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pootfisk's Avatarpootfisk
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alright then! though i would prefer to draw a rough sketch of how the coded section would look, with labels that indicate colour and all that jazz instead of using a form. would that be alright?
My avatar is drawn by KaseyLicht, commissioned by Aratani as a present for my use.
ah, alright. i will tell you now i probably won't be able to replicate it perfectly, but things like colors and gradients i can do.
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Heyhey! We're the duplicated system. call us Fev or Duplo/Dupla. we are always willing to teach about our disorder as long as you want to learn- feel free to DM us about it!
one day...
avatar drawn by me of Dirk Strider~ Buttons
background | coidng by me
pootfisk's Avatarpootfisk
pootfisk's Avatar
that fine! should i send the sketches here or via pm when ive done them?
doesn't matter either way!
pootfisk's Avatarpootfisk
pootfisk's Avatar
rightio :) i probably pm them!
um could you check my profile because.. the image changed for the about me and I was wondering what happened...?
i know what happened! a screw up on my end.
It's okay could you please fix it though? :I

Pages: 12345··· 101112

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