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The FAE FOLK 🧚🧚 [Sept 2019]

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Compassion's AvatarCompassion
Compassion's Avatar
still technically on the clock but i’ll be stuck in los angeles traffic as my boss gets us 50 ish miles back to the office so gonna try and get some hatching in!!!
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134/??? for a melan Diance hunt!
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Ayyye it's been one heck of a stressful day and I'm not feeling the happiest but at least Sally was nice to me.
By Mataamoja
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lebluewolfie's Avatarlebluewolfie
lebluewolfie's Avatar
Phew! Finally back from duties I had to attend to early this morning. I'm ready to hatch some faes and click away once more! Team Grass might be in the lead, but we're doing great, guys!~
mon's Avatarmon
mon's Avatar
@Amara, may i borrow your SS Cleffa pair?
venusaurite x2 uft, 800gp or 160zc.
miha's Avatarmiha
miha's Avatar
This morning I still thought that Sally was just silly or something. 305 eggs, 9 albinos, two of them twins, but 0 shinys. Now I know she is... Still no shiny, the first shiny hatched pokemon was this little special girl. I think I just had a heart attack. Only ever got melans after at least 2000 eggs before.
Vulpixxy's AvatarVulpixxy
Vulpixxy's Avatar
Wow, two melans in three days! Arceus is smiling on team twinkle tackle lol
flybynyx's Avatarflybynyx
flybynyx's Avatar
miha: So happy to see that Sally gave you such a a fine surprise. Congrats!
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ValleryP's AvatarValleryP
ValleryP's Avatar
Congratulations Miha! I have yet to get a melan I think I would freak out if I got one though. LOL
Amara's AvatarAmara
Amara's Avatar
Congrats, miha!

QUOTE originally posted by mon

@Amara, may i borrow your SS Cleffa pair?
Sure! I'll send them right over. c:
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EdgyMcEdge's AvatarEdgyMcEdge
EdgyMcEdge's Avatar
Game this is not okay. Don't do this to me.

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