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This is a story told from a Nidorino's point of view. His name is Nakoma, and he thinks he is lost. He remembered being something else. He looked like something else. He has the ability to disappear into thin air. The prologue will explain that, so read on! These Pokemon can have more then 4 moves, and will know all the possible moves they can, sometimes ones that they just know.


Huh? Why are these people staring at me? Why am i here? Most important, what am I? I feel oddly... Powerful? Oh my word, I need to get out! Oh wait... That's glass. Oh my... Is that me? Ah! Oh, ow... I need to be more careful. I think I'm too heavy to jump. Oh look. I have a horn, ha, maybe i can charge my way out? Ha, that glass thing was really weak! Oh my word, they want me back! NEVER! Huh? Oh... That one fell over. Maybe I should be a lot more careful... Oh look, an exit! Uh, they are all panicked! They act like I'm invisible. Ha! I'm right here! Oh my...Oh...My...I AM INVISIBLE! But I can figure that out later. Oh Deerling, they see me! To the exit! Oh! OW, IT'S SO BRIGHT! MY EYES! NOOOO! I'M SO CLOSE!

Chapter 1: Maci

Oh my Arceus, I'm alive! Oh, no... What just happened? Was I somewhere else? Oh, wow! Look! Something is alive. I think I'll talk to it. "Uh, hey, where am I?" Oh, it looks annoyed. "Uh... sorry." I walk away. Oh, it just turned around. "That's what I want to know. I'm Maci, by the way. I'm a Meowstic, and you must be a Nidorino?" I just shrug. "I guess." Oh, she wants me to follow her? Oh look a cave! "You can live here" she tells me. Well, I better get going.

Chapter 2: Weak

We settled down here. I like it. Oh. No. A trainer? I charge out at it. It jumps then sends out a Pokemon. "We will catch you!" The Pokemon lets out a shrill battle cry. Oh my word. A Chatot, really? I knock it down with a Double-Kick. Either I'm to strong, or this trainer is weak. They send out another Pokemon. *face palm* REALLY? They call for the Snivy to use Vine Whip. It sighs. It pretends to miss. I fall down laughing. Then my world goes black.

Chapter 3: Sawyer

I awake with a fainted Snivy at my side. Maci comes in and yells, "Really! YOU FAINTED LAUGHING!" Then falls over and laughs. I sigh. "Oh Arceus, you brought the Snivy?" I look at the pathetic thing. "His name is Sawyer. And he did not want to be a trained Pokemon." I look at him. Maci laughs. "You know, you will train him." I scream. "NO NOT THAT PATHTIC WEAKLING" and fire a Poison Sting at her, but she just uses her Protect. I yell, "OH LORD, GIRATINA, TAKE ME OUT OF MY MISERY!" And then Sawyer wakes up. "NUUUUUU!"

Chapter 4: Pace

I sigh. "Fine." I look at the pathetic thing and shove it outside. "Come at me." It uses a Vine Whip attack, then I use Dig, burrowing under ground. I can hear the confused calls of Sawyer. I surface behind him and use Megahorn. He faints. I hear laughter, and look in a tree to see a Pidgeot. "Wow, bro. You trainig him? He's a wimp!" I nod. "My room mate made me. I don't like it." Then we challenge each other to a battle. He easily wins, with his Sky Attack and Fly. "What's your name?" he asks. "Nakoma. And you?" He looks proud after the battle. "My name is Pace. May i stay with you?" I nod. "Yes. I'm sure Maci wouldn't mind." She didn't mind.

Chapter 5: Training

I munch away on the Oran Berry Pace found for me. I was ready to get training for today over with. "Sawyer, we will be training in double battles. You be with Maci, I'm with Pace." When we started, Pace used Fly and I used Dig. I surfaced behind Maci, and she was left with no time for Protect, so I struck her with Megahorn. She turned around and used Psyshock, but I just went under again and did the same thing as before. She fell over, fainted. Pace dived back down and hit Sawyer, then used Feather Dance. Sawyer tried to use Razor Leaf, but it missed. I used Double Team just to have fun. He kept wasting his energy on taking down my distraction, then I used Megahorn and the battle was over.

Chapter 6: Mightyena

I ran over to the Mightyena that had Sawyer pinned. I wont tell anyone, but Sawyer is pretty cool. Me and Pace act like we hate him just to make Maci mad, and Sawyer helps. I use my newest move, Blizzard. When Mightyena has trouble seeing me already, I use Double Team. When he jumps off of Sawyer, he uses Leach Seed on Mightyena, who does not even notice. I finish the Mightyena off, then watch as he limps down the hill. The Blizzard stops. I notice a recent kill. I make sure its edible. Its a Stantler, and I think that will feed me and Pace for a while.

Chapter 7: Zeroraptor

(this chapter is from the POV of a hybrid Pokemon) ...It hurts...The people caught me... Not in a ball... A net, but why..? I fell different now... Maybe I can stand up... Open my eyes... I hope they didn't do anything to me yet... Oh my ARCEUS! What is this? No, no! They... I'm a hybrid now! No. No. They will PAY! I slammed into the glass, and flew off. My name is Zeke. I want them all to DIE!

Chapter 8: True Fight

"Nakoma, watch out!" Flareon shot a ball of flames at me. I ducked, and felt the heat as it soared above my head. I used my new move, Mean Look. Flareon couldn't escape my grip. I grabbed ot with Bite and used Shock Wave. Flareon went limp, and its trainer recalled it. This trainer wanted to catch me. And I would not allow it. The trainer let out a Pikachu. I ran at it and hit it with Double-Kick. Then, when it was about to launch a Thunderbolt, I used Dig. I came up behind the Pikachu and used Bite, which made it faint. I heard the trainer yell something. Then he let out another Pokemon, a Garbodor, and called, "Gigatanmax!"

Chapter 9: Giga Problems

The Pokemon grew in size, and soon, I was facing a trash heap the size of, well, Arceus himself! Garbodor did have one disadvantage; it was very slow. But within seconds, I was on the ground. My attacks, no matter how strong, seemed to have no effect. The trainer took out a purple ball, and threw.
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Feel free to comment! Ideas and corrections welcome! Lots of grammar errors i think. Some of it was intentional. Lol
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