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After a fairly short walk, Pepper reached the lab. Their broken arm was hurting again from the cast weighing it down, so they propped it up with her other arm and started to go inside. Since Restri had retreated into the lab, nobody was there to welcome Pepper at the moment. They figured they should just invite themselves in at that point.
A Pokemon scientist had entered inside and opened the door, leaving it wide open seeing there was another trainer coming to get their Pokemon.
"And one other thing as well!" After Restri picked up her Pokemon, Professor Conifer gave them their PokeDexes and Pokeballs, as predicted. Though some of the Pokeballs were an odd black color.

Extraction Ball

A pitch black Pokeball with a blue and red helix painted on to it. When used to capture a Pokemon, it extracts a DNA sample before immediately releasing them back into the wild.
"This Pokedex is a new model from Silph Co. in the Kanto region. I linked your Pokedexes together so they share the same database and you can work together to fill it out," Conifer explained. "You can also access your PC from it, though just to browse and organize it, you'll still need to go to a Pokemon Center to withdraw and deposit Pokemon. I'll add future trainers to the collective database as well, and there's even a chatroom! I'm an admin, but don't worry, I won't talk unless you want me to evaluate your Pokedexes. Speaking of-" Conifer gave them both an egg incubator, though one with a pair of slots to fit vials into. "This is how you'll make more fusions! Just insert two samples of Pokemon DNA, and presto! A new egg will form, which will be already engineered to hatch as fast as possible so you can get your next fusion." New FusionDex entries!

133-133 Eevee

Normal Though indistinguishable from purebred Eevee in appearance, its DNA is considerably more reactive and unstable. It's one of the few fusions who can accept two evolution conditions at once. It can evolve into over 50 different fusions.

158-258 Totokip

Water Its fins make it faster in water, and it can bite hard enough to crush rocks. However, a trainer will need to be careful with a Totokip, as it likes to playfully nip at its friends.
"You don't just have to catch Pokemon and make fusions though. You can do all sorts of things too! There's both a gym and a contest hall north of here in Ozyrn Town, but you can do the gym challenge in any order if you want," Conifer said. "Just pass through Route 1. Or you can go south through the ferry to Wildsafari Town to go to the Safari Zone if you're up to catch Pokemon! There's an app on your Pokedexes too that will bring trained Kadabra to teleport you to any town or city."
hippity hoppity your Litten eggs are now my property Come explore the Colescia region!
RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
RenCringe's Avatar
Pepper nervously poked her head into the door, giving a small nod in the direction of the scientist that had opened the door whether or not they saw it. "Hello? I'm here for my Pokémon." They said, brushing the small green curl on their forehead back with some awkward arm work.
“Yeah thanks” She took the dex and put it in her bag, and the balls on her belt. She walked out the door and went to catch a Pokémon in one of the patches of tall grass
“Ah, you’re just in time! Your starter’s Pokeball is waiting for you on the table, it’s marked with your name,” Conifer said.
A wild Budew appeared in the nearby grasses in Pearlybeach Town! Hits left: 3/3

Catching Tutorial

This RP uses a combination of core and Let’s Go catching mechanics. The Pokémon won’t attack back, but it can flee from battle! You can use your Pokémon to weaken it, however, by hitting it and inflicting it with status effects—Poison and Burn won’t deal gradual damage to it. It might be a good thing, because if you attack it too much, it will faint. Shinies and Legendaries will never flee, and how many Pokeballs you have left won’t be a worry! Make sure you keep it realistic though, don’t start chucking Master Balls willy nilly if you never had any. At this stage, you should only have Pokeballs and Extraction Balls.
((I’m just gonna assume it has tackle, pretty basic move)) “Eevee use tackle!” She shouted. She prepared a pokeball to capture
RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
RenCringe's Avatar
"..You made sure both the Pokémon fused are native to Sinnoh, right?" Pepper said, clarifying the specific request they had made. They had wanted their new partner to feel at least somewhat familiar to them.
(OOC: Yeah, you can make its moveset however you want as long as it can legally learn that move in the core games. You can also evolve them at any time, it’ll balance itself out a few gyms in.) The Budew took damage, but it’s staying, albeit warily. Hits left: 2/3
“I sure have! It’s a Riotwig, a fusion with Riolu and Turtwig DNA,” Professor Conifer answered.
RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
RenCringe's Avatar
Pepper's eyes lit up, as she grabbed the pokeball and let the fusion out. "Do you know its gender? Does it have a name? What's its moveset?" The green-haired child said eagerly.
Meanwhile, a brown-haired girl ran past, though it was more of a jog than anything. Her teal eyes were bright as she approached the lab, ignoring the blonde-haired girl in the tall grass. While she may not have noticed, the blonde was duking it out between a Budew and what appeared to be an Eevee under her control. Her ponytail dettled down when she was right in front of the lab. It was so HUGE! She noticed that the door was wide open. Was there other people in there? Was she expected? No matter. She went through the door, a bounce in her step, and announced her prescence with a bubbly, "Hello there!" not knowing who else was there.

Current Type Race Score: 489

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