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~~ Clamperl Cruises! ~~

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As a huge cruise ship pulled into the marina of the nearby Hau'oli City, a cheerful came over an intercom that was heard throughout the marina."Hello folks! Welcome to Clamperl Cruises! We're so happy to have you all here! We here on the ship hope you have a wonderful time as we traverse the wide oceans of Alola!" A wooden plank was set onto the ground, and a Toxapex hopped onto the ground. They were wearing a pair of sunglasses, a captain's hat, and a bowtie. No doubting that they were the captain. "Hey there! Name's Marie, and I'm down here to make sure everyone gets onto the boat safely! So, if everyone could please make sure they have everything and load onto the boat, that would be nice!" Marie gave a sweet smile, and gazed around at the other Pokémon. "And, with that... Welcome to Clamperl Cruises!" Setup can be found here!
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(( uhhh, opal? that's not how you type out your posts here. Plus, if there really shouldn't be any images in the roleplay thread. sorry, but that's a warning for you. you broke one of the rules, which is posting a reply with at least three sentences. )) (( Also sorry for the OOC post only post everyone, just had to talk ))
(Can I use italics for Mirage's speech?) A small Mewtwo teleports near Marie, and the Psychic/Electric-type Pokémon is actually carrying a rather large suitcase. Inside the suitcase, you can see... button-cell batteries? This is rather odd, but the Mewtwo - who is named Mirage - doesn't care, as long as they don't get wet. (...I am so sorry about that)
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Bolt A Manectric carrying a suitcase with some stuff for the holiday and some chargers for his boyfriend's game consoles. He walked up to the Toxapex and handed in his ticket. He looked behind him and saw a Umbreon carrying a bag. Luna The Umbreon was carrying a pretty heavy bag that had his consoles and some food for the trip. "Maybe I should of carried two games instead of three..." Luna said, slowly making his way to the Toxapex. He handed in his ticket.
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A Zoruark and Zorua approached the ship's docking bay and looked up at the large boat. "Well Dusky, are you sure you're ready? We are in Alola and heading all the way to Hoenn, so we're going to be on there a long time." "Yeah! I hope Zisca(character imma quickly add on setup) shows up soon. I can't believe she's convinced her mom to come alone with us!" The Zoruark ruffles her kids head and looks around. Hopefully this trip would turn out alright.. ((Oh yeah, Michael and Peanut are getting their places ready.))
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Marie took Bolt's ticket, and scanned it. "Alright, everything is in check here, so, welcome aboard!" She placed it in a small bag that seemed full of other, multi-colored tickets. She looked at the small crowd of gathering people, and looked at Mirage. "Heya! Ticket please!" Meanwhile, Peaches was looking at the group from the deck, and softly smiled. She was thinking about all the new people who were going to experience what the cruise ship had to offer, and that excited her.
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*lancer stumbles to the end of the line
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(( oh god, serena's talking about the rules again. )) (( Levi, you're gonna have to post more that just one sentence in your posts. That's one of the rules. (i should probably add a password... just to make sure people read the rules...) That's one warning for you. )) (( please continue with your lives everyone, i just had to bring this up where people could see it. ))
Bolt and Luna "Thanks, come on, Luna!" Bolt noticed Luna still struggling with the bag. "Let me help you with that." He said, going under the bag to lift it up. The two went into the cruise, finding their room. Pearl A Meowstic watched the many Pokemon go on board the cruise and went into Primarina Playground, her very own work space. She got a key out and unlocked the door to the play area.

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