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Click here for the set-up! Click here for the info on Colescia and the FusionDex! Pearlybeach Town It was a clear, sunny day, with not a cloud in sight. Wingull soared through the air, carrying themselves on the cool sea breeze. It was a small, but pleasant town with a handful of homes. A cozy looking lab sat near the docks, providing a view of the sea and easy access to anyone arriving from another region. Restri waited on the steps to her grandfather's lab, waiting on the others. She felt nervous, she was setting out on her own. She chickened out last year, and her grandpa had to give what was supposed to be her starter to someone else. But she needed to be a researcher somehow. It's best to travel in company, right?
hippity hoppity your Litten eggs are now my property Come explore the Colescia region!
Logan walked toward the lab, Hoodie pulled over her head and hat. She was kinda bored after Alola, to easy she hoped this would be more of a challenge.
Restri perked up at the older girl approaching. At least she assumed she was a girl, it was hard to tell with the hoodie. Huh, someone else was here already. She stood up to greet her. "Hi there, are you here to get your starter too?"
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Pepper had just come over to Colescia by boat. They hoped they could find peace here, having problems over in her home town in Sinnoh. They weren't too.. keen on her gender identification and they got bullied a lot. Pepper sighed, and started looking for the lab she was supposed to be going to.
The lab wasn't all that far off from the docks, having a sign next to it reading, "The Pokemon Lab". Another trainer-to-be was on the steps, greeting someone else.
She rolled her eyes, “Yeah why else would I be at the POKéMON lab” she leaned against a lamppost
That was a little bit rude, she thought. It had completely caught her off guard. “Um, yeah, I guess it would be kind of dumb to think otherwise,” Restri admitted sheepishly. “Anyways, I think it’s open now, soooo I’ll be inside.” She climbed up the steps and entered the lab after that, more to try to embarrassedly escape her failed attempt at small conversation than anything.
Logan waits for her to go in and the follows. She slams open the door and walks in. To some she might’ve caused a bit of a scene
It certainly scared some of Conifer's assistants. There was a flurry of papers off to the side from someone dropping them out of surprise. Conifer was surprised too. He was standing next to a table holding a good number of Pokeballs on it. "Oh my! Well, hello there. Your Pokemon are waiting for you on the table, it's marked with your names," he explained. "I also want to give you all a few things for the journey once you pick up your starter Pokemon."
Logan walked over to the table and took a pokeball, she honestly didn’t care what it was. “I’m guessing now I get my dex and a few extra pokeballs”

Pages: 123··· 727374

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