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Happiness rate in Fields?

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I already tried looking in the Wiki article about happiness, but it doesn't mention the rate at how long it takes for a Pokemon to gain/lose happiness. Considering the Happiness notification works as long as the current happiness is equal to or greater than the Pokemon's happiness, I've been obsessively checking my Kitwurms to see when they're at 0% and ready to evolve. Would be nice to have an idea of how long gain/loss takes =)
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I'm not sure exactly, but leaving a Pokemon in a field it likes/dislikes overnight (plus maybe a few hours?) normally seems to get them to max/minium happiness.
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It took me almost 24h to evolve mine. As a tips: stop checking it. It will only seems much longer xD. Wait until the next day and Kitwurn should be unhappy enough to evolve!
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Based on this, looking like 60-ish hours, provided I put it in a disliked field as soon as I got it Got it at 19:36 server time on Sept 6th, evolved it as soon as it reached 0 happiness (which took a while even after it hit 0%) at 7:17 server time on Sept 9th

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