charlotte was surprised she wonders how the gem did this “Justice you ok?”
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LeviTeh's AvatarLeviTeh
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Justice “No I’m fine,” he said nauseously, he seemed to have bumped his head “You don’t look very ok though” Xzander He was pacing anxiously. The Diancie you had met must’ve been his leader.
Seeing as nobody else would do it, she reached out and touched the barrier again. She finds a handhold and struggles to get to her feet. When she does, the steps out of the opening. "Does my telepathy still work?" She wonders 'aloud' to see if it did. (@Levi)
Sylvepop's AvatarSylvepop
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"U-um this is weird..." She spoke to herself, she was much taller now, not some tiny Skitty, she seemed a little cautious where she stepped, due to her knowing she would trip over, since she was very clumsy. She put the crystal in a pocket of her dress.
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Kai, looking down in mild annoyance, checked out her new body. "Great, the last thing I wanted." The Bisharp said, flexing her fingers. She hadn't had any other than her thumb beforehand. To her anger, her blades were gone too, replaced with spikes.
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