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Chronicles of Gaia (RP)

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Aysu Llyr's AvatarAysu Llyr
Aysu Llyr's Avatar
Aislin frowned when an hour or so of walking produced nothing useful. Well, nothing besides the stout branch she carried now as a walking tool. "Where in the world am I heading toward?" she mumbled to herself, but halted abruptly when she heard laughter nearby. Aislin couldn't help but grin a little; she had finally found someone! The girl immediately headed towards the laughter to stumble upon a blue-haired girl and a red-haired girl. The redhead was the one laughing and... she dearly hoped they were friendly. Nerving herself, she purposely called out, "Hello?" to let them know she was here.
Kudret awoke to the shout that sounded as though it was screamed into his ears. He brought up a hand and rubbed them softly as he slowly sat up to take in his surroundings. Trees... so he was in the forest. Closing his eyes, he tried to sense the magic in the air as his Mana had taught him to do, and then went still when he realized he no longer could. "What...?" he breathed out, disconcerted. The feeling went further as the beastman also realized two things: his back felt lighter than normal, and there was another person nearby. Squaring his shoulders resolutely, he unsheathed his claws and moved toward the grumbling voice cautiously, ears pricked to keep himself alert for possible danger.
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Ryko Eon's AvatarRyko Eon
Ryko Eon's Avatar
Finished with her giggling fit, Celere sat up crossed legged, her stomach growling something fierce, a dead serious expression on her face, she proceeded to slap it a bit, she hadn't heard the new person, and as such, didn't acknowledge their presence, besides, she was hungry, and true to at least half of her, she would eat a village out of their village if she didn't get something in her gut soon, if there was one thing she could do, she could eat, "I swear, if one more branch, root, rock or any type of foliage or sediment does me an injury, the moment I get my abilities back I am burning this mother down."
Ryko Eon's AvatarRyko Eon
Ryko Eon's Avatar
((OOC: Ok since no Posts have occurred, I am going to be Vetoing through the Time-Skip.)) An amount of time had passed since the forest deal, and Ser had certainly found her fair share of people who had gone through the same kind of deal she had, being torn from their worlds and deposited here in this one instead, though by the sounds of it, none of them had been exploded like she had been, good thing there'd been healers going through for their weekly run when they found her. The air on the balcony felt nice on her fur, that she couldn't help but admit, "Wonder how the others are getting on? This must be new for them, and losing everything that made them capable, I know the Monkey-Tail was freaked the hell out by it all... At least they all seem capable fighters, I really don't want a repeat of the last time those douchebags showed up." Celere on the other hand, had recently completed her transition to her 'job class' and had been informed that she would need to get fitted out with the appropriate gear, and behind the curtain in the fitting rooms... a loud angry yell could be heard from outside with relative, making a few villagers jump in surprise, "WHAD'YA MEAN I HAVE TO REMOVE THESE!?" she was referring to the bandaging she used to... constrain a certain aspect of her body.
noctilucent's Avatarnoctilucent
noctilucent's Avatar
Zin sighed as he finally approached the town. Today was definitely not in his favour, if the past few hours were any indication. First there was the rude awakening, screaming, which normally he wouldn't mind, but not if it entailed waking up in a forest of all places, not to mention a sentient, holy one. Oh no, it just had to get worse from there. His claws, gone. Magic, gone. Demon form, gone. As powerless as he's ever known in all of his existence. Even from here, he could still feel residual traces of the forest, watching. To say the least, it annoyed him to no end. Vaguely, he wondered what to do, now that he was in a town. Find a place to stay, something to eat and drink, find out what world this was, all of which were plausible actions, except he had no idea what they used for currency, not that he had any either. Another loud voice, possibly the fourth or fifth he had heard today, disrupted his musing. Maybe everyone in this world had a tendency to yell. Either way, he needed answers, so he ducked into the closest building, coincidentally the same one the yell had come from. The writing, surprisingly, he could understand, and even though this was a 'Job Hall', it probably would be the best place to start.
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Cyrus jumped upwards at the sound of loud yell from the fitting room,causing him to bang his head on a pole a little behind his head."Damn it!"he yelled as he rubbed the top of his skull.Having been assigned his 'job class's he sat on the waiting room, as the finished fitting others with their gear.He frowned, his head would be stinging for a while after that.
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Ryko Eon's AvatarRyko Eon
Ryko Eon's Avatar
Try as Celere might to convince the fitter to leaver he chest alone, she couldn't get the female to agree, "Fine, just... make it quick..." her face turned a beet red as she removed the bandaging and was provided one of those cup thingies for modesty, and the entire time she was fitted out for her equipment, she was grumbling under her breath at it all, once she was finally let out, she had the bandages back in her hand, and her arms firmly crossed over he chest to suppress what she found embarrassing, her face still a delicate shade of embarrassed red. Even with her new garb and the return of some of her combat strength, she couldn't shake the heat rising in her head, if there was one thing she couldn't stand, it was being noticed for her figure... don't get her wrong, the compliments from the female who had fitted her out were appreciated, but it was just something she couldn't cope with, her face was buried in her hands as she sat down on a bench, wild mutterings still coming from her over the whole situation.
Hikari's AvatarHikari
Hikari's Avatar
After having briefly met the other people who'd ended up in the forest much like herself, Mizuki decided to tour the town and ask residents if they'd seen a silver-haired mage pass by. It was hard to believe that Kuja wasn't here as well, wherever 'here' was, exactly. After all, she still had the mark on her arm, meaning that her pact with him was still there. Even harder to believe was that she couldn't use any of her abilities, after finally having mastered all types of magic. For a long time she'd wished for her powers to go away, as she was unable to control them and required his help to do so. But now that she didn't have anything, it felt surprisingly empty. She sighed and glanced over to the mark, which now seemed like nothing more than a simple tattoo. Normally it'd give off a soft glow and she'd be able to telepathically communicate with him, but even that was out of the question now. After giving up on her seemingly futile search, she walked to the direction of the Job Hall that had been pointed out to her earlier. At least she'd be able to gain some abilities back if she went there and got a job class, as they called it. -------- Having just obtained her class, Lynn left the Job Hall to go to the equipment store. She just hoped she could find a weapon and clothing suitable for her. She'd always used a rapier in the TV-world, and it was one of the few weapons she'd actually been able to use comfortably well. It almost got her into trouble though, as at one point Yosuke had shown her and Yu the weapons from his dad's collection in the middle of the food court at a huge shopping mall, resulting in the police arresting them. She chuckled at the thought; it'd been scary back then, but by now it had become something so funny that she had to remind Yosuke every time she had the chance. Armor was something she was less worried about; as long as it fit her and she could move around well, anything would do.
Ryko Eon's AvatarRyko Eon
Ryko Eon's Avatar
Ser was about to head back inside the inn and start cleaning to kill some time, something caught her eye however, it was distant, but unmistakable, a dust cloud, and something that looked like flags... "Well by the nine-tails... they're here AGAIN!? Sigh, best let the keep know..." closing the doors leading to the balcony and inwardly cursing that empire which seemed to think they could lay claim to everything, she went down to the bar. "Yo Keep! They didn't learn their lesson from the last time!" the bartender looked at her for a moment, before sighing himself and disappearing into a back room, walking back out moments later clad in heavy armour, the entire thing clearly made from previously living Dragons Scales and Bones, a wicked-looking spear being hoisted over his shoulder 'Gimme one of those smokes, I'll need something to stop me going bloodlust on them.', the Innkeep was an Ex-Dragoon of the highest calibre, having risen to such heights that he occasionally vanished to go test potential new Dragoons, and much like many of the older inhabitants, was not a force to be trifled with.
Cyrus stood up carefully, avoiding the pole as to not hit his head again, and walked into the fitting room, as a girl who looked to be embarrassed by something sat down and buried her face in her hands. Thoughts swirled in his head as he stepped through the doors of the fitting room, still about how he had been thrown suddenly into this strange new place, but he had started to adjust to lifestyle here upon getting out of the forest nearby the town.He looked over as the fitter came into the room, and sighed, "Could we make it quick please? I'm not exactly the type to stand still for a long period of time."He asked, and the fitter gave a nod in return as he began to process.
Morzone's AvatarMorzone
Morzone's Avatar
Rowan blinked. Where was he? There sure was a lot of noise suddenly. He blinked again. Ah yes, he could see now, he was in a tavern, not far from him was some guy in scaly armor. Wait, that didn't make sense. Hadn't he been sleeping in his camp under a large oak tree? Something wasn't right. He checked his pockets. No bow, no arrows, flight goggles were still there, no food, no money, no musical instruments. Typical. He saw someone talking to the scale-armor man. She seemed pretty in charge. A good talk with her would help for certain. Standing up from the empty table he'd been sitting at, he walked over to the person, planning to ask where in all the worlds he'd been put now.
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