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Dragon type was originally sypposed to be only for legendary pokemon. Before the Birds were decided upon to be legendaries, Dragonite was intended to be the sole legend of Kanto. However, Dratini and Dragonair were supposed to evolve into a now-scrapped pokemon that was never named, with no relation to Dragonite. After a doodle of what is now Lugia was presented to execs at GameFreak, they changed their plans on legendary pokemon, creating the lgendary birds. They gave them the obvious typings, leaving out Dragon. This was later made into a type of a bunch of regular pokemon. This is why famous "dragony" pokemon aren't dragon types, like Charizard, Gyarados, etc. This is also why Dratini and Dragonair evolve into Dragonite.
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in gen 2, nidoran showed its gender symbol twice. this was fixed in gen 3, so now every non-nicknamed nidoran only shows its gender in its name. nicknamed nidorans show their gender like every other pokemon. screenshots from bulbapedia side note... can we talk about how silly looking female nidoran's firered/leafgreen sprite is?????
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QUOTE originally posted by Nightmøn

Did you know? Pumpkaboo size form is actually a reminiscence of a concept who got cut out of XY. All pokémon were supposed to have size difference and would have been affecting their stats. You can somewhat still see it in pokémon go and Let's Go. Very less visible with no stat change. Maybe this concept would come back on a spin-off?
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There's a hidden bb code tag that we don't have access to called [readername]. Found this out in Niets journal when I checked out the code behind the first post.
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Wobbuffet's name has a different interesting origin in Japanese. In English, it comes from 'wobble' and 'to buffet', making emphasis on the pokémon's characteristics that resemble a punching bag. In Japanese, however, chances are only Japan citizens will understand: its name is sōnasu, or 'that's the way it is.' It is a reference to the comedian Sanpei Hayashiya, who would grab his head like Wobbufet and say "that's the way it is, ma'am." In fact, Wobbuffet was made to look like him. Plus, when a Wynaut and Wobbuffet talk to eachother, they are literally saying "why not?" "because that's the way it is."
this is a huge wip hey. it's me, the anoying polteageist. I love marshtomp, cosmog and almost every ghost poke. *pours tea* so, uh, I don't know, check my links? you realise... there's... no links

Pages: 1234

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