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Nightmon's sprites: Now accepting Normal Medium Gems!

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POLL: I'm curious, why are you subscribe to my shop?

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Nightmøn's AvatarNightmøn
Nightmøn's Avatar
I like playing with sprite so why not make them for others? My price are pay what you think they worth or PWYW. Take note that I put time and effort on it, so I count on you to price it right. ^^

Obligatory rules

- ALL PFQ rules apply (Duh) - This is a PWYW shop, meaning that, unless precised, I don't do freebies! - I may request a minimum payement for a big request such as combinaison a bit complicated or if there is a lot of sprites to work with. - Fusion and Gijinka have a min. price of 25k/25/5, more can be asked depending on the pokemon requested. - Don't like a sprite? You can request edits or another roll (for random fusion) without extra fees the first times. The rejected sprite will become an adoptable. - Don't forget to subscribe if you want to commands here, I don't want to chase you down. Have pity in my bad memory please. - Feel free to ask for something you don't see in my exemple, I like trying new thing :) - Don't restrict yourself, you can ask for combining some of them! Like a aura gradiant for example. - I can't do 6 gen and forward
For a better understanding, take a look at the pokedex page, anything after Unova don't have a 2D sprite
since they don't have 2D sprite, but if you have on hand fan sprite FTU
Free To Use
or a sprite permission then I'll be able to :D. - When asking for a sprite, don't forget to specify if you want it shiny or even albino/melan. By default I'll always choose the normal color. - In case of a fusion, I usually don't keep the base color. Say so if you want yours to keep the pokemon base color!
ADOPTS! They are still PWYW, this is just me messing with sprite when I'm bored. You are free to ask for edit of the sprite as long as you want to buy it :3 Here most of the things I can do, may add more example on request. Even if it isn't in my example, it doesn't mean that I can't do it!:


Basic recolor: The most commun one as a recolor, just change the color of a sprite to your liking. The two others are black and white one. Colorswaps: Basically it's like a recolor, but I take the palette from another pokemon on even switch the palette on a same pokemon! Inverse: Color switch! Yellow become blue, orange become blue, red become blue... SO MUCH BLUE. *Cough* Basically it's just to use the inverse tool on the sprite. The first one I keep in mind the shades of the pokemon and the second I just let the tool do its job. Tron: Saw it a couple of time in shop and finally wanted to try it out after seing part of the movie where the idea came from xD Basically it's putting a sprite all black while still keeping accent as another color. There is two variation as show below

Complexe Colors

Less Basic recolor: It take a bit more of time to do it! The first two are Half shiny, it can be done in different way, normally I'll just make some random forms. But you can suggest a pattern! The two others one are monocolor, I can stick to a palette or just them the same color. The difference is little, but it show as you can see! Flag: Incrusting a flag to the sprite! I can do in many way, below are some example. From left to right: Flat, Recolor, Direct Incrustation and Recolored Flat. Gradiant: Be specific if you want certain color. Again I can incorporate the colors while keeping the shade of the sprite, make it flat or adding only the lines! Fourth sprite is another way of doing it that too a bit more long to do.


Flat, shadeless and lineless. The flat are like a mix between Shadeless and lineless! Outline and Paper: Ya don't like flat because you want to keep the lines and not the color? Then outline is for you! Paper still keep some color, of your choice. I can even put it the same as some line-paper-thingy. In the example I've put more than one color in it to show that, really, you can ask whatever you want. Silhouette: Flat goes wrong. Kidding, basically is to remplace all color to only one. But I can also just make it half in the dark like if they were lurking out of the shadows. Aura and stickers: The aura one is to show the difference of thickness, blue is one, orange is two and green is three. Stickers is like a three aura, with a outline of two pixel of white and one pixel of black. Radiant: There they are! The new adition of the sprite shop. Basically it's like if aura and silhouette decided to fuse together! The default idea is black silhouette with a white aura, but you can decide on the color, you can even say if you don't want a silhouette. The two others are variantion idea, the 4th one is a bit trickier to do and may not look good on certain sprite.


Ditto's and Zorua'd: Pokemon who try to looks like others! You can also request a recolor or partial fusion so they like more like if they just don't know what they are doing xD Dolls and Reverse doll: Making a doll looks like a pokemon! Doll's sprite are respectively from the three, four and five generation. Don't forget to say which doll you want me to use! A somewhat popular turnaround is the reverse doll, where I instead make a pokemon sprite looks like a doll. Watch out, sometimes they may look... unsettling. Fusion and Gijinka: They are the only sprites who require a minimum price. I want at least a value of 25k/25/5. More can be needed for more complicated designs (for example : big shapes, size difference or fusion/gijinka with more than two sprites). You can also pay with 1 box or 2 dark, ghost or normal medium gems. Of course, I said minimum price, you can put more if you feel like it's worth it! Gijinka can be made with two idea: One, it's a human dress as a pokemon or two, a human fusion. Be precise if you have something in mind, you can find trainer sprite here!


I just didn't know where to put them: We have Spectre, where I play with opacity to make them more ghost-like. Stars where they became a constellation. Glitched, I̹͈̘̫̣͚̤͠ ̟̩̪̻͚̻d̵o͏͇̙̞̝̦ń̟͚̼'̹͕̞̭̠͔̟t҉ ̪͝k͚̤̗͠n̟͓̩̰̟o҉̰̱̫̦͍̞w̳̣̲ ̦͟w̪͇ḥ̻̰̝̀a̖̱̕ţ͕̖͓ ̮̩̞̙ͅh͇á̜͔͇̖̦͍ͅp̸̩̼̥̮p̬͉͓͢e̸̲̦͙̖̖n͓͕͈̯̪̙ ̮͖̞̤̙̮ṱ̮o͉͕̺̺͡ͅ ̵̬͍͈t͎̟͕̞͔̲h̹̦̦̤͎͈e̡͈m And the last, but not least is the pattern. Just put some pattern on a pokemon like spots and tadam! What a charm, I can turn a pokemon icon to a charm or even embed them in a shiny or oval charm. May the luck be with you. For the statue, I can include a stage of your choice, that you can see here. I can change the color of the stage to your liking. For pokeballs, you can have a pokemon in a ball of your choice, here. You can also ask for a custom one, but know that it take me extra times!


Want a random? Feel free to ask for, it can be anything you want. For something a bit more specific, but still random just say so. Exemple: "Can I have a random fusion with banette as the base? I would like if you make it half shiny too ^^"
Forms: No forms needed here, but here some example of informations that would be nice to have: How much you would like to pay? Keep in mind that I also accept boxes or Dark/Ghost/Normal medium gems! Fusions: Which pokemon is the base? Special color? How many pokemon? (I accept a limit of four sprites to fuse, after that it's too tricky to make each of them stand out) Pokeballs: Which gen' sprite do you want in it? Special color? Which ball?
My first language is french! So sorry in advance for misunderstanding xD Profile picture made by myself! Gacha for DCP!
Trikzter's AvatarTrikzter
Trikzter's Avatar
Can you do a half-shiny sprite of dragonair for 15kcr please?
  • Credits
Icon made by simonpetrikov!
Nightmøn's AvatarNightmøn
Nightmøn's Avatar
here you go ^^
Trikzter's AvatarTrikzter
Trikzter's Avatar
I love it, thanks! I'll send payment shortly!
Nightmøn's AvatarNightmøn
Nightmøn's Avatar
Statue example added!
Nightmøn's AvatarNightmøn
Nightmøn's Avatar
Oh boi why nobody try to stop me? I'm back with new exemple so you can have a better look at what I can do as fusion: They all have something in common. The bug one was kind of a stretch to do because of the head. Oh well.
Trikzter's AvatarTrikzter
Trikzter's Avatar
Hi again! Can you do a recolour of spinarak with shiny zangoose's palette for 15kcr please?
Nightmøn's AvatarNightmøn
Nightmøn's Avatar
[img]https://pokefarm.com/upload/Nightmon/sprite/Commands/RecolorSpinarak_Trikzter.png[/img] Let me know if you want me to change something.
crowlinqs's Avatarcrowlinqs
crowlinqs's Avatar
oh my goodness your fusions are amazing! ♡ could i possibly get a random smeargle fusion with smeargle as the base? ;v; feel free to do whatever you want with the fusion c': does 50k credits plus a shiny rowlet sound good?
crow || lover of ghosts and substitute doll enthusiast gif from Haikyuu anime, icon by AppleSunscent
Signature by CatEnergetic, with help from Wardove. Art by Sen
Nightmøn's AvatarNightmøn
Nightmøn's Avatar
[img]https://pokefarm.com/upload/Nightmon/sprite/Commands/FusionSmeargle_crowlinqs.png[/img] You wanted a random fusion smeargle? You got it! It turn out very well, hope you like it ^^

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