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crediting for an image?

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so i've just done a bio redo and i was going to credit my avatar/icon and discovered that...it doesn't exist? like, it exists cause i have 3 or so copies on my computer, but i used tineye and...0 results. used saucenao. some anime pictures, which is decidedly not robert downey jr. now i'm just confused? what do i do? the image isn't mine, of course, and i absolutely love it, but i still wanna credit whoever took it/owns it. any advice?
ты меня найди я здесь один и ты мой кислород я твой кислород pfp is my favorite boy robert downey jr! the image is from here, but click at your own risk; it leads to a fanfic on deviantart. oh, and i edited the image in pixlr!
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It could be a screenshot, not a photo? From the media or something. I'm pretty sure it doesn't belong to anyone, therefore doesn't need credit, but I'd ask a mod just to be sure
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I'm sure you know where it's from? I.e. the movie RDJ was in when that scene came up. I'm pretty sure a simple "Avatar is official image of Robert Downey Jr as XYZ from ABC" is sufficient since I do believe that's just essentially a screen still from a movie. Also a Google images search of the character might be better to get you results.
i just submitted a support request so hopefully i'll get an answer soon! i've tried a few different searches: "robert downey jr smiling" "robert downey jr happy" "robert downey jr sunglasses" to no avail. the original search was something of that sort, but it never pops up. also, i don't believe it is from any movie; i think it's just robert as himself! thank you both for the help though!

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