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Inktober 2019 Contest

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Inktober 2019

Good Luck everyone!!

Official Inktober Rules

Every October, artists all over the world take on the Inktober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month. Inktober was created by Jake Parker in 2009 as a challenge to improve his inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. It has since grown into a yearly worldwide event with thousands of artists taking on the challenge every year. Here's how it usually works:
  1. Make a drawing in ink
  2. Post it on your social media account
  3. Hashtag it with #Inktober and #Inktober2019
    Hashtags won't work here on PFQ
  4. Repeat every day of October

Sometimes the hardest part of Inktober isn't doing the drawing but actually coming up with an idea for what to draw. As a result, ever since 2016, Inktober has an official prompt list each year to help give ideas. This is the official prompt list for Inktober 2019: Of course, you can also make your own prompt list or not follow a prompt list at all, it's all up to you ;)

Tips and Tricks

  1. This is not a competition; Inktober is for you to practise to learn how to draw each day in order to improve your skills, so do not feel pressured to create a "perfect" drawing everyday. Try out new things and keep it fun, it is okay to make mistakes and learn how to fix or change them so that it adds to your drawing.
  2. Plan out your Inktober beforehand, make a schedule of when you can draw, how long you can draw, and what materials you can use best. If you are short on time, use small paper sizes, materials that dry fast, and easier designs. If you have a lot of time, use a bigger paper size, use materials that need time to dry, and create more complicated designs. Also, don't be afraid to sketch out ideas beforehand!
  3. Add a theme to your drawings. The official prompts list already helps a lot when it comes to getting ideas for what to draw, but to make it even easier it might be a good idea to pick a recurring theme to stick to for the entire month, be it animals, humans, fantasy, rocks - you name it. It will help you spend less time on coming up with ideas and more time actually creating the drawings.

Often used materials

  1. Ballpoint pen - This is probably one of the cheaper options to work with but it works well! You can even use lined paper instead of drawing paper to make it fit a school theme.
  2. Fine liners - Fine liners are a really great way to create thin outlines or to create shading using the cross-hatching technique.
  3. Copic Markers - Copic Markers or similar pens are a great way to create thick outlines, bold shading, or fill in large spaces with ink.
  4. Brush pens - Brush pens or brushes are a great way for creating depth and flow in your lines as well as coloring in your artwork.
That said, these aren't restrictions! Any traditional "ink" medium that you can think of is allowed during Inktober.

Inktober Contest 2019

Inktober Contest

  1. Everyone can join. You don't have to be a member of the Create Your Own Canvas Clan where Inktober was hosted in previous years. This event is for everyone to try.
  2. Only traditional art. This year only traditional art is allowed. Since this isn't a beauty contest, we decided it would be fair for everyone involved if we all stuck with only traditional mediums. It puts us all on an even playing ground, where nobody gets an Undo button!
  3. 1 post allowed per contestant. Each contestant is allowed one post that they can edit daily (PFQ server time) with a new drawing. If you want to talk about the drawings or the event then please take it to Private Messages (PMs). However, feel free to post any questions you have in this thread.
  4. One drawing a day. Please only upload 1 drawing a day and make sure that the drawing is uploaded correctly! Any broken images won't count, and only the first drawing in the post for a given date will count.


16-09-19: Accepting entry forms 01-10-19: Start of contest 31-10-19: End of contest 03-11-19: Start of judging entries 10-11-19: Announcing winners/Sending prizes


Why can't I draw digital? This year I decided to make it as fair as possible for everyone involved. Digital artists have certain benefits like multiple layers, erasers and no drying times etc. that make it unfair to those who don't. What if I have my own prompt list? If you use a prompt list of your own instead of the official inktober one then please send it to me by pm and I will make a note of it!! What if I miss a day? You can still post it, however it wont be counted towards the end results. Every drawing will be checked with the edit history to see if the drawing was posted on the correct day/time (PFQ server time) Do I have to use the PFQ image uploader? No, you can use other uploaders like discord. Just please make sure your link works and will keep working until judging is over! Can I use -insert random medium here-? Anything that can be used as "ink" be it a ballpoint pen, fountain pen, brush pen, glitter pen, etc. To different types of paint like acrylics or watercollor can be used as a medium for inktober. Ofcourse you can also use a pencil for sketching and what not but your drawing must include some kind of ink medium. But if you are unsure feel free ask me ;) What prompts can I use? As mentioned with the inktober master title, in case of multiple winners prompts will be taken into account. This usually goes for the official prompts list. However! if you provide a prompt list to me by pm I'll take a note of it and judge the prompts for either your own list or the official list.



[center][h2]I, -Insert Username here- will be joining Inktober![/h2] [u][b]Theme:[/b][/u] If you have no theme feel free to leave this blank [hide=Inktober day: -insert day number here-][b]Title:[/b] "Title of drawing" [b]Prompt:[/b] If you did not use a prompt feel free to leave this blank [img][/img][/hide] [/center]

I, DuchessLunaire will be joining Inktober!

Theme: None

Inktober day: 2 (2018)

Title: "Lotus" Prompt: Tranquil

Prizes -- (Pokemon can be found in my fiels)

Inktober Master: Make a traditional inked drawing every day for the month of October. Resulting in 31 drawings in 31 days! + 500 OR
28d Hypermode Voucher
(In case nobody created 31 drawings, the user with the most drawings will win instead) (in case of multiple people finishing 31 drawings, prompts will be taken into account)
Pokemon Master: Since PFQ is a Pokemon site, let's also throw in a prize for the most Pokemon related drawings~ Draw the most pokemon related drawings and win the title of Pokemon Master!

Incase of multiple winners

Creative Mastermind Are you creative and want to spruce up your inktober? Why not try to use some different mediums? I heard things like coffee and tea are also a fun option to try! Or you could ofcourse stick with regular mediums but maybe with colors you don't often use? Anyhow go crazy!! The most creative medium idea will win the title of Creative Mastermind.

Incase of multiple winners

Consolation prize: Everyone who made at least 1 drawing and did not win any of the other prizes for this contest will be gifted a shiny Pokemon.
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Contest is now ready to accept forms, a reminder to everyone that they are only allowed one post per person! These posts can be edited as much as you want until 30-09-19 pfq time. On the 1st of October till the 31th of October you are only allowed to edit your post to add your drawings!!
I will be joining Inktober but will not be eligible to any prizes

I, Duchesslunaire will be joining Inktober!

Theme: Dragons


Inktober day: 1

Title: "King Under the Mountain" Prompt: Ring When thinking of rings and dragons only one dragon really comes to mind.. Smaug from the Hobbit!

Inktober day: 2

Title: "Zombie" Prompt: Mindless Mindless had me a bit troubled.. but then zombie came to mind. so yeah. mindless/zombie dragon x3

Inktober day: 3

Title: "Melan Bait" Prompt: Bait Decided to draw some melan bait, the kicker? Everything exept the background is done in nail polish!

Inktober day: 4

Title: "Icy Breath" Prompt: Freeze I had a lot of fun designing this ice dragon. <3

Inktober day: 5

Title: "Stone Build" Prompt: Build A attempt was made, I need to search more green markers cause my attempt at glowing grass lacks some layers ehem

Inktober day: 6

Title: "A Good boy" Prompt: Husky A good doggo <3

Inktober day: 7

Title: "Enchanted Spell" Prompt: Enchanted

Inktober day: 8

Title: "The frail and the wise" Prompt: Frail Found my green markers, learned fast why I put them away as they were bleeding all over the place... remember to treat your markers with care, they will fight back... ;w;

Inktober day: 9

Title: "Swinging" Prompt Swing Didn't had a lot of time today so a silhouette will have to do today

Inktober day: 10

Title: "Sewing Pattern" Prompt: Pattern A sewing pattern counts as pattern rigth xD at first I wanted to work with a different pattern but ink got smudged and wasnt really fixable so I had to make it all black ^^" and work with the space I had left


Inktober day: 11

Title: "Snowflake hoarder" Prompt: Snow Considering I already drew a ice dragon I decided to just draw a lil cute that hoards snowflakes <3

Inktober day: 12

Title: "Asleep" Prompt: Dragon A cute lil dragon cause I only had like 20 minutes to sketch something X.x made it just in time for my own timezone @.@

Inktober day: 13

Title: "Volcano" Prompt: Ash A attempt was made, lol

Intkober day: 14

Title: "Constant Change" Prompt: Overgrown A river dragon slowly being overgrown by plants slowly turning it into a wood dragon~

Inktober day: 15

Title: "Legendary" Prompt: Legend Legend, dragon.. have a dialga xD today has not been my day. completely forgot how dialga looked, markers did not want to work with me and I somehow drew multiple angles. My brain did done a derp lol

Inktober day: 16

Title: "Wildebeest" Prompt: Wild Dragons are already pretty wild by themselves so lets take it a bit more literal. Lets create a wildebeest inspired dragonn~

Inktober day: 17

Title: "Frame" Prompt: Ornament Did not realize this dragon wouldtake so much time, I originally planner for there to be 2 as ornament frame type of thing, but only got to one xDD

Inktober day: 18

Title: "The misfit" Prompt: "Misfit" Volcanic ash is a very fertile soil, however a forrest dragon in such a volcanic region seems to be quite the misfit.

Inktober day: 19

Title: "Flightless" Prompt: Sling Dragon wanted to fly, but his wings were tiny. so... -Y-------(insert dragon here)- --> whoOOSH!!

Inktober day: 20

Title: "Yarn Thread" Prompt: Tread A yarn thread dragon? I tried okay..;w; also yes the prommpt is tread but... shh one extra letter no hurt xD thise idea was cuter than a beware dragon sign lol

Inktober day: 21

title: "Dragon's Treasure" Prompt: Treasure Touch the treasure and you turn into stone, not even dragons are safe from it! ((I liked the pencil sketch too much to erase it and the story evolved from there haha))

Inktober day: 22

Title "Chained" Prompt: Ghost These.... markers.... and...translucent stuff is DEATH.. X.x colors that otherwhise are light and dark now suddenly looked the same?! like how!??? but I somehow pulled it off-ish.. dont ask me how.. even I don't know... there is like 25 layers here with 20 different colors
Sheepoid's AvatarSheepoid
Sheepoid's Avatar

I, Sheepoid will be joining Inktober!

Theme: Pokeymons

Inktober day: ???

Title: "Title of drawing" Prompt: If you did not use a prompt feel free to leave this blank
A weird art shack shop thing (Closed) Hey look! Some eggs!
× 75 / melm
I'm very forgetful so if I don't reply to your thread in 2 days then I probably forgot to subscribe. Feel free to send me a PM if I forget, thank you :)))
StellaDaneb's AvatarStellaDaneb
StellaDaneb's Avatar

I, StellaDaneb will be joining Inktober!

Theme: love

Inktober day: 1

Title: I'm done Prompt: ring

day 2

Title: Anxiety Prompt: mindless

day 3

title: Lured into the Trap prompt: Bait


Title: i cant help her escape her frozen heart Prompt: Freeze

day 5

Title: Build a Better Girl Prompt: Build

day 6

Title: Protection Prompt: Husky

blank and ready for image

day 7

Title: Prompt: Enchanted

day 8

Title: Prompt: frail

day 9

Title: Prompt: swing

day 10

Title: Prompt: pattern

day 11

Title: Prompt: Snow

day 12

Title: Prompt: Dragon

day 13

Title: Prompt: ash

day 14

Title: Prompt: overgrown

day 15

Title: Prompt: legend

day 16

Title: Prompt: wild

day 17

Title: Prompt: ornament

day 18

Title: Prompt: misfit

day 19

Title: Prompt: sling

day 20

Title: Prompt: tread

day 21

Title: Prompt: treasure

day 22

Title: Prompt: ghost

day 23

Title: Prompt: ancient

day 24

Title: Prompt: dizzy

day 25

Title: Prompt: tasty

day 26

Title: Prompt: dark

day 27

Title: Prompt: coat

day 28

Title: Prompt: ride

day 29

Title: Prompt: injured

day 30

Title: Prompt: catch

day 31

Title: Prompt: ripe
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I, Skiddo will be joining Inktober!

Theme: Pokemon

Inktober day: 1

Title: Klefki Prompt: Ring... like, key ring?

Inktober day: 2

Title: Parasect Prompt: Mindless... The bug is mostly dead, with the mushroom on its back having become the main body.

Inktober day: 3

Title: Fishing Madness Prompt: Bait, for fishing.

Inktober day: 4

Title: Glitch Prompt: Freeze... in this case, game freezes, locks, and all the other cool glitchy stuff.

Inktober day: 5

Title: Stakataka Prompt: Build... Just a regular building wall. Nothing to see here.

Inktober day: 6

Title: Nincada Prompt: Husky... there sure are a lot of husks here.

Inktober day: 7

Title: Litwick Prompt: Enchanted candle... please enchant my next party with your pretty purple sparkles

Inktober day: 8

Title: Azurill Prompt: Frail... Azurill has the lowest base stats of all Pokmon, besides Wishiwashi
which doesn't count because it has the school form
and Sunkern.
which doesn't count because it has good pokeathlon stats in hgss..... yeah, uh, I didn't have a yellow pen

Inktober day: 9

Title: Aipom Prompt: Swinging from a tree branch.

Inktober day: 10

Title: Maravol Prompt: A pattern of Maravol patterns, featuring Quick pattern, Sparklemuffin pattern, Sarahae pattern, Mimic pattern, Crystal pattern, Pester pattern, Repeat pattern, Vibrant pattern and Moon pattern.

Inktober day: 11

Title: Bergmite Prompt: Snow

Inktober day: 12

Title: Goodra Prompt: Dragon

Inktober day: 13

Title: Pikachu Prompt: Ash's Pikachu

Inktober day: 14

Title: Best starter fite me Prompt: Overgrow

Inktober day: 15

Title: in which skiddo tries something dumb with smudging and it doesn't work out but they're too tired to redraw this Prompt: Legendary

Inktober day: 16

Title: Wild Eevee Encounter Prompt: Wild

Inktober day: 17

Title: Snover Prompt: Ornaments

Inktober day: 18

Title: Melanistic Shedinja Prompt: Misfit... because I guess melanistic pokemon are kinda misfits with how rare they are?

Inktober day: 19

Title: Baby Kangashkan Prompt: Sling... baby sling... pouch...

Inktober day: 20

Title: Furret Prompt: Tread

Inktober day: 21

Title: Oops! All berries! Prompt: Treasure

Inktober day: 22

Title: Mimikyu Prompt: Ghost

Inktober day: 23

Title: x Prompt: xyz


Special Evolution Item

(: 0)

A peculiar stone that prevents a Pokémon from evolving when Held.

Sells for 250

Lv. 100 — +33,360,990
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Any food
Happiness 27%
Bashful nature
Katskip's AvatarKatskip
Katskip's Avatar

I, Katskip will be joining Inktober!

Theme: Anything/Animals

Inktober day: -1-

Title: ”Cursed Ring“ Prompt: Ring Ring is cursed, tried to make it look like the hand was in pain.

Inktober day: -2-

Title: "Instinct" Prompt: Mindless In my mind I connect “mindless” to like instinct, and pure drive. That’s why I chose to do a tiger, with its mind being on food. Aka a deer. Not sure if that makes sense- but to me it does.

Inktober day: -3-

Title: "Fish n’ Hook" Prompt: Bait
  • Links
  • Collecting
  • Chu’
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Future legendary shiny/albino/melan hunt
/ ??
will buy for gp/zc - shoot me a pm!
Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf


(: 0)

A strange, gold-coloured leaf.

Sells for 1,000

Lv. 100 — +1,958,997
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Spicy food
Happiness 27%
Naughty nature
saltea's Avatarsaltea
saltea's Avatar

I, Saltea will be joining Inktober!

Theme: Mobile Legend/K-pop members/Anime

Custom Prompt List

INKTOBER 2019 1. Sakura 2. Purification 3. Butterfly 4. Frozen 5. Royalty 6. Fairy Tale 7. Dollhouse 8. Enchanted 9. Feline 10. Dancing Queen 11. Pastel 12. Oracle 13. Goth 14. Tiger 15. Snow 16. Hero 17. Love 18. Flowers 19. Supporting Character 20. Eyepatch 21. Tears 22. Precious 23. Travel 24. Balance 25. Time 26. Angel 27. Fallen 28. Fighter 29. Jealousy 30. Missing 31. Victory

Inktober day 1: Kagura

Title: Kagura: Cherry Witch Skin Prompt: Sakura [Will PM prompt list soon] I used to main Kagura, so she has a special place in my heart. This is also my favorite skin.

Inktober Day 2: Miya

Title: Miya: Suzuhime Skin Prompt: Purification Decided to try a new way of inking. Also this skin resembles Kikyou from Inuyasha, and she purifies evil spirits :,)

Inktober Day 3: Odette

Title: Odette: Butterfly Goddess Prompt: Butterfly Odette is my main. I have nearly 500 matches with her and a 63% winrate. This skin is the only skin I have of her, and so it is very special to me.

Inktober Day 4: Itsumade

Title: Itsumade: Skin after evolution Prompt: Frozen And for the first time, we have a character from Onmiyoji Arena instead of Mobile Legends. I thought Itsumade will 100% fit into the prompt because of her lore. Ice queen indeed. Sadly I am in a rush today because I have my SATs tomorrow so no brilliant inking today, I'm afraid.
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InkedMyths's AvatarInkedMyths
InkedMyths's Avatar

I, InkedMyths, will be joining Inktober!

Theme: The Legend of Zelda/Linktober

Days 1 through 10

Day 1

Title: "Anniversary" Prompt: Tradition/Ring

Day 2

Title:The worst kind of spider is the kind that won't stay dead Prompt: Skulltula/Mindless

Day 3

Prompt: Weapon/Bait Title: Photos Taken Seconds Before Disaster

Day 4

Prompt: Curse/Freeze Title: Time Limit

Day 5

Prompt: Lost/Build Title: I Think We May Have Taken A Left When It Should Have Been a Right

Day 6

Prompt: Triforce/Husky Title: Chosen

Day 7

Prompt: Campfire/Enchanted Title: Typically, Fires Aren't Supposed to do That

Day 8

Prompt: Shattered/Frail Title: Last Bottle

Day 9

Prompt: Dark Link/Swing Title: Out of the Shadows

Day 10

Prompt: Treasure/Pattern Title: Not All Treasures Shine

Days 11 through 20

Day 11

Prompt: Wallmaster/Snow Title: Snow Day

Day 12

Prompt: Dungeon/Dragon Title: Rolling the Dice

Day 13

Prompt: Mask/Ash Title: The Living Mask

Day 14

Prompt: Injured/Overgrown Title: Local Wild Boy Regrets His Decisions

Day 15

Prompt: Forest/Legend Title: The Hero of Legend

Day 16

Prompt: Hidden/Wild Title: You Found Me!

Day 17

Prompt: Ring/Ornament Title: Earrings

Day 18

Prompt: Boss/Misfit Title: A Little Different

Day 19

Prompt: Costumes/Sling Title: They Say Imitation is the Greatest Form of Flattery

Day 20

Prompt: Candy/Tread Title: Sweet Tooth

Days 21-31

Day 21

Prompt: Pumpkin/Treasure Title: Rupee Lantern

Day 22

Prompt: Upsidedown/Ghost Title: Memory of a Melody
The only Calamity here is the state my life is in.
LilypadLife's AvatarLilypadLife
LilypadLife's Avatar

I, LilypadLife, will be joining Inktober!

Theme: Pokémon or Animals

✧・゚ *✧・゚* Inktober Day 23: ANCIENT*・゚✧*・゚✧

Title: "Unown Wall" Prompt: Ancient (Unown is an ancient Pokemon, so why not draw that? The words encrypted are 'ANCIENT WORDS.') ︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿୨♡୧‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵

Inktober Days: 1-10

• Inktober Day 1: RING

Title: "Vaporeon’s Ring" Prompt: Ring (Sorry, I had other things to do, so I couldn’t really focus.)

• Inktober Day 2: MINDLESS

Title: "Lilligant’s Dance" Prompt: Mindless (Yes, it’s my birthday! Happy birthday to me~)

• Inktober Day 3: BAIT

Title: "The Song Of Primarina" Prompt: Bait (When I searched baits of Pokémon, Primarina was #1, so here it is!)

• Inktober Day 4: FREEZE

Title: "Playfulness of Glaceon and Leafeon" Prompt: Freeze (The moment I saw “Freeze” as a prompt, I thought of Glaceon, and what better way to draw Glaceon than to draw it with Leafeon? :3)

• Inktober Day 5: BUILD

Title: "Leafy Dove" Prompt: Build (Thought behind this is because build is the same as create, so I created this Fakemon! It is a Wood Pidgeon/Leafy Dove!)

• Inktober Day 6: HUSKY

Title: "Li'l Shiny Light" Prompt: Husky (Lycanroc: The Wolf Pokemon. Husky seems like a 'wolf' theme, so I chose Lycanroc! I was going to do a regular Lycanroc, but alas, I didn't have the right colors, so I had to do the shiny form.)

• Inktober Day 7: ENCHANTED

Title: "Magic In The Touch" Prompt: Enchanted (Sylveon stood out to me when I was looking for Fairy-type Pokemon to do this prompt, so here it is! :3)

• Inktober Day 8: FRAIL

Title: "Tiny Timid Pika" Prompt: Frail (Pika, pika chu! Pikachu!!! ^ ^)

• Inktober Day 9: SWING

Title: "Playing in the Playground" Prompt: Swing (Not really in the mood to draw, but here I am! I went simple...)

• Inktober Day 10: PATTERN

Title: "Matching Colors" Prompt: Pattern (Could've done a more complex drawing, but like Day 9, or yesterday, I went simple again with Bounsweet!)

Inktober Days: 11-20

• Inktober Day 11: SNOW

Title: "The Frost By Articuno" Prompt: Snow (Articuno: The Legendary Bird Pokémon. An Ice and Flying-type. Articuno has the power to create blizzards and snowstorms with frost and ice. ^ ^)

• Inktober Day 12: DRAGON

Title: "Unmade Drake" Prompt: Dragon (Made a Fakemon again! It is a Dragon/Fire-type Eeveelution! Hope you like it! >v<)

• Inktober Day 13: ASH

Title: "Ash Hat Pikachu" Prompt: Ash (I'm soooo sorry for this. I am really tired and I need my beauty sleep, so good night!)

• Inktober Day 14: OVERGROWN

Title: "Picking Pumpkins" Prompt: Overgrown (Cute little Bulbasaur picking the perfect pumpkin to carve! When I saw the prompt 'Overgrown,' I thought of the starter Pokémon.)

• Inktober Day 15: LEGEND

Title: "The Rainbow Pokémon" Prompt: Legend (The Rainbow Pokémon. My sister was just playing a Pokémon game online and she encountered a Ho-oh, so here I go!)

• Inktober Day 16: WILD

Title: "Catching A Pokémon" Prompt: Wild (Don't you remember the first Pokémon you ever caught in a Pokémon game? Well, I certainly do! Oh, and we're halfway through Inktober! Wow, time went fast!)

• Inktober Day 17: ORNAMENT

Title: "Handmade with Love" Prompt: Ornament (Isn't this adorable? A Squirtle, with a Christmas theme, even though it isn't December yet!)

• Inktober Day 18: MISFIT

Title: "Sad Ditto" Prompt: Misfit (Poor Ditto! It feels so lonely...)

• Inktober Day 19: SLING

Title: "Pokeball" Prompt: Sling (Ran out of ideas for sling. Sorry about that.)

• Inktober Day 20: TREAD

Title: "Treading Zorua" Prompt: Tread (Zorua treading on a simple machine! He has to keep going... You can do it, Zorua!)

Inktober Days: 21-31

• Inktober Day 21: TREASURE

Title: "Hidden" Prompt: Treasure (A Growlithe with a 'scence' of treasure! Found it!)

• Inktober Day 22: GHOST

Title: "Female Frost" Prompt: Ghost (A Froslass is a typical Ghost-type Pokemon, and it's October! So coincidential! Or maybe it was made like this. 'v')

• Inktober Day 23: ANCIENT

Title: "Unown Wall" Prompt: Ancient (Unown is an ancient Pokemon, so why not draw that? The words encrypted are 'ANCIENT WORDS.')
Thank you for hosting! I can’t wait to see other pieces of art! It will be AMAZING to see, like a rainbow after the rain!
tulip5366's Avatartulip5366
tulip5366's Avatar

I, tulip5366 will be joining Inktober!

Theme: Fate/ Grand Order, Cookierun & OC

Inktober day: number

Title: "Title of drawing" Prompt:
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