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Fevine's Templates! (3/3 open!)

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Kaji's Templates!

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Hello, welcome to my little template shop! here i do coding of post templates while signatures and about mes may come one day. i am not doing them right now.


  1. I have the right to decline an order.
  2. Please don't judge me. If you don't like it, just ask to cancel it and find somebody else.
  3. please please please do not get impatient! i have fun experimenting and you can change it as much as you need
  4. if there's things you don't want, say it. i'll do everything by default.
  5. Sorry, but i do not do about me templates or signature. Might in the future!
My currency rate is 5k:5:1. and prices are 50zc/equivalent i will also take..
  • 2 large gems
  • 10 boxes
  • Lunar wing x1
  • One z-crystal
  • One ubercharm gets you 4 templates
  • any other premium item is their buy price / 50= the number of templates i'll give you.
  • Anything, just ask!
[u][b] Kaji, i'd like a template![/b][/u] For: [u] [/u] Theme [u] [/u] Art: [u] [/u] (not required) Specifics: [u] [/u] [b]Payment[/b]: [u] [/u]
NameAnything else
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Heyhey! I'm AJ or kaji! he/him pronouns please!!
avatar drawn by me of Dirk Strider~Buttons
background | coidng by me
quinnpanda's Avatarquinnpanda
quinnpanda's Avatar
first customer uwu Kaji, i'd like a template! For: a future art shop! Theme the woods at night maybe? Art: none! (not required) Specifics: not sure what to put here :/ Payment: zc! (also is it supposed to be 10 mediums?
my cheap shop you are so loved. don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Template credit: izu.ku Avatar credit: Agent8
no it's supposed to be 1 large actually! thanks for asking i thought i fixed that. and "for" meant which user it was going to, just in case it's for like a joint shop or a gift.
quinnpanda's Avatarquinnpanda
quinnpanda's Avatar
ah got it! im gonna be using it, should I edit that?
nah i understood what you meant.

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