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One in the same pwyw Gacha Edits[🍋ФРЗИ🍋]

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I’ve started making Gacha edits a little and some look really good so I thought lets sell ‘em All ya have to do is send me a human (oc or fandom character) specify a background and pose and...


A decent edit!

QUOTE originally posted by Rules

  • Be Nice
  • Use the form
  • Be specific
  • Its Pwyw
    Pay What You Want
    but please be reasonable
  • No password for now don’t abuse this


QUOTE originally posted by Form

[b]Username:[/b] [b]Character:[/b](descriptions allowed) [b]Pose:[/b] [b]Background:[/b] [b]Anything Else:[/b]

QUOTE originally posted by Example

Username:B0ilerR00m Character:


Pose:Could you make him look cute? Background:something neutral and non-distracting Anything Else:nope!



🍏=Not Started 🍎=Charcter Gacha-fied 🍐=Shading And other details added 🍌=Posed 🍇=Background Added 🍋=Finished! 🍊=Awaiting Payment
FrostNova 🍊 post
cell 4 cell 5 cell 6
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and past orders


LeviTeh's AvatarLeviTeh
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Send me a banner to be put here!


Pixel Fem Aydyn

QUOTE originally posted by Code

Half n’ Half Aydyn

QUOTE originally posted by Code

LeviTeh's AvatarLeviTeh
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FrostNova's AvatarFrostNova
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Are you open?
"The important thing is not how long you live, it's what you accomplish with your life. While I live, I want to shine. I want to prove that I exist. If I could do something really important... That would definitely carry on into the future. My spirit will always live on. And so, if I were to disappear... I think all that I have accomplished will go on. That would mean, that it's living. Right?'' - Grovyle PMD:EoS
Signature by CatEnergetic, with help from Wardove. Gif from PMD!
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FrostNova's AvatarFrostNova
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Username: FrostNova Character: Keitaru Pose: Up to you~! Background: A night like scene Anything Else: Nope~
LeviTeh's AvatarLeviTeh
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Username: bulbasaurOWO Character:(descriptions allowed)


Pose: Arms crossed, make him look calm/pleasant like in the ref Background: A high school? Anything Else: Do you accept gems as payment? Also, nice to see a fellow gacha life entusiast
pfp art by lilypadlife // pride banner by eeveebailey
LeviTeh's AvatarLeviTeh
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Accepted as well! These should be done by Friday (school and stuff)

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