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Moltres was hit. It got poisoned! It used Heat Wave! It took poison damage! Hits left: 93/110 Noble's HP: 88/95
hippity hoppity your Litten eggs are now my property Come explore the Colescia region!
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“Are you okay?” Asked Bari worriedly. Her Pokémon nodded at her, Noble determinedly snorting. Despite her fear for him, Bari felt a twinge of something she couldn’t place at first. “Al... alright.” She nodded again. “Now... Venoshock!” She called a little more confidently.
not mine again, this model is from Model's Resource and is a model of Yugi Muto from Saikyo Card Battle.

I have a hecking badge now yay

Asher continued strolling around Route 1 with Cinnamon bouncing along right in front of him. He took out his pokedex. Maybe I should use the Kadabra app... but Cinnamon looks happy here. Maybe I shouldn't. He began scrolling through the Pokedex's different functions while Cinnamon started pouncing at leaves and flapping her wings. Wow. There sure are a lot of fusions in Colescia.
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hey! i'm asher! i like wings of fire, percy jackson, survivors, good omens, and some other stuff i'm too lazy to type up. feel free to shoot me a pm if you want to talk! code:[X], art:[X] and [X], pfp:[X]
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Ruben was sure that DeeDee had fused the DNA of an Espurr and Cosmog to get the fusion, but he felt it was better for his friend to explain. The preteen closed the chat, he didnt want to interupted the conversation between DeeDee and Asher, he could always pop in later. just as Ruben was putting away his pokedex his team made it known that they had finished eating. The preteen recalled all his pokemon except Bubbles and picked up the bowls his pokemon had eaten from. After that was done he made his way out of the pokemon center and headed for the inactive volcano. The preteen made his way to the entrance and he stared up at the once active volacno with wide eyes. It was just one of those things that took your breath away just from its pure size. After a bit Ruben looked down at Bubbles. the Chartortle cuffed and nodded, Ruben nodded back, face set in determination. Facinf back at the Valcano, both pokemon and trainer walked into the volcano.
The volcano just had frozen caves, dark blue in color and with icicles hanging down from the ceiling. The outside portions of the volcano were covered in thick snow.
Moltres was hit! It used Air Slash! It was super effective! It took poison damage! Hits left: 78/110 Noble's HP: 78/95
Paravoina's AvatarParavoina
Paravoina's Avatar
They seemed to be equally matched at the moment. “Noble...?” Bari Asked. Noble looked back at her, almost expectantly. “Good... good job.” Bari nodded. The way Noble seemed to excite at the words... made her happy, too. She was happy, because he was happy. And was he...? She seemed to be realizing something. “Noble!” She called out. “Use Ancientpower!”
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Deedee: oh I fused him! Its not as bad as it sounds, trust me. Deedee: haven’t come up with a name yet. the pokedex says his name is cospurr!!!! Cospurr followed Deedee silently as she entered the Herbseed Gym.
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Ruben looked around very much amazed by mother natures power, bubbles walked along side his trainer. They kept moving forward, Ruben wondered if they would end up running into while pokemon in here. Ruben had placed the egg back in the incubater to keep it warm.
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"I did have a feeling that a regular bug wouldn't win me this. The person in third even HAD a Paras!" She looks over to him. "No offense!" , she calls over to him. She heads to the guy in charge. "I'd prefer getting a sample from the Joltik I won with, thanks."
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Angelice wakes up, finally. She looks over and sees that the Latiala is floating around the 'center and Armor is sleeping next to her. She gets up, not waking up Armor. She looks through her pokedex chat. (hi glitched :P)
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